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29 March, 2024

easyJet and UNICEF launch ‘Every Child Can Fly’ campaign

 easyJet and UNICEF are partnering to support UNICEF’s education programmes and help every child access their right to a quality education 

 ‘Every Child Can Fly’ campaign will support UNICEF's aspiration to achieve the universal right of quality education for all children by 2030

 Customers flying with easyJet over the Easter holiday period have the opportunity to raise funds with easyJet cabin crew collecting donations onboard around 40,000 flights

 To date, through the partnership, easyJet customers have already raised almost £17 million towards UNICEF’s appeals

easyJet and the world’s leading children’s organisation UNICEF have announced the new phase of their partnership to support UNICEF’s goal of ensuring all children at primary and lower secondary levels are enrolled in school by 2030.

easyJet and UNICEF’s ‘Every Child Can Fly’ campaign will raise vital funds to change millions of children’s lives, including contributing to UNICEF's target of providing access to learning opportunities for 114 million children and digital education for 148.6 million children around the world. 

The onboard collection by easyJet’s cabin crew is now running in time for the busy holiday period, which will see the airline fly over five million customers across its network, who will have the opportunity to donate onboard around 40,000 flights towards the ‘Every Child Can Fly’ campaign and support UNICEF’s work in education.

In 2022, 70% of 10-year-olds in low- and middle-income countries could not read and understand simple text. This figure has worsened by 13% since COVID-19 school closures.