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02 December, 2019

Ellinair to start Baku service and drop free inflight meals and wine.

The Greek airline Ellinair has confirmed it will be expanding its route network with the introduction of flights between Macedonia Airport and Baku in Azerbaijan for summer next year.  The route will run from 15th June and 1st September 1, 2020.

The carrier is also making its Moscow service from Thessaloniki to operate all year long, it previously announced. 

However, starting from 15/01/2020, on all flights of Ellinair with a flight duration of up to 5 hours, the provision of food and wine will be cancelled. The withdrawal of inflight service has been greeted with disappointment by many in the local aviation industry, however, as the airline seeks to cut costs and raise profits it was perhaps an inevitable conclusion.  The airline says they will still offer free water, tea and coffee.   Later in the year, Ellinair will introduce a new menu of snacks, sandwiches and other such edible delights to purchase on flights. 

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