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05 November, 2019

Air Guilin captain suspended for life for allowing female passenger to sit in his seat during a flight to Yangzhou

Air Guilin has suspended a pilot for life this week after he allowed a female passenger into the cockpit during a flight from Guilin to Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, on January 4th 2019.

The incident only came to light after a photo of the young lady sitting in the pilot's seat surfaced on Chinese social media site Weibo and went viral. The woman captioned the picture "Many thanks to the captain. It's so thrilling."

Air Guilin said the captain had violated normal operating procedures and air safety regulations, "Air Guilin always makes passenger safety a top priority and has zero tolerance for improper or unprofessional behaviours that pose threats to aviation safety,". The carrier also stated that it would introduce new safety procedures to prevent such an event happening in the future. 

According to local media, the lady was a flight attended student from Guilin Tourism University at the time of the incident and was not employed by Air Guilin or any other airline. Other unconfirmed reports indicate she may have been having a relationship with the captain.

Whilst the unnamed captain has been suspended for life, it is understood that at least three other staff members have been grounded indefinitely whilst the airline conducts a complete investigation. 

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