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20 July, 2023

Bombardier Defence delivers Global 6000 aircraft to Saab’s GlobalEye programme

Bombardier Defense Delivers Global 6000 Aircraft to Saab’s GlobalEye Program Destined to Join the Swedish Air Force
Saab’s GlobalEye is an Airborne Early Warning & Control solution based on Bombardier’s Global family of aircraft that supports military and civil authorities with all-domain situational awareness in real-time.

Bombardier Defense recently celebrated the sixth delivery of a Global 6000 aircraft to Swedish defence supplier Saab, ready to be transformed by Saab into their Airborne Early Warning and Control solution known as GlobalEye. This aircraft will join the Swedish Air Force once Saab completes the transformation, further highlighting the illustrious capabilities of both companies in providing forward-looking solutions for nations across the globe.   

Bringing together the best of Canadian and Swedish innovation, Saab’s GlobalEye program integrates their renowned radar, command, control and communication systems into a multi-domain airborne surveillance solution using Bombardier’s class-leading Global 6000 aircraft. The highly efficient and agile Global family of aircraft is valued for its ultimate combination of speed, range, and endurance – making it the platform of choice for government defence needs worldwide.  

“Our jets are internationally recognized as modern, go-to platforms by some of the world’s largest defence contractors, such as Saab,” said Jean-Christopher Gallagher, Executive Vice-President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. “The Global aircraft family represents the right-sized solution for multi-mission, surveillance and VIP transport. Time and time again, it has met customers’ expectations for their most demanding mission needs. The Bombardier team is proud to associate its aircraft with strong partners to create the next-generation defence solutions around the world.” 

30 November, 2022

Bombardier defense starts special modification package as part of PEGASUS Project

Bombardier Defense celebrated the arrival of a Global 6000 aircraft in Wichita, Kansas as part of the next phase of the company’s contract to support Lufthansa Technik’s participation in the HENSOLDT-led PEGASUS program of the German armed forces. Bombardier Defense will utilize its expertise to perform major structural modifications to accommodate the "Kalætron Integral" signal intelligence (SIGINT) system developed by HENSOLDT, which collects and analyzes military signals from radar and radio systems. The integration of this system will subsequently be performed at Lufthansa Technik’s special mission aircraft competence centre in Hamburg, Germany. Bombardier has previously delivered three Global 6000 jets to Lufthansa Technik since the aircraft was selected for the program in 2020.

Structural modifications represent first major European customer work package since Wichita appointed main hub for Bombardier Defense earlier in 2022

Work to be performed on Global 6000 jet lays important foundation for PEGASUS’ upcoming systems integration work package at Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg

This milestone marks the first major work package for a European customer performed at Bombardier Defense’s U.S. Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas since the company unveiled the site’s new mission in April 2022. Bombardier Defense will now be transitioning to the aircraft modification phase after its engineering team developed precise and mission-specific designed solutions. Bombardier Defense will then perform testing and required certification of the modified aircraft. As part of this program, Lufthansa Technik will perform and support systems integration for Hensoldt, in addition to engineering and modification work contracted to Bombardier Defense.

“This most recent milestone is a testament to the quality of Bombardier jets for both VIP transport and special mission applications,” said Steve Patrick, Vice President, Bombardier Defense. “Bombardier Defense’s full suite of mission-specific design, manufacturing, and certification capabilities, combined with Lufthansa Technik’s expertise will ensure Hensoldt receives a reliable, high-performing platform, perfectly tailored to their mission requirements and payload.”

“The start of the structural modification phase indeed marks a major milestone, as it is an important prerequisite for the work packages of our special mission aircraft experts in Hamburg,” said Michael von Puttkamer, Vice President Special Aircraft Services at Lufthansa Technik. “We thank HENSOLDT and Bombardier for the good cooperation and progress and we are already looking forward to building on the high-quality work of the colleagues in Wichita in the upcoming systems integration phase.”

“With the immense progress made in the design work over the last 12 months, we are proud to see the PEGASUS project entering the next stage,” added Jürgen Halder, Vice President Air SIGINT at HENSOLDT. “Together with our partners Bombardier Defense and Lufthansa Technik, we are determined to maintain the swift pace established to answer the pressing need of our customer for strategic surveillance capabilities.”

Global aircraft are ideal for critical special missions. Modern-day intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems are lighter and more compact, no longer requiring commercial aircraft proportions. Missionized versions of Global aircraft are in service with elite military clientele, having completed thousands of missions over the last decade and demonstrating excellent dispatch reliability. Global aircraft are especially attractive for military use because of their ability to operate at high altitudes as well as their speed, agility, endurance, and low operating costs compared to other aircraft in their class.

04 June, 2021

US Air Force orders another Global 6000 aircraft with options for 5 more

A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node-equipped E-11A aircraft rolls out on the flight line at Hanscom Air Force Base   Photo by Mark Herlihy

Canadian manufacturer, Bombardier announced on Thursday that its Learjet subsidiary had entered into a contract with U.S. Air Force in support of the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) programme for another Global 6000 aircraft. Plus an option on as many as five additional aircraft.

