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12 March, 2024

Lufthansa Cargo Extends IATA CargoIS Agreement

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that Lufthansa Cargo has renewed and expanded the scope of its agreement to utilize CargoIS for its air cargo data needs, extending a partnership that has spanned over a decade. 

"We are pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with IATA through CargoIS. The market intelligence IT has provided us over the years and has played a key role in shaping our strategic planning and improving our operational efficiency. This extended collaboration not only helps us to refine our shipping strategies but also ensures our position at the forefront of the industry, guided by data-driven decision-making,” said Ashwin Bhat, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.  

As part of the new agreement Lufthansa Cargo will also join the IATA CargoIS Direct Data (CDD) contribution program. This initiative facilitates the collective sharing and pooling of anonymized data among participating airlines. It empowers stakeholders to benchmark performance, identify industry trends, and make well-informed decisions within the competitive air cargo sector. This program draws on transactions from more than 230 carriers, providing the most comprehensive insights into the commodities transported and the services rendered.

31 October, 2022

Lufthansa Cargo Celebrates 10 Years of Transforming Core Cargo Business with IBS Software

This month, Lufthansa Cargo celebrates 10 years of transforming its global air cargo business with IBS Software. Over the past decade, IBS Software has successfully partnered with Lufthansa Cargo to create a modern, agile and innovation-focused business, built on the strong foundation of iCargo – IBS' market-leading cargo platform.

In celebration of their ten-year, and ongoing, partnership, Lufthansa Cargo and IBS Software reflect on the journey to revolutionize Lufthansa's entire air cargo movement worldwide

The partnership began when Lufthansa Cargo made the decision to replace its core IT platform - a mainframe system called Mosaik - in 2012. This was a 30-year-old legacy technology, which formed the nerve centre of its operation; changing it was considered a project of immense complexity and risk. Consequently, Lufthansa Cargo carried out a rigorous market search during which 400+ potential suppliers and partners were evaluated. IBS Software and its iCargo offering were selected based on the strength of the offering, the capability and experience of its teams and the high level of congruence in future strategy.

For Lufthansa Cargo, IBS Software served not only the immediate goal of significantly upgrading its operational core but also further consolidated its IT landscape by bringing other, Lufthansa Cargo-built applications under the iCargo umbrella. The highly complex transformation project - named iCAP - involved more than 300 global locations across the Lufthansa Cargo network and its major hubs in Europe, including the Frankfurt mega-hub.

The outcome of iCAP was an integrated solution that supports the requirements of the airlines' freight business, providing enhanced web-enabled features that optimize operations, enhance profitability, and provide scalability. The solution helps manage the increasing volumes of cargo movement requirements of freighters, ground handling agents (GHAs), as well as airports. Buoyed by the success of the initial phase of the project, Lufthansa moved to a full SaaS (Software as a Service) model of software delivery for iCargo in 2020, entrusting the full ownership of hosting and maintenance of Lufthansa Cargo's iCAP platform to IBS Software.

Lufthansa Cargo and IBS Software also continued to innovate and develop several industry firsts and implement innovative business practices such as the iPartner Handling platform in 2021. This deployment represented significant progress for Lufthansa Cargo's 'Mobile Digital Handling' initiative, created to eliminate paper-based processes across its operations by digitizing tasks and process checks carried out by its GHA partners to enable best-in-class customer experience. These efforts have culminated in Lufthansa Cargo recently achieving 100% eFreight adoption, which is the industry benchmark. 

Dorothea von Boxberg, Chairman of the Executive Board at Lufthansa Cargo, says: "IBS has been a strong partner in guiding us on our digitization journey over the years. From the replacement of legacy IT systems to the laying of the foundation stone in the area of digital fulfilment to the development of more far-reaching IT solutions - which have now been the backbone in our IT operations. It is our goal to continue to work together to drive the digital transformation of our industry, improving data quality and connectivity with our customers in the process, and making our own processes more efficient as well. Together, we are creating considerable added value, especially for our customers."

