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02 May, 2023

Alaska Airlines and ZeroAvia partner in developing world’s largest zero-emission aircraft

Hydrogen electric powered Q400 could be the future of regional travel 

This week Alaska Airlines unveiled a freshly painted Bombardier Q400 regional turboprop and handed it over to ZeroAvia where it will be retrofitted with a hydrogen-electric propulsion system to further enhance and expand the reach and applicability of zero emissions flight technology.

ZeroAvia unveils world’s most advanced electric motor technology for aviation, paving way for hydrogen-electric engines for Dash 8 and similar airframes

At an event, held at ZeroAvia’s Paine Field research and development site with the formal handover of the 76-seat Q400 aircraft that will be developed by ZeroAvia witnessed by various dignitaries and invited guests.  

When Alaska Airlines’ regional carrier Horizon Air retired its Q400 fleet, it reserved one of the aircraft for research and development purposes to further advance zero emissions technology for the aviation industry. The aircraft was repainted with a special livery to highlight the innovative mission of this partnership.

ZeroAvia also debuted its breakthrough multi-megawatt modular electric motor system in a 1.8MW prototype configuration at the event – demonstrated with a propeller spin aboard the ZeroAvia’s 15-ton HyperTruck ground-test rig. Combined with higher-temperature PEM fuel cells and advanced power electronics – both technologies that ZeroAvia is developing in-house – the leading-edge electric motor technology is one of three key building blocks for enabling commercially-relevant hydrogen fuel cell engines for larger aircraft.  

Aligning ZeroAvia’s powertrain with the Dash 8-400 airframe will represent a commercially viable zero-emission aircraft with fuel cell engine technology around five times more powerful than what has been demonstrated anywhere to date.  

“Demonstrating this size of aircraft in flight, powered entirely by novel propulsion, would have been unthinkable a few years ago,” said Val Miftakhov, founder and CEO of ZeroAvia. “Launching this program puts us on track for a test flight next year, and accelerates our progress toward the future of zero-emission flight for Alaska Airlines and for the world at large.”

03 February, 2023

airBaltic says goodbye to its last Bombardier Q400........

airBaltic's last Bombardier Q400

The Latvian airline airBaltic said goodbye to its final Bombardier Q400 NextGen turboprop earlier this week when the company returned the aircraft to regional lessor Nordic Aviation Capital. 

The final airBaltic Q400 left the airline on 1st February and marks the move towards a single aircraft type airline, with now 39 Airbus A220-300s in its fleet. 

Martin Gauss, President and CEO of airBaltic: “The last redelivery flight marks an official end to our previous stage of development. Q400, definitely, was an excellent-performance aircraft, which at the time helped us to get where we are today – flying the most efficient and greenest fleet in Europe.”

“Although a smaller plane allows more flexibility occasionally, still a single-type fleet has significant advantages – both economic and technical (maintenance), and also in terms of sustainability and training. We are thankful to Bombardier for service; it was a journey that is recorded in our history. Now we are looking forward and are delighted, how Airbus A220-300 has transformed our airline, becoming one of the core and very valuable assets of the company,” Gauss added.

The first Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft joined airBaltic back in 2010. Over the years, 12 different Bombardier Q400 NextGen have carried more than 11 million passengers in total and have performed over 222 thousand flights all across the Europe.

20 July, 2022

Ethiopian Airlines signs proposal for up to four Dash 8-400 Freighter - Large Cargo Door Kits

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited and Ethiopian Airlines Group have signed a proposal for the purchase of two Dash 8-400 Freighter – Large Cargo Door (F-LCD) conversion kits. The proposal provides an option for an additional two F-LCD conversion kits. The parties are working to finalize a definitive and binding agreement.

“Cargo has played a pivotal role in Ethiopian Airlines’ operations over the past couple of years, and will remain a key growth pillar of our business over the coming years,” said Mesfin Tasew, Chief Executive Officer, Ethiopian Airlines Group. “The pandemic and subsequent recovery efforts have given rise to significant opportunities in the cargo space and we see great value in converting our older Dash 8-400 fleet to freighters to capitalize on these growing opportunities.”

