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04 December, 2018

Van Air Europe Let L-410 lands on closed part of Dubrovnik Airport's runway

An investigation is underway into how a Let L-410 of Van Air Europe operating a flight for Trade Air came to land on part of a runway that was undergoing repairs at Dubrovnik Airport on Thursday, November 29th.

The aircraft, registration OK-LAZ landed on a closed section of the 12/30 runway, which was being refurbished at the time. Details of the closure of part of the runway and the resulting length reduction had been issued to authorities and had been published in NOTAMS. The work on the runway started early in November and is due to continue until the middle of May next year.

The aircraft had been operating flight C3821 from Split, with 7 passengers and three crew onboard at the time of the incident and according to Trade Air, nobody was injured.  Its understood that after the aircraft landed safely, machinery had to be moved to a clear a pathway for the aircraft to taxi off the runway.

It is understood that the aircraft was not damaged during its landing at 12.45 local time on the close part of the runway, an investigation including representatives from Trade Air, Van Air Europe and Croatian civil aviation authorities has begun.