Ashok Rajan, SVP, Head of Cargo & Logistics at IBS Software, says: "I view our decade-strong partnership with Lufthansa Cargo with immense pride. It truly represents what can be accomplished through a partnership that goes above and beyond that of a buyer-supplier relationship. Our partnership has created several innovative business practices, many are industry firsts revolutionizing and improving quality across cargo operations in a rapidly changing industry. IBS is looking forward to continuing to drive value with and for Lufthansa for many years to come."

Dr Jochen Göttelmann, CIO at Lufthansa Cargo, says: "We look back on the existing ten-year partnership with IBS in a thoroughly positive light. Together, we have further developed iCargo as a product in such a way that it provides us with excellent services on a daily basis at our Global Handling Hub in Frankfurt and in our worldwide operations. The intensive cooperation between IBS as a technology market leader and Lufthansa Cargo as an innovation driver makes our collaboration special to this day. The IBS teams convince us every time - with their know-how, but also with their commitment to live up to our claim of implementing innovations in airfreight. We are very much looking forward to furthering our cooperation."

30 August, 2022

Lufthansa Cargo to enhance its intra-European route network with additional A321 freighters

 From October 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will offer its customers additional capacities in its medium-haul network on specially converted Airbus A321 freighters.

Second A321 freighter enters service in October 2022
· Expansion of the European network with inclusion of Birmingham, London and Madrid
· Daily weekday service to the UK and Ireland will deliver attractive Same-Day and eCommerce solutions
· Two additional A321 freighters to complement medium-haul services in the first half of 2023

From October 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will offer its customers additional capacities in its medium-haul network on specially converted Airbus A321 freighters. The first cargo flight of its kind took off from Frankfurt to Dublin in March 2022. Due to the positive response from the market and the continuing high demand from the eCommerce and Same-Day segments, a second aircraft of this type will enter scheduled service from October.

The second A321F with registration D-AEUA is currently undergoing conversion in Singapore. The twin-engine, technically advanced narrow-body aircraft is powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time. It is identical in design to the first A321 freighter (D-AEUC, 'Hello Europe'): A total of 28 tons of payload is available on 14 pallets and container positions on the main deck and ten on the lower deck. Lufthansa Cargo can continue enlarging its footprint by offering the known quality service and product in the fast growing eCommerce segment.

03 June, 2022

Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo expand joint business agreement to include Swiss WorldCargo

Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo announce today the entry of Swiss WorldCargo into the airlines’ joint business agreement, providing cargo customers with more direct connections, more flexibility and more time-saving.

The entry of Swiss WorldCargo builds on the joint business agreement signed in 2016 between Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo, which enables the two airlines to cooperate in terms of sales, pricing, contracts, and the handling of shipments between Hong Kong and Europe.

Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo already have a close collaboration on international lanes via their hubs in Hong Kong and Germany, while the handling of cargo in Hong Kong is coordinated under one roof at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal of Hong Kong International Airport.

Under the expanded joint business agreement, Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa Cargo, and Swiss WorldCargo will work closely together on network planning, as well as on sales, IT and ground handling. Initially, the airlines will cooperate on traffic from Hong Kong to Zurich and Frankfurt, with traffic to and from Hong Kong and the rest of Europe planned to be included later this year.

Cargo customers will be able to access the entire joint network via the booking systems of all three partners.

Cathay Pacific Director Cargo Tom Owen said: “We are delighted to welcome Swiss WorldCargo into our joint business agreement. Cathay Pacific is always looking for more ways to give our cargo customers greater choice and more options for shipments whenever they fly their goods with us. The addition of Swiss WorldCargo’s flights to the already large combined network of Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa will further bring Hong Kong, the world’s busiest air cargo hub, closer to Europe and strengthen one of the world’s great trade lanes.”

Lufthansa Cargo CEO Dorothea von Boxberg said: “We are very pleased about the trilateral cooperation just starting, bringing three well-known cargo carriers to the table and making our customers an even more attractive offer. Cargo customers will appreciate the opportunities for quicker and easier shipping. The expanded joint venture will generate numerous benefits for our customers because our networks, our hubs and our fleet complement each other effectively.”