Bombardier has already delivered four Global aircraft to the U.S. Air Force since 2007 for the BACN programme, an airborne relay that extends communication ranges, bridges between radio frequencies and “translates” among incompatible communications systems. BACN aircraft are known in the U.S. Air Force as the E-11A.

“Bombardier is proud to be chosen once again by the U.S. Air Force to provide our high-performing Global aircraft and our unique expertise in support of the BACN programme,” said Michel Ouellette, Executive Vice President, Specialized Aircraft, Programmes and Engineering, Bombardier. “Our U.S.-based employees are honoured to be lending their skills in support of this elite project.”

Because of its flexible deployment options and ability to operate at high altitudes, BACN allows air and surface forces to overcome communications difficulties caused by mountains, rough terrain, or distance. BACN provides critical information to all operational echelons, which increases situational awareness by correlating tactical and operational air and ground environments. 

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25 February, 2021

UAE gets third GlobalEye.....

Saab delivered the third GlobalEye aircraft to the United Arab Emirates on 20 February 2021.

This follows Saab’s previous deliveries of GlobalEye in April and September 2020. The United Arab Emirates has ordered a total of five GlobalEye aircraft.

“Completing three deliveries of a solution as advanced as GlobalEye in less than a year proves Saab’s solid expertise as a provider of high-technology solutions and our focus on meeting our commitments, especially given the current circumstances. By handling the entire process, including sensor development and integration, we are uniquely in control of every critical part of this complex programme”, says Micael Johansson, President and CEO of Saab.

GlobalEye is Saab’s latest airborne early warning and control solution. It provides exceptional air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single platform. GlobalEye combines Saab’s Erieye Extended Range Radar and a range of additional advanced sensors with the ultra-long range Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier.

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05 January, 2021

Saab receives follow-on contract for GlobalEye

Saab has received a follow on contract with the United Arab Emirates regarding the sale of two GlobalEye systems, Saab’s advanced airborne surveillance system. The order value is USD 1.018 billion and the contract period is 2020-2025.

The original contract with the United Arab Emirates for GlobalEye was signed in 2015. This contract is an amendment to that signed in 2015.

“We are proud that the United Arab Emirates continues to show great trust in Saab and our solutions. It shows that Saab remains on the cutting edge regarding advanced technology. The GlobalEye program is running according to plan and we have an efficient cooperation with the customer”, says Micael Johansson, President and CEO Saab.

The work will be carried out in Gothenburg, Linköping, Arboga, Järfälla and Luleå in Sweden and in Centurion, South Africa.

The contract was signed by the customer on the 30th of December 2020, hence the order was booked during the fourth quarter 2020.

GlobalEye provides simultaneous air, maritime and ground surveillance. It combines sophisticated radar technology with the ultra-long-range Global 6000 aircraft from Bombardier.

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17 September, 2019

Bombardier delivers the first Global 6000 to the German Luftwaffe

The Canadian transport firm Bombardier has delivered the first of three Global 6000 business jets destined for use by the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

The Luftwaffe, a longtime Bombardier aircraft operator, will use the Global 6000 business jets to fulfil political and parliamentary transport requirements.

“Bombardier is incredibly pleased that the Luftwaffe will add the Global 6000 aircraft to its fleet,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “Our Specialized Aircraft team has built longstanding relationships with governments around the world who trust in the safety and performance of our products.”

28 December, 2018

Bombardier sell off 4 Global 6000 Biz Jets at rock bottom prices

Bombardier Global 6000 in the air.       photo Bombardier
The financially troubled Canadian firm Bombardier has announced it has sold four if its Global 6000 business jets, although it won't, at this stage, identify the customer. The firm says this transaction is valued at $310 million according to current list prices, including a contract for services. However, that figure does not include a significant discount applied to the list price of each aircraft, said to be over 45%.  

The Global 6000, with its advanced wing design, delivers a smooth ride for exceptional comfort and boasts the widest cabin of any business jet in its class. The Global 6000 aircraft can travel up to 6,000 nautical miles with eight passengers enjoying the luxurious cabin interior.  

Bombardier also says the Global 6000 offers the most available electrical power in its category in its standard configuration via four variable frequency generators and an auxiliary power unit for ultimate reliability on long missions. The Bombardier Vision flight deck offers a head-up display with both Enhanced and Synthetic Vision.  

The Canadian firm has been selling off its aeronautical assets in recent times, firstly wonderful facility Downsview, then the ambitious CSeries passenger jets to Airbus, followed by its popular regional turboprop Q400 programme and other DH rights to Viking. The company has, in the last quarter, according to sources in Montreal, held early talks with two interested parties regarding the sale or it's popular business jet divisions. However, we're told that those early talks have to progress to the next stage, causing some concern at senior management level.