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18 December, 2017

ATR Delivering aircraft to the other side of the world!

Friday the 15th of December marked the delivery of the latest ATR 72-600 to Air Calédonie at the Final Assembly Line B in St Martin with VIPs from ATR, Air Calédonie and Pratt & Whitney in attendance. This is the latest delivery in a partnership that stretches back for over 30 years as this airline was one of our earliest customers. Since then, Air Calédonie have progressively expanded and upgraded their fleet and the evolution of this relationship is a true measure of the quality of our products.

Air Calédonie represents just one of many airlines who use their ATR fleets for inter-island operations. Our aircraft’s ability to take off and land from short and unpaved runways, as well as its unrivalled economics, make it particularly attractive to island operators. It is also the only regional turboprop to have received its ETOPS120 certification which allows it to fly for long distances on one engine, opening up new possibilities, in terms of routes, to many inter-island operators. These characteristics explain why our aircraft are so popular with airlines in France’s Outre Mer as well as those flying island routes in Indonesia, the Caribbean, the Canary Isles and all over the world. This versatility once again illustrates why the ATR -600 series aircraft are the market leaders in Regional Aviation.

More pictures follow