Swiss International Air Lines Head of Cargo Lorenzo Stoll said: “We are very excited to be entering this joint business agreement between Lufthansa Cargo and Cathay Pacific, thanks to which we can not only strengthen our already close collaboration, but also expand our network offering to our customers, while staying true to our high quality and flexibility.”

The joint activities will be carried out in full compliance with all applicable laws, including the competition rules of the European Union and Hong Kong.


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19 March, 2022

Hello Europe........Lufthansa Cargo's first Airbus A321 freighter took off for service this week

Lufthansa Cargo's first Airbus A321 freighter, registration  D-AEUC named “Hello Europe” has entered service.....   

Lufthansa Cargo's first Airbus 321 freighter took off for service for the first time at 16:21 on 15th March, operating flight LH8350 from its home base of Frankfurt to Dublin, Ireland.  The jet then went on to Manchester on its inaugural day of operation.

This new cargo aircraft, christened "Hello Europe," was loaded with express freight and general cargo on its maiden flight. The twin-engine aircraft is operated by Lufthansa CityLine. With this market launch, Lufthansa Cargo is responding to the continued growth in demand from the e-commerce industry and can thus offer customers even more capacity and additional fast connections.

Dorothea von Boxberg, Chairperson of the Executive Board and CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, underscores the importance of the new freighter for the Lufthansa Cargo business model: "The addition of the medium-haul network is an important step in further opening our company to attract business segments such as the fast-growing e-commerce sector," von Boxberg emphasizes. "Lufthansa Cargo can now offer its customers same-day and e-commerce solutions within Europe and to selected medium-haul destinations. The new aircraft will serve a wide range of customers and routes, both scheduled and charter. We look forward to providing much-needed capacity in the European market and further strengthening our position as the leading air freight carrier in Europe."

For Lufthansa CityLine, too, the operation of the A321 freighter represents a step into the future: "We have put Cargo Operations at Lufthansa CityLine on its feet in a very short time. Together with Lufthansa Cargo, we are very proud to launch this first converted A321F certified in Germany," says Jens Fehlinger, Managing Director of Lufthansa CityLine.

A321F serves medium-haul destinations

With the start of operations on March 15, Lufthansa Cargo will gradually add Dublin, Manchester, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Malta and Tunis to its global route network by deploying the A321 freighter. In the summer schedule, the carrier will also add flights to Cairo starting March 29. The partially new stations in the freighter network will be served two to three times a week from and to Frankfurt.

D-AEUC christened “Hello Europe”

Before the Airbus 321F with the registration D-AEUC took off on its first commercial flight today, a symbolic christening took place at Frankfurt Airport. As the first aircraft in the A321F series, it was christened 'Hello Europe'. The naming principle is based on the guiding idea "Say hello around the world". Since 2013, Lufthansa Cargo has named its aircraft after relevant markets to which the aircraft fly. For the new A321 freighter, "Hello Europe" was therefore chosen as a greeting to the European countries for whose e-commerce and same-day shipments it will primarily be used. In the run-up to the commercial maiden flight, interested customers, employees and journalists were able to find out about the advantages and special features of the new A321 medium-haul freighter at a virtual live streaming event.

Second A321F to add medium-haul capacity in late summer

To date, Lufthansa Cargo operates a freighter fleet of currently 15 of its own B777F aircraft. The second A321 medium-haul freighter is expected to enter service in late summer. Both aircraft will be operated under a wet lease agreement by Lufthansa CityLine, each under Lufthansa Cargo's flight number.

The Airbus A321s (A321P2F), which have been converted to freighters, offer a payload of 28 metric tons with a range of 3,500 kilometers. The conversion allows the use of standardized cargo pallets on the main deck as well. The twin-engine A   irbus A321 is one of the most versatile aircraft in its class: with the ability to transport containers on the main deck, it offers fast loading and unloading, enabling highly efficient flight operations.

