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25 July, 2020

Iran accuses U.S. of act of terror.

Iran is accusing the U.S. of terrorist actions after an Airbus A310 of  Mahan Air operating a regular scheduled flight from Tehran to Beruit was intercepted by U.S Fighters over Syria on Thursday.

The passenger aircraft had 150 people on board at the time of the incident and reportedly had to take evasive collision avoidance manoeuvres, which left 12 passengers with various injuries, according to official Iranian sources.

Iran said it considers the manoeuvres of two U.S. F15 aircraft in very close proximity to a civilian aircraft on Thursday to have been an “act of terror,” and, according to Transport Minister Mohammad Eslami it has the right to pursue the matter legally.  It is understood that the ministry has also lodged an official complaint to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Friday.

21 March, 2019

No more Paris flights for Mahan Air

There will be no more flights to Paris for Mahan Air from the 1st April the airline has confirmed this week. The Iranian airline had been operating services at least three times a week from its home base of Tehran with its Airbus aircraft.

However, due to sanctions, instigated at a government level, following those imposed by Germany earlier this year. The airline has now cancelled all future flights to and from Paris from 1`st April and all flights up until that date are showing full on the airlines booking site.

07 August, 2018

Poor decisions lead to bouncing Mahan Air aircraft.

A report from the Civil Aviation Organisation of Iran blames poor decision making by the crew of a Mahan Air Airbus A300 aircraft that suffered a tail strike after bouncing down the runway three times on 6th June.

The Iranian investigators advised that the crew did not execute a go-around after the first bounce which was a poor decision. The aircraft bounced two more times on the runway and struck its tail causing damage to the skin of the 27-year-old aircraft. 

The aircraft had 121 passengers on a flight from Asaluyeh to Tehran Mehrabad when the incident occurred. The investigators also say that the weather was clear, visibility good during the daytime landing, with just an 18knot headwind. 

The crew have been ordered to undergo further flight and crew resource management training, as well as recreating the incident in aircraft simulators to better understand the need for fast and effective remedial action. 

12 July, 2018

The US warns of sanctions to anyone who helps or allows Iranian airline to land

In a move reminiscent of a dictatorship rather than a global nation, the US is warning of sanctions against any company or country that assist in any way an Iranian airline or allow it into their country, including its allies in Europe.

The US Government has instigated sanctions on a travel and ticketing agency in Malaysia that has been providing ticketing and reservations services for Iranian carrier Mahan Air for over five years. The company, Mahan Travel and Tourism, has now had all its property, interests and investments in the USA's jurisdiction blocked. And, according to the US Treasury, that jurisdiction is pretty vast and "this is only just the start, this action against is a warning shot, There is definitely more to come." warned Marshall Billingslea of the US Treasury.

Mahan Air has a mixed fleet of mostly Airbus aircraft, including A340's and A300's and operates many routes, including over 40 international destinations this year. The US Treasury released a route map of what it says are places Mahan Air has served including destinations in Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, India, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. 

"All of them are of great concern to us," Marshall Billingslea told select media organisations, asserting that routes into Europe were "highly problematic"
According to Marshal Billingslea, the US is determined that Mahan Air flights into countries allied with the USA will be "terminated" which they will do either by economic means or through action by governments or airports. The US could and would impose sanctions on European countries, airports, suppliers and government, "Any company that continues to transact with Mahan [Air] is doing so at great financial risk," the Marshal briefed trade publication FlightGlobal. Warning that the US government knows the airports, the fuel, maintenance, cargo and catering services that are used by Mahan Air and all are at risk of sanctions and similar blocks to those imposed on the Malaysian travel services provider. "Companies, particularly Western companies operating in NATO nations, need to protect themselves and shut down their business ties" Bilingslea warned. 

The US Government says that Mahan Air has carried personnel and supplies for groups like Hezbollah and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force.  The airline has also transported personnel and weapons to Syria claims the US Treasury, yet has so far refused to provide or share its intelligence and any independent corroborating evidence.  

26 May, 2018

US sanctions won't effect Mahan Air

                    The US sanctions will make no difference, says Mahan Air.  The Iranian airline announced this weekend that the JCPOA made no difference in terms of sanctions against the Iranian airlines and confirmed the company would move forward with development plans, even after US president Trump pulling the nation out of the deal.
 In a statement Faramarz Sarvi, from the company said “Mahan Air has always been included in US anti-Iran sanctions even in the post-JCPOA era and the recent announcement of US Department of the Treasury is nothing new for this company,” 

After Trump unilaterally withdrew the US from the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran, France, China, Russia, UK, US, and Germany, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control levied sanctions on 4 Iranian airlines - Mahan Air, Meraj Air, Caspian Airlines and Pouya Air on Thursday.

“The sanctions against Iranian aviation industry has been in place since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 and they are not something new for us,” Sarvi added.

Mahan Air has a fleet of 54 aircraft comprising of  2  Boeing 747-300's, 11 Airbus A340's, 14 Airbus A300's, 10  Airbus A310's and 17 BAe146's.