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21 September, 2023

Austrian Ministry of Defense selects the C-390 Millennium as its new military transport aircraft

The Austrian Ministry of Defense announced today the decision to select the C-390 Millennium aircraft as its new tactical transport solution. Embraer is honoured to be chosen to support this important Air Force in Europe.

Austria joins Brazil, Portugal, Hungary and the Netherlands as future operator of the C-390 Millennium multi-mission platform, an aircraft that is rapidly redefining the standards of tactical transport in the world defence market.

Embraer is ready to support the Austrian Ministry of Defense and Air Force in order to meet the demanding requirements of their acquisition process and is prepared to further strengthen the relationship with this nation.

General characteristics

Crew: Three (two pilots, one loadmaster)
Capacity: 26,000 kg (57,000 lb) / 80 troops / 74 stretchers and 8 attendants / 66 paratroopers / 7 463L master pallets / 6 463L master pallets and 36 troops
Length: 35.2 m (115 ft 6 in)
Wingspan: 35.05 m (115 ft 0 in)
Height: 11.84 m (38 ft 10 in)
Max takeoff weight: 86,999 kg (191,800 lb)
Fuel capacity: 23,000 kg (50,700 lb) – 35,000 kg (77,160 lb) with 3 aux. fuel tanks
Useful lift: 26,000 kg (57,320 lb)
Hold length × height × width: 18.5 m × 3.0 m × 3.4 m (60.6 ft × 9.8 ft × 11.3 ft)
Powerplant: 2 × IAE V2500-E5 turbofan, 139.4 kN (31,330 lbf) thrust each

Maximum speed: 988 km/h (614 mph, 533 kn)
Cruise speed: 870 km/h (540 mph, 470 kn) Mach 0.8
Stall speed: 193 km/h (120 mph, 104 kn) IAS
Range: 5,020 km (3,120 mi, 2,710 nmi) with 14,000 kg (31,000 lb) payload
2,720 km (1,470 nmi; 1,690 mi) with 23,000 kg (51,000 lb) payload
2,000 km (1,080 nmi; 1,240 mi) with 26,000 kg (57,000 lb) payload
Ferry range: 6,240 km (3,880 mi, 3,370 nmi) – 8,460 km (4,570 nmi; 5,260 mi) max. with aux. fuel tanks
Service ceiling: 11,000 m (36,000 ft)

20 September, 2022

L3Harris and Embraer to Develop New Agile Tanker via KC-390 to Support Air Force Operational Imperatives


L3Harris Technologies and Embraer S.A. have this week announced a partnership to develop an “Agile Tanker,” a tactical aerial refuelling option for the U.S. Air Force
 Embraer’s KC-390 Millennium tactical tanker aircraft.  Image Embraer/L3Harris

New tactical tanking solution focused on contested logistics and agile combat employment

Includes advanced boom and resilient, open mission system to support JADC2 requirements

Focused on cost-effective, distributed tactical refueling for greater mission area coverage

The companies signed an agreement to expand the capabilities of Embraer’s KC-390 Millennium tactical tanker aircraft. Enhancements include the addition of advanced boom operations and mission systems to support agile basing and sustainment for operations in contested areas, and resilient communications supporting JADC2 requirements.

“U.S. Air Force strategic planners have stated agile combat employment will require refuelling platforms optimized to support a disaggregated approach to air dominance in contested logistics environments,” said Christopher E. Kubasik, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, L3Harris. “Collaborating with Embraer to develop and integrate new capabilities to the multi-mission KC-390 provides a cost-effective, fast-to-field solution that embodies our trusted disruptor approach.”  

L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defence technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defence and commercial technologies across space, air, land, sea and cyber domains. L3Harris has more than $17 billion in annual revenue and 47,000 employees, with customers in more than 100 countries.

Aircraft enhancements will complement the tanker’s existing capabilities, which already include the ability to refuel aircraft with a variable speed drogue, receive fuel, and to take off and land from short and improvised runways, allowing for greater mission area coverage.

24 August, 2019

Portugal signs contract for acquisition of five Multi-Mission Airlift KC-390

The Portuguese Government and Embraer signed today, at a ceremony held at Embraer's facility in ร‰vora, a contract for the acquisition of five multi-mission airlifters Embraer KC-390. Additionally, services and support and a flight simulator are included in the contract as part of the process to modernize Portuguese Air Force capabilities to support national Armed Forces operations and increase readiness in missions of public interest. Deliveries are scheduled to start in 2023.

The KC-390 is designed to set new standards for efficiency and productivity in its category while presenting the lowest life-cycle cost of the market. The aircraft fully meets the requirements of the Portuguese Air Force, being able to perform different types of military and civilian missions including, humanitarian support, medical evacuation, search and rescue, and firefighting, superior cargo and troops transport, aerial delivery and aerial refuelling capabilities. 

13 June, 2019

Embraer Takes to the Paris Air Show the Multi-mission Airlift KC-390 Which Will Be Delivered to the Brazilian Air Force Soon

Embraer will take to the 53rd edition of Paris Air Show International, in France, the first KC-390 multi-mission airlift configured to operate with the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The aircraft, number 004, will be in the static area from June 17 to 23 at the Le Bourget airport. Also the KC-390 will perform flight demonstrations on the first two days of the show. In agreement with the FAB, the aeroplane will return to Brazil right after the air show when it begins the acceptance and delivery process.

20 December, 2017

Embraer KC-390 Achieves Initial Operational Capability

The new Embraer KC-390 military transport and aerial refuelling jet completed a relevant milestone today, with Embraer demonstrating to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) the attainment of the Initial Operational Capability (IOC).

The achievement of the IOC ensures the necessary conditions have been met for the aircraft to start operations, in accordance with the scope agreed upon with the FAB. As part of the IOC, Embraer obtained a KC-390 Provisional Type Certificate from the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which is a testament to the adequacy of the design in fulfilling the demanding certification requirements for transport aircraft.

"We are pleased to announce the achievement of this important milestone for the KC-390 Program," said Jackson Schneider, President and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security. "The certification campaign has progressed as planned and the tests performed have been very successful, proving the maturity of the aircraft and confirming the performance and the anticipated capacities."

Christmas Eve Deals

21 November, 2017

Embraer KC-390 arrives in the United States for a series of flight trials

The new Embraer KC-390 multi-mission military transport and tanker jet will start a series of flight trials in the United States as part of its flight test campaign for certification. The aircraft left Brazil last Saturday headed for Embraer´s facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

For the next two to three weeks, the aircraft will be performing tests in the avionics systems, measurement of external noise and operations with cross-wind. 

"The KC-390 sets new standards in the market and the flight test campaign is progressing extremely well matching the aircraft design goals," said Jackson Schneider, president and CEO of Embraer Defense & Security. "We are very satisfied with the maturity that this product has already reached and fully confident that its certification will be achieved as scheduled."