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24 April, 2024

Airlines for America respond to new rules for U.S. air carriers.

A4A passenger airlines—which are fierce competitors—offer transparency and vast choice to consumers from first search to touchdown. U.S. airlines are committed to providing the highest quality of service, which includes clarity regarding prices, fees and ticket terms. 

A4A members offer a range of options—including fully refundable fares—to increase accessibility to air travel and to help customers make ticket selections that best fit their needs. Consumers are given the choice of refundable ticket options with terms and conditions that best fit their needs at first search results.

U.S. airlines are providing more options and better services while ticket prices, including ancillary revenues, are at historic lows. In real terms, average domestic round-trip fares, including ancillaries were 14 percent lower in 2023 than in 2010.

A4A member carriers abide by—and frequently exceed—DOT regulations regarding consumer protections. The 11 largest U.S. passenger airlines issued $43 billion in customer refunds, $900 million per month, between January 2020 and December 2023, in addition to issuing other forms of compensation.