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20 October, 2019

Passenger dies following Saab 2000 plane crash in Alaska.

The US National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a team of nine investigators to Unalaska-Tom Madsen Airport, following a runway overrun of a PenAir Saab 2000 which left one passenger dead.

The twenty-four and a half-year-old aircraft departed Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska, at 1515 on Thursday 17th October, bound for Unalaska Airport.  According to local reports, the flight crew made two approaches to the airport, the first was aborted and the second resulted in an overrun. 

The turboprop touched down at around 1740 local time on runway 13, but it didn't stop when it came to the end of the runway, crossed a road and slightly tumbled down a rocky sea defence on the edge of Dutch Harbour some 500 feet from the airport.  

26 December, 2018

Ravn Air Group confirms acquisition of the PenAir assets.

Ravn Air Group, Inc. has announced today the purchase of the assets of Peninsula Airways by one of its subsidiaries.  PenAir has its HQ in Anchorage, Alaska and operated passenger, cargo and charter flights to seven destinations in Southwest Alaska and the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands. 

Ravn is a leading provider of regional air services in Alaska, employing over 1,000 employees in the state, has a fleet of almost 70 aircraft, which provides passenger, freight, and charter air transportation services to over 115 destinations throughout Alaska.

"This is a big win for Ravn Air Group, as well as for PenAir and all of our team members, customers, and Alaska communities," said Dave Pflieger, President and CEO of Ravn. "The two companies coming together provides an incredible opportunity to better connect Alaska, with the ability to provide broader, more reliable, and more consistent service."

14 August, 2017

PenAir Files Chapter 11 in US

The Small regional Alaskan Airline PenAir filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week after its major expansion to hub airports beyond its home in Alaska failed to generate as many passengers as expected.

Peninsula Airways Inc, which advertises the PenAir brand as the "Spirit of Alaska" mainly flies government-subsidized routes to small towns such as Boston to Presque Isle, Maine and Anchorage to King Salmon in Alaska.