Technical details of the Airbus 321F
Overall length: 44.51 m
Wingspan: 34.10 m
Tail height: 11.76 m
Payload in tons: 28 t
Range (with full load): 1,900 nautical miles
Max. take-off weight: 89 t
Cruising speed: 840 km/h

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26 February, 2022

Lufthansa Cargo launches new medium-haul network with A321 freighters

A321F to complement freighter network on medium-haul destinations starting in March

From March 1, Lufthansa Cargo customers will also be able to book their cargo on converted A321 medium-haul freighters. With the start of operations on March 15, Lufthansa Cargo will gradually complement the global route network with Istanbul (IST), Tel Aviv (TLV), Malta (MLA), Tunis (TUN), Dublin (DUB) and Manchester (MAN) by operating these freighters. In the summer schedule, the carrier will also add flights to Cairo (CAI) starting March 29. The partially new stations in the freighter network will be served two to three times a week from and to Frankfurt (FRA). The A321F will make its first commercial flight from Frankfurt to Dublin on March 15, 2022. Lufthansa Cargo is thus responding to the continuing growth in demand from the eCommerce industry and can offer customers even more capacity and additional fast connections.

"With the added medium-haul freighters, we are opening up a whole new strategic business segment. In the future, the A321F will offer attractive same-day and eCommerce solutions within Europe and to selected medium-haul destinations, and the new network represents a major step towards the fast-growing eCommerce segment," explains Ashwin Bhat, Chief Commercial Officer Lufthansa Cargo. "On one hand, available capacity in the global airfreight market continues to be scarce and, at the same time, end consumers expect short delivery times for their ordered goods. With the medium-haul freighter, we can close this gap and continue to reliably and quickly provide our customers with the capacity they need with the same quality and expertise for which Lufthansa Cargo is known."

The conversion of the first aircraft with the registration D-AEUC has already been completed. Among other things, the floor has been reinforced accordingly, a roller system for moving cargo and a large cargo door were installed. A total of 14 pallet and container positions in the maindeck and 10 in the lower deck are available to Lufthansa Cargo customers per aircraft. This results in a payload of 28 tons per aircraft. The second medium-haul freighter is expected to enter service in late summer. Both will be operated under a wet lease agreement by Lufthansa CityLine, each under Lufthansa Cargo flight numbers. Lufthansa CityLine, as a Lufthansa Group company, has been working intensively on the technical and operational preparations of this first A321 converted freighter. The twin-engine Airbus A321 is one of the most versatile aircraft in its class: Being able to carry containers in the main deck, it offers fast loading and unloading and therefore enables very efficient flight operations.

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02 November, 2021

Lufthansa Cargo digitalizes worldwide cargo handling of special products & services with IBS Software's iPartner Handling solution

                       In a major step towards digitalization and improving quality in worldwide cargo handling, Lufthansa Cargo is partnering with IBS Software to digitalize critical handling processes for special products and services like dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals and fresh produce. The deployment represents significant progress for Lufthansa Cargo's "Mobile Digital Handling" initiative, created to eliminate paper-based processes across its operations by digitalizing tasks and process checks carried out by its Ground Handling Agent (GHA) partners.

The initiative leverages IBS Software's latest iPartner Handling solution to extend Lufthansa Cargo's special checks and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to its extensive global GHA network. The solution seamlessly integrates with airlines running IBS Software's iCargo cloud platform for air cargo management to provide a single access, easy to use set of mobile and web tools that GHAs can use to carry out specialised workflows and tasks. Through the iPartner Handling solution, rich information captured by GHAs is made available to Lufthansa Cargo on a real-time basis, enhancing the quality and service levels of all of its cargo products. The platform also offers digital connectivity options for GHAs via APIs and has been architected keeping future industry initiatives such as ONE Record in mind.

The roll out has been planned in two phases, the first of which will see 30+ Lufthansa Cargo stations across Europe, Asia and the Americas going live, followed by additional stations and several new use-cases and enhancements being added to the solution. The first wave of five stations has already successfully gone live.

