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Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Fraport and TAV Pay €1.81 Billion Upfront Fee for the New Concession to Operate Antalya Airport to 2051

A joint venture of Fraport AG and TAV Airports paid Turkey’s state airports authority (DHMI) the required upfront fee for the new concession to operate Antalya Airport over a 25-year period. This upfront rental payment of €1.8125 billion represents 25 percent of the total concession fee of €7.25 billion (excluding VAT) for the full concession period from the beginning of 2027 to the end of 2051. Fraport and TAV Airports won the new concession in a competitive auction held in December 2021. The current Fraport-TAV Antalya concession expires at the end of 2026.

For more than two decades, Fraport – as an investor and airport manager – has successfully developed Antalya to become one of the leading tourism destinations in the Mediterranean region. Fraport CEO, Dr. Stefan Schulte stated: “Today’s upfront concession fee payment highlights our strong commitment to one of the most beautiful regions in the Mediterranean and our confidence in Antalya as a global brand. We believe that Antalya will see further growth in touristic demand. Many people will come because Antalya is a very attractive and competitive year-round destination.”

Known as the gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya offers diverse cultural and historic treasures, culinary delights, pristine beaches, bustling nightlife, as well as international conferencing facilities, sports and events. Schulte added: “Together with our TAV Airports partner, we will continue to expand and transform Antalya Airport into a prime gateway for people from all around the world.”

Over the next three years, Fraport and TAV will also be enhancing Antalya Airport’s airside and terminal infrastructure, including further expansion of the existing international and domestic terminals.

In 2019, Antalya welcomed a record 35 million passengers. Due to the global pandemic, traffic fell to about 9.7 million in 2020. However, Antalya Airport was able to regain strong traffic momentum in 2021 again – especially in the summer and autumn months – to reach about 22 million passenger last year.

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Monday, 4 April 2022

Fraport will continue to hold a quarter stake in St Petersburg Airport until 2025 at the earliest.

Fraport will continue to hold a quarter stake in
 St Petersburg Airport until 2025 at the earliest.


The boss of the German Airport operator Fraport has confirmed his company will not sell its quarter stake in the Russian airport operators of St Petersburg for at least three years and maybe longer. 

Stefan Schulte confirmed the details in a news conference held today,  he said the firm's concession is linked to a sales ban until 2025 and any sale wouldn’t benefit Ukraine.  It is doubtful if Fraport will even divest itself of the stake in the airport in 2025, currently thinking at the German firm according to local sources, is that the war in Ukraine will be over by then and the public’s attention will be drawn elsewhere.  

"We only hold a 25% stake in the airport operator, so we are not involved in airport operations ourselves. But we also have no way of influencing take-off and landing rights," Schulte said at the conference and the firm has previously stated it has stopped all business activities in Russia.

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