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09 November, 2019

Thales to supply flight controls for Gulfstream G700

Thales announces that it will supply flight control computers for the new Gulfstream G700 aircraft. This selection by Gulfstream acknowledges the superior performance of Thales-designed Flight Control Computers and continues the relationship between the two companies which goes back to the launch of the G650 in 2008.

The state-of-the art Thales-designed Flight Control Computers are at the core of Gulfstream’s Fly-by-Wire systems for the G700.  They use the most evolved architecture, specifically developed to ensure superior performance and safety, while reducing weight and therefore fuel consumption. The flight computers will also interface with an active control sidestick making the controls more pilot-friendly.

Thales will design and manufacture the Flight Control solutions adapted to the G700.

This marks the fifth Gulfstream business jet airframe which Thales will support.

Nearly 400 in-service Gulfstream aircraft benefit from Thales Fly-By-Wire solutions.