04 May, 2021

Lufthansa Group and BASF roll out sharkskin technology

From 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will equip all Boeing 777 freighters with AeroSHARK
Innovative surface technology from Lufthansa Technik and BASF improves fuel efficiency and helps airlines to reach sustainability targets

The lower the frictional resistance of an aircraft in the air, the lower the fuel consumption. Using nature as a role model, the aviation industry has been intensively researching ways to reduce aerodynamic drag for many years. Now Lufthansa Technik and BASF have succeeded in making the breakthrough as part of a joint project. AeroSHARK, a surface film that mimics the fine structure of a shark’s skin, is to be rolled out on Lufthansa Cargo’s entire freighter fleet from the beginning of 2022, making the aircraft more economical and reducing emissions.

The surface structure consisting of riblets measuring around 50 micrometers imitates the properties of sharkskin and therefore optimizes the aerodynamics on flow-related parts of the aircraft. This means that less fuel is needed overall. For Lufthansa Cargo’s Boeing 777F freighters, Lufthansa Technik estimates a drag reduction of more than one percent. For the entire fleet of ten aircraft, this translates to annual savings of around 3,700 tons of kerosene and just under 11,700 tons of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of 48 individual freight flights from Frankfurt to Shanghai.

31 August, 2020

Lufthansa Cargo continues fleet modernization

Lufthansa Cargo welcomed its eighth Boeing 777F aircraft
Photo Oliver Rösler/Lufthansa Cargo

A brand-new Boeing 777F landed at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) this morning, Monday, 31 August, at 7:26 local time. The cargo aircraft with registration D-ALFH was in flight for 9 hours and 24 minutes as LH8145 after its take-off from Everett Airport (PAE) in Washington State, USA. It is the eighth aircraft of this type in Lufthansa Cargo's freighter fleet.

"The investments in our fleet are a significant contribution to the sustainable improvement of our economic and ecological efficiency. We want to make air cargo as fast, safe and environmentally friendly as possible," said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo.

The new aircraft bears the name "Namaste India", which it has taken over from an aircraft with the registration D-ALCJ that has already been taken out of service.

Lufthansa Cargo had announced the purchase of two brand-new cargo aircraft in November 2019. The next aircraft is expected in a few weeks. The new arrivals are part of a fleet modernization program that began in 2014 and will be completed next year. The twin-engine Boeing 777F is around 20 percent more efficient and emits less CO2 than the previously used three-engine MD-11F. The new model also meets the strict noise protection requirements of ICAO Annex 16, Volume I, Chapter 14.
Photo Oliver Rösler/Lufthansa Cargo

Photo Oliver Rösler/Lufthansa Cargo

07 August, 2020

Consequences of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on Lufthansa

The collapse in demand for air travel due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has led to an 80 percent drop in revenue for the Lufthansa, the group has revealed in its second-quarter results.

Revenue was down to 1.9 billion euros in 2020, down from 9.6 billion euros for the same period of 2019, with most of the revenue - 1.5 billion euros was generated by Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Technik.

The number of employees has already been reduced by 8,300, with more on the way,  as the firm confirmed redundancies are no longer ruled out in Germany as the group tried to stem its losses and head to a future in post-COVID world. 

The Lufthansa Group Adjusted EBIT in the quarter under review amounted to minus 1.7 billion euros (previous year: 754 million euros), despite extensive cost reductions. Operating expenses were reduced by 59 percent, primarily through the introduction of short-time working for large parts of the workforce and the cancellation of non-essential expenditures. However, these measures were only partially able to compensate for the decline in sales. The consolidated net income of Lufthansa Group for the months April to June amounted to minus 1.5 billion euros (previous year: 226 million euros).

The logistics division benefited from stable demand. The loss of cargo capacity in passenger aircraft ("bellies") led to a significant increase in yields. Lufthansa Cargo's Adjusted EBIT thus rose to 299 million euros (previous year: minus 9 million euros).