“Ethiopian’s proposal with De Havilland Canada is a superb testament to the versatility of the Dash 8-400 aircraft to satisfy a wide variety of operational requirements and we thank Ethiopian for this confidence in the aircraft’s capability,” said Philippe Poutissou, Vice President, Customer Experience, De Havilland Canada. “The Dash 8-400 aircraft’s industry-leading operating costs and environmental footprint, as well as its outstanding performance and large cabin volume have facilitated our introduction of a series of freighter options -- including Quick Change, Package Freighter and LCD Freighters -- to better serve the expanding cargo market.

19 July, 2022

De Havilland Canada to offer design weight increases and cabin enhancements for Dash 8-400 aircraft

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited have announced design weight increases and cabin enhancements for the Dash 8-400 aircraft today. 

"As we work toward relaunching the production of the Dash 8-400 aircraft, our design weight increases and cabin enhancements, which are available to retrofit in-service aircraft, illustrate De Havilland Canada's ongoing commitment and investments to support the worldwide fleet," said Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President, Programs, De Havilland Canada. "Our solutions offer our operators many opportunities to increase operational flexibility and to provide a passenger experience that is equivalent to that on new production aircraft. In addition, our design weight increases for the Dash 8-400 aircraft will allow operators to meet the increasing passenger weight allowance requirements mandated by Transport Canada, the FAA and various other aviation authorities, without any impact on revenue." 

Design weight increases

The design weight increases will provide an increase of up to 3,000 lb (1,360 kg) in payload (maximum zero fuel weight) and an increase of up to 2,000 lb (907 kg) to the maximum take-off weight of the Dash 8-400 aircraft. These weight increases significantly enhance the operational capability of the aircraft to carry more passengers, more bags, more cargo, and more fuel, and provide more range than ever before.  The weight increases are offered in multiple standard categories and De Havilland Canada can also provide customized weight increases to meet the specific needs of a particular operator.  The increased fuel tankering capability offers operators options to refuel at points of the network that provide greater operational flexibility and cost optimization.  

In addition, an increase of 650 lb (295 kg) is being developed to the aft baggage compartment for operators who require additional baggage weight carrying capability.

Enhancements to cabin

When the Dash 8-400 entered service, its advanced design provided more payload, more passenger capacity, and more range than competing turboprops. The aircraft incorporated several unique, market-leading features, such as the Active Noise and Vibration Suppression (ANVS) system to ensure passengers enjoy a quieter cabin. Additionally, the aircraft's HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is standard on all Dash 8-400 aircraft, ensures that cabin air is refreshed 100% every three to four minutes.  Since entry into service, updates have been made to the cabin, including LED lighting, new window design, enlarged overhead bins, and more.

See the enhancements below....

12 February, 2022

Cobham continues to grow its greener fleet

Cobham’s sixth de Havilland Q400 aircraft has touched down in Perth to join the company’s modern, lower emission fleet dedicated to charters and fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) services in support of Australian mining, oil & gas projects. The aircraft is scheduled to commence flights in mid-February.

Cobham’s Regional Services Managing Director Claude Alviani said that Cobham’s growing Q400 fleet catered to the increasing response by the energy & resources sector to reduce emissions, meet ESG commitments and improve environmental outcomes.

“The Q400 turboprop has the lowest fuel consumption per passenger seat of any turboprop in the industry while maintaining jet-like speed. It offers a 30% reduction in fuel burn compared with competing regional jets, radically reducing carbon emissions,” Mr Alviani said.

As a critical link in the energy and resource sector, Cobham has been investing in the future of FIFO by progressively renewing its fleet with modern aircraft that offer a better passenger experience and greater benefits to the environment. The E190 jet and Q400 turboprop provide greater flexibility of rosters, suitability for regional aerodromes, increased reliability, and low carbon emissions.

“Cobham is committed to providing air travel options with lower carbon emissions for a greener future and we have plans underway to introduce four more modern aircraft to our fleet in the coming months,” Mr Alviani said.

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11 February, 2022

New dawn for Cobham at Sunrise Dam

2022 saw a new dawn for Cobham with the commencement of E190 flight services to Sunrise Dam. The Sunrise Dam gold mine is located 220km northeast of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and is 100% owned and operated by AngloGold Ashanti Australia. Underground mining is now the primary source of ore following the completion of the open pit in 2014.

