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10 January, 2024

XO Innovates the Private Aviation Industry

XO, the world's premier private aviation network, innovates and modernizes private aviation to significantly benefit private flyers. Utilizing AI, machine learning, data design, and predictive analytics, XO offers a cost-efficient alternative to private jet ownership and home-based fleet models and delivers instant, transparent real-time pricing for greater convenience and time savings.

Leona Qi, President U.S. at Vista said: “As part of Vista, XO continually innovates the private aviation industry by offering instant and transparent flight options, giving flexible flyers optimal value and choice. As a group, our globally optimized business and fleet model surpasses jet ownership and clients choose us because of this. Innovation is the future of the industry — we’re proud to lead the way.”

Providing four times greater utilization than personal jet ownership.

XO propels innovation by leveraging augmented intelligence to enhance performance dramatically. Greater utilization delivers pricing and availability benefits to XO clients, making the industry more efficient. Since 2022, aircraft utilization through XO has soared by 125%, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency.