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12 April, 2021

Latvian airline RAF-AVIA seeking first officers......

It was only in October of last year that Latvian passenger and cargo airline, RAF-AVIA celebrates its 30th Anniversary,  which is a remarkable milestone in the history of the carrier and Latvia. 

The Riga based airline has come a long way from being the carrier for a single manufacturer and first non-governmental airline in the former Soviet Union to a well-established cargo airline operating all over Europe and beyond. The firm has lived through political and economic turmoil which has necessitated it to constantly adapting to an ever-changing market situation as well as striving to deliver the best possible service to the carrier's customers.

The airline prides itself on the loyalty and experience of its staff, one-fourth of the company's 100 employees have been with the firm for more than 10 years and 15 of those have been with the company for more than 20 years. Some of them since the very inception of the airline.

The company operates a fleet of ATR 72, Saab 340 and Antonov AN-26 aircraft on cargo operations and Saab 340 for passenger flights.