Cobham is providing six return flights per week to transport more than 600 workers to and from Sunrise Dam, using E190 and Q400 aircraft.

“We’re thrilled to bring the benefits of the Embraer E190 and Q400 aircraft to AngloGold Ashanti,” said Cobham’s Business Development Director Tim Pirga.

Cobham has enhanced its service offering with the introduction of modern aircraft dedicated to the charter market. Its fleet of Q400 and E190 aircraft types offer outstanding airfield performance, enhanced operational reliability and low carbon emissions.

“We look forward to welcoming additional E190 and Q400 aircraft to our fleet throughout 2022 to enable us to meet the increasing demand not only in the FIFO sector but also for ad hoc charter flights for a wide range of clients,” Tim said.

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14 December, 2021

De Havilland Canada and ZeroAvia Announce Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Develop Hydrogen-Electric Engine Program for Dash 8-400 Aircraft

ZeroAvia, the leading innovator in zero-emission aviation powertrains, and  De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited ("De Havilland Canada") today announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a line-fit and retrofit program for De Havilland Canada's aircraft models, using hydrogen-electric propulsion in both new and in-service aircraft. 

As part of the MOU, De Havilland Canada will be issued options to purchase 50 ZeroAvia hydrogen-electric engines. These options will be confirmed once a definitive agreement has been completed between De Havilland Canada and ZeroAvia.

The companies intend to work together on a service bulletin for the Dash 8-400 type certificate offering ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric engine as a line-fit option for new aircraft, as well as developing an OEM-approved retrofit program for in-service aircraft. This program will target the use of ZeroAvia's 2MW+ powertrain (ZA2000) for Dash 8-400 aircraft. The Dash 8-400 is one of the world's most reliable turboprop aircraft with more than 625 delivered to customers. The global fleet of Dash 8-400 aircraft has logged over 11 million flight hours and transported more than 550 million passengers.

22 November, 2021

Air Canada Adding Extra Cargo Capacity Into Vancouver to Help Maintain British Columbia's Economic Supply Chain

In response to flooding that disrupted transportation supply chain network in the province
586 tonnes of additional capacity added into and out of YVR, an increase of 45% over originally planned levels
Air Canada Express Dash 8-400 aircraft being converted into special freighter configuration to transport cargo


Air Canada has confirmed it has significantly increased cargo capacity into and out of Vancouver between November 21 and 30 from its hubs in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary as it works to ensure that the vital economic supply chain links in British Columbia are maintained following the impacts of last week's flooding. In total, Air Canada is adding 586 tonnes of cargo capacity, representing 3,223 cubic metres to support B.C.'s economic supply chain and the needs of its communities. The additional capacity is equivalent in weight to approximately 860 adult moose.

"The economic supply chain is vital, and to help support the urgent transport of goods into and out of British Columbia, we have increased capacity to our YVR hub by using the flexibility of Air Canada's fleet to reschedule 28 passenger flights from narrow-body aircraft to be operated with wide-body Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Boeing 777, and Airbus A330-300 aircraft. These changes will allow an additional 282 tonnes of goods to be moved across the country on our scheduled passenger flights," said Jason Berry, Vice President, Cargo, at Air Canada.

"Additionally, Air Canada Cargo will operate an additional 13 all-cargo flights between our Toronto, Montreal and Calgary cargo hubs and YVR using widebody aircraft, providing approximately 304 tonnes of additional capacity. These aircraft will help move mail and perishables such as seafood, as well as automotive parts and other industrial goods," concluded Mr. Berry.

For more information and bookings please visit Air Canada's site here.

Air Canada is also working with its regional partner Jazz Aviation to provide additional regional cargo capacity by temporarily converting an Air Canada Express De Havilland Dash 8-400 from its normal passenger configuration into a special freighter configuration. This Dash 8-400 Simplified Package Freighter operated by Jazz can carry a total of 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg) of cargo and will be deployed to transport critical goods, as well as consumer and industrial goods and will be in service as early as this week.

Last week, as the impact of the devastating floods became apparent, Air Canada quickly added capacity to the Air Canada Cargo network by substituting larger widebody aircraft on 14 passenger flights into Vancouver.

