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19 March, 2022

German Airways to lease an Embraer E190 to Luxair

Photo German Airways

Luxair, Luxembourg's national airline, and German Airways, the second oldest German airline, will work together in the near future the two recently confirmed.  The deal will see Luxair use a German Airways Embraer E190 on its European route network. As travel restrictions due to covid being lifted Luxair believes it will need extra capacity to cope with the vastly increased passenger demand. 

From mid-May, the Embraer E190 will join Luxair's current fleet, consisting of eight Boeing 737s and eleven De Havilland DHC-8-400s. With a capacity of 100 seats, the Aircraft allows German Airways greater flexibility and better meets the strong travel desire of Luxair passengers.

Bookings for the summer are increasing which is why Luxair is increasing its capacities and the airline says the Embraer will allow it to free up capacity on the Boeing 737 and increase its flight schedules to high-demand holiday destinations.

German Airways operates a fleet of five modern and economical Embraer E190s, which the company leases to other airlines, including crews, under wet-lease agreements. The airline has announced that it will add four more Embraer E190s to its fleet in the coming months.

Gilles Feith, CEO of Luxair: "We urgently need to expand our capacity on longer distances to support the revival of leisure travel. The Embraer 190 from German Airways will relieve our Boeing 737 fleet in the summer to create capacity for the most popular holiday destinations, all while maintaining our quality at the highest level. The E190 will increasingly take over flights on business travel routes. The signs are pointing to growth, and this partnership will help us bridge the wait until Luxair can increase its own capacity. Luxair has already used various wet-lease capacities in the past to be able to react more quickly to market changes."

Maren Wolters, Managing Director of German Airways: "We are delighted that Luxair is working with us. In this way, we benefit from our good reputation, which we have worked hard to earn: We are known as a very reliable service provider with great know-how in the industry. With Luxair, we are expanding our customer base, which already includes renowned European airlines, to include another major European airline."

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