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06 April, 2022

Tunisair starts service between London Stansted and Tunis

Tunisia’s flag carrier Tunisair has launched flights between Tunis and London Stansted with the airline operating the route twice each week on Airbus A319 aircraft.  The flights are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays with the flights departing Stansted at 17.55, arriving in Tunis at 20.55, while the return flight departs at 13.50 and arrives at Stansted at 16.15.

Due to its long Mediterranean coastline, it's also a popular destination for beach lovers. The ancient city of Carthage in Tunis and the Amphitheatre of El Jem near Sousse are among Tunisia's many historical attractions.

MAG's Airline Development Director, Mats Sigurdson, said: "New routes are always exciting developments and Tunisair's direct flight to Tunis offers even more choice to passengers. Tunisia offers something for everyone, whether it's a city break in the capital with its fascinating Roman archaeological sites or an all-inclusive break along the country’s famous Mediterranean coastline. We wish them much success with this new route from London Stansted."

Tunisair Deputy Managing Director for the UK, Sofiene IBN ABIZID, said: “Tunisair is delighted to announce the launch of a new twice-weekly flight to Stansted, connecting Tunis with London, Cambridge, and the East of England. I’m sure our great value fares will prove popular with passengers, and we look forward to working with Stansted to make this new partnership a success.”

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27 November, 2019

Tunisair to axe 400 staff

The national carrier of Tunisia, Tunisair has confirmed it will fire around 400 staff in a desperate bid to regain some control of its spiralling financial situation.

The airline, which is owned by the Tunisian government has a workforce of some 8000 people, far more than its 27 aircraft strong fleet needs to keep operating. Yet despite this excessive over staffing, the carrier has been unable to keep flights operating on-time or all aircraft in the operation.  A number has been withdrawn due to mechanical issues and the lack of spare parts with which to repair them.

“As part of a structural reform programme, 400 employees will be laid off in 2020 in an effort to reduce the company’s high wage mass and ease its financial difficulties,” said the airlines CEO Elyess Mankabi, this week. 
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24 August, 2018

Job cuts likely at Tunisair.... airline seeks government approval to lay off 1200 workers

There could be big job cuts at the national airline of Tunisia soon if the state-run airline gets government backing to lay off as many as 1200 workers.

Tunisair wants to shed the positions as it struggles with mounting losses and other difficulties that have caused flight delays and a lack of spare parts, which in turn has grounded some of the carriers fleet.

“The company is suffering from major financial difficulties because of the high number of workers and the wage bill of the company,” The airlines chief executive, Elyess Mankabi, told news agency Reuters. 

The airline currently employs some 8000 staff and operates a fleet of 30 aircraft, that's roughly 266 employees per aircraft. In comparison, Royal Air Maroc, also a state-owned airline has a fleet of more than 50 aircraft and an employee count of around 3300 people.