Additional capacity added for passengers

In addition to the extra cargo capacity, Air Canada had also increased the number of seats available for customers in Kelowna and Kamloops since November 17, adding approximately 1,500 seats into both communities by utilizing larger aircraft on routes. This enabled people affected by the highway closures to fly into and out from these airports, and through the cargo capacity of these passenger aircraft, also allowed for the important transport of emergency medical supplies into these regions.

For more information and bookings please visit Air Canada's site here.

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27 October, 2021

Alaska Air collaborates with ZeroAvia for a hydrogen powertrain for 76-seat Zero-Emission aircraft

ZeroAvia is gaining altitude as the leader in zero-emission passenger aircraft as it announces a development collaboration with Alaska Air Group, the parent company of Alaska Airlines, for a hydrogen-electric powertrain capable of flying 76-seat regional aircraft in excess of 500 NM. Alaska is also joining the list of top investors for the company, alongside a fellow Seattle-based Amazon Climate Pledge Fund and Bill Gates's Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

"Alaska is committed to creating a sustainable future for aviation, working on all aspects of a five-part path toward our goal of net zero by 2040," said Diana Birkett Rakow, vice president of public affairs and sustainability for Alaska Airlines. "We are honoured to partner with ZeroAvia's innovative and forward-thinking team, to support their progress developing zero-emissions aviation, and to collaborate for real-world hydrogen aviation success."

Alaska and ZeroAvia engineers will work together to scale the company's existing powertrain platform to produce the ZA2000, an engine family capable of producing between 2,000 and 5,000 kilowatts of power with a 500-mile range. The partnership will initially deploy ZeroAvia's hydrogen-electric propulsion technology into a full-size De Havilland Q400 aircraft, previously operated by Alaska Air Group subsidiary Horizon Air Industries, Inc., capable of transporting 76 passengers. ZeroAvia will also work closely with aircraft regulators during this project to ensure the aircraft meets both safety and operational requirements. ZeroAvia will set up a location in the Seattle area to support this initiative.

Alaska has also secured options for up to 50 kits to begin converting its regional aircraft to hydrogen-electric power through ZeroAvia's zero-emission powertrain, starting with the Q400 aircraft. This pioneering zero-emission aviation rollout will be supported by the ground fuel production and dispensing infrastructure from ZeroAvia and its infrastructure partners, such as Shell. Working to advance novel propulsion is one of the five parts of Alaska's strategy to achieve net-zero.

"The aviation industry is one of the hardest industries to decarbonize; however, with this collaboration, we are one step closer to achieving our goal of making our skies emission-free," said Val Miftakhov, CEO and founder of ZeroAvia. "We are thrilled to see Alaska taking the lead to implement clean technologies into their operations and look forward to putting boots on the ground with Alaska's team.."

Recently, ZeroAvia also successfully ground-tested its 600kW powertrain capable of flying airframes 10-20 seats in size 500 miles, is well advanced in preparing a 19-seat aircraft for flight testing at Cotswold Airport in the UK and is moving to full-size prototype manufacturing of its 2,000 kW engine for demonstrations in 2022.

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08 October, 2021

Air Canada to start daily service between Toronto Billy Bishop and Ottawa from the end of this month

New route to complement existing service to Montreal from Billy Bishop Airport

Air Canada has announced that it will launch a new service between Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Ottawa beginning October 31, 2021. The route will commence with four return trips daily, increasing to up to eight return trips daily starting in summer 2022.

"Air Canada's new service from Toronto Island to Ottawa will conveniently link Canada's capital directly with the centre of the country's leading business centre. This new route is designed to meet customer demand in this heavily travelled market, with a large business travel component, and complement our recently resumed Montreal-Toronto Island airport service. It is a further example of how Air Canada is rebuilding its network, including by adding new routes and destinations in our determination to emerge from the pandemic an even stronger airline," said Mark Galardo, Senior Vice President, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada.

