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30 March, 2022

Bombardier delivered its 100th Global 7500 business jet and VistaJet’s 10th

Yesterday, Canadian planemaker, Bombardier celebrated a major milestone in deliveries of its Global 7500 business jet. The firm handed over the keys to VistaJet's 10th example of the fleet which was all the 100th aircraft.

Thomas Flohr, VistaJet’s Founder and Chairman said: “We are extremely proud of this landmark moment with Bombardier, as we grow our Global 7500 fleet and meet the growing demand for ultra-long-range solutions. VistaJet is committed to a sustainable aviation future and supporting the global business industry with this expansion. Our enhanced product offering onboard the Global 7500 also guarantees that our clients, whether business or leisure travellers are given the best and most seamless flying experience. We look forward to welcoming more Members and supporting the business world as our growing fleet of Global 7500 aircraft opens a new era for long-haul private travel.”

ร‰ric Martel, Bombardier’s President and Chief Executive Officer adds: “I am thrilled to celebrate the 100th delivery of the Global 7500 aircraft with our valued customer, VistaJet. VistaJet recognized early on that this aircraft would transform the business jet industry and the enormous success of Bombardier’s Global 7500 in transforming the private aviation industry. I would like to thank our teams in Montrรฉal, Toronto and Wichita for designing, building and testing this amazing feat of technology. It’s thanks to their talent and dedication that this aircraft has raised the bar for excellence in this sector.”

VistaJet’s Global 7500 fleet has already completed a number of incredible non-stop flights, including Sรฃo Paulo to the Maldives (15 hours 43 minutes flight time), Los Angeles to Hong Kong (14 hours 50 minutes), St Maarten to Seychelles (14 hours 45 minutes), Phuket to Vancouver (13 hours 50 minutes), Liรจge to Jakarta (13 hours 30 minutes), Honolulu to Helsinki (13 hours 30 minutes) and many from the Middle East — including Abu Dhabi to Washington DC (13 hours 50 minutes), Abu Dhabi to Sydney (13 hours 30 minute flight time) and Abu Dhabi to New York (13 hours 10 minutes).

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08 April, 2021

New order for 10 Challenger 350 business jets as demand sky rockets!

Arrival in Malta. Photo VistaJet International 

VistaJet, a global business aviation company has taken delivery of the first two of its Global 7500 aircraft, which is designed to open up longer non-stop routes for its customers.

VistaJet is the first company to provide a fleet of Global 7500 and expects to have a fleet of up to 12 aircraft arriving during the next two years.  

The firm has also ordered 10 new Challenger 350 planes, from long-standing partner Bombardier and the majority of which are expected to be delivered through 2022. These aircraft, VistaJet says, will help to meet the "growing and urgent demand from corporates and executives who are interested in the super-mid segment — VistaJet has seen a surge of nearly 50% in corporate interest globally since July 2020".  The Challenger 350 is seen as an integral part of VistaJet’s super-midsize range.

24 August, 2020

Bombardier Delivers First Global 7500 Aircraft Equipped with Dual Head-up Display (HUD)

One of many pilot-friendly features aboard the Global 7500 aircraft, dual HUD capability allows co-pilot to benefit from Enhanced and Synthetic vision for increased situational awareness
Flagship Global 7500 aircraft redefines what is possible on a business jet with numerous innovations and the industry’s most advanced flight deck
The Global 7500 aircraft boasts the longest range and the smoothest ride, and has demonstrated outstanding performance during its first 18 months in service

Bombardier is pleased to announce it has delivered the first Global 7500 aircraft equipped with a dual head-up display (HUD). This first-in-class capability provides additional safety and redundancy to what is already the most advanced and pilot-friendly cockpit in business aviation.

“The delivery of the first Global 7500 aircraft with a dual HUD showcases our outstanding commitment to safety,” said Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice President, Program Management and Engineering, Bombardier Aviation. “This cockpit is designed to put technology and automation at the service of the crew, rather than creating technology that the crew has to manage.”

15 April, 2019

New order for four more Bombardier Global 7500 business jets from HK Bellawings Jet Limited

The Canadian firm Bombardier Business Jets announced this week that the Hong Kong aircraft management company HK Bellawings Jet Limited has firmed up an order for four Global 7500 business jets. 

In September 2018, HK Bellawings firmed up its order of four Global 6500 and two Global 7500 business jets, for an approximate value of $370 million US, based on current list prices for typically equipped aircraft.  This week, HK Bellawings and Bombardier confirmed that four more Global 7500 aircraft are now part of that firm purchase, bringing the total of firm aircraft orders to 10. This latest announcement represents a value of approximately $291 million on the current list prices, although after discounts and reductions the true cost is much less.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers access to the unparalleled Global 7500 aircraft as part of our unmatched fleet,” said HK Bellawings President Mr YJ Zhang. “The Global 6500 and Global 7500 aircraft align with HK Bellawings’ rapid development to be a one-stop business aviation solution. As the operator that will manage one of the world’s largest fleet of Global 6500 and Global 7500 aircraft, HK Bellawings Jet will further expand our business scope and continuously pursue higher goals.”