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19 October, 2022

Virgin extends relationship with Discover the World to reach the markets of Croatia and Serbia.....

Virgin Atlantic, the UK carrier, will work with trade partners to grow opportunities, especially on its extensive USA services via LHR for the markets of Croatia and Serbia. Focusing on opportunities with interline carriers Air Serbia and Croatia Airlines, the Discover the World West Balkans team will be working with trade partners to open these opportunities and highlight why flying on Virgin Atlantic will be beneficial for both consumer and trade partners.

Discover the World has earned a reputation as an innovative global sales representation leader in the travel industry through a worldwide network of 85 offices in more than 60 countries. 

 Aiden Walsh, Head of Airline Partnerships and Development for Discover the World commented, "We have been working with the Virgin Atlantic team for some time to focus on incremental opportunities across Europe and where we can see the growth potential into Virgin's extensive network especially to North America. Croatia and Serbia are both underserved with direct connections to North America. Our focus is to maximise the interline partnerships Virgin Atlantic have in place and work our strong trade relationships. We look forward to getting started."

John Price, Account Manager European Sales commented "I am delighted to work with Discover the World in Serbia and Croatia. Setting up a sales team with Discover in these countries positions us nicely to be able to highlight the excellent connectivity which exists already today and build us strong relationships with trade partners. I am excited to continue and evolve our partnership with Discover and look forward to meeting many new trade partners in the coming months."