Air Canada presently operates five return flights daily between Toronto Island and Montreal. The schedule for the new Toronto Island-Ottawa service beginning October 31, 2021 is:




Days of Operation

AC 8950

Toronto Island at 07:00

Ottawa at 07:59


AC 8954

Toronto Island at 08:35

Ottawa at 09:34


AC 8960

Toronto Island at 17:00

Ottawa at 17:59


AC 8962

Toronto Island at 18:00

Ottawa at 18:59


AC 8953

Ottawa at 07:00

Toronto Island at 08:04


AC 8955

Ottawa at 08:30

Toronto Island at 09:34


AC 8961

Ottawa at 16:25

Toronto Island at 17:29


AC 8963

Ottawa at 18:30

Toronto Island at 19:34


The service will be operated by Air Canada Express Jazz with a De Havilland Dash 8-400 featuring a complimentary snack and drink. All customers can collect and redeem Aeroplan Points through Canada's leading loyalty program when travelling with Air Canada, and eligible customers have access to priority check-in, Maple Leaf Lounges where available at Canadian airports, priority boarding and other benefits.  Air Canada's commercial schedule may be adjusted as required based on the COVID-19 trajectory and government restrictions.

Air Canada offers its customers a complimentary shuttle bus service between downtown and the Toronto City Airport. The shuttle brings travellers to and from the west entrance of The Fairmont Royal York Hotel, located at the corner of Front and York streets, directly across from Union Station.

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15 June, 2021

Luxair “Be pride. Be Luxembourg” aircraft lands at London City Airport

Photo London City Airport / Luxair

On June 11th a Luxair Bombardier Q400 aircraft, sporting a new special livery, celebrating pride month, landed at London City Airport.
The new livery was designed in partnership with the Luxembourg association Rosa Lëtzebuerg, which has been actively fighting for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community since 1996. The fuselage and cabin interior decoration now bear the rainbow colours of the pride flag. With its "Be pride. Be Luxembourg", Luxair will spread the message of inclusiveness throughout Europe. 

Luxair decided to partner with Rosa Lëtzebuerg and show its support to the LGBTIQ+ community with well-defined activities, both internally and externally, and to convey, once again, a clear message, which encourages everyone to express their true personality and live their identity freely.

Photo London City Airport / Luxair
Luxair is also launching a range of products to commemorate the event and encourages everyone to wear the Luxair colours for Luxembourg Pride Week, which will take place in Esch-sur-Alzette from the 3rd to 11th July 2021. Among the products offered, customers will be able to discover: mugs, thermal bottles, T-Shirts, pins and "remove before flight" key rings. They will be available as of June 2nd, in the Luxair Travel Stores, in the departure hall at Luxembourg Airport and in Munsbach, 25 rue Gabriel Lippmann, Munsbach. All profits from these sales will be donated to the Rosa Lëtzebuerg association.

12 May, 2021

Qantas starts Burnie to Melbourne for the first time in 15 years to meet growing demand for travel within Australia.

Qantas, the Australian airline will launch direct flights from Burnie to Melbourne for the first time in 15 years to meet the growing demand for travel within Australia.

From 21 June 2021, QantasLink will operate seven weekly return flights from Burnie to Melbourne with its 50-seat Q300 turboprop aircraft, adding 700 seats on the route each week.

QantasLink CEO John Gissing said the new route would create stronger connections for Tasmania’s north-west coast.  “We’re pleased to be adding Burnie to our map again to help support growing demand and offer travellers and the business community more choice.  Tasmania has been popular with our customers since travel restrictions started to ease last year and these new flights will make it easier for travellers to experience the culture, natural beauty and wildlife of Burnie and its surroundings. Residents of the north-west coast will be able to earn and use Qantas Points on direct flights from Burnie to Melbourne and seamlessly connect on to our extensive domestic network."

This announcement follows four other new routes Qantas has launched to Tasmania in recent months in response to demand – Brisbane-Hobart, Sydney-Launceston, Perth-Hobart and Canberra-Hobart.

Qantas’ Fly Flexible policy offers customers who book flights before 31 July 2021 added flexibility with unlimited fee-free date changes when travelling before 28 February 2022. (A fare difference may apply).

“We’re promoting these new flights to millions of our frequent flyers across the country and think they’ll enjoy the benefits of our premium service, including complimentary food and drinks, baggage and lounge access before they fly out.” added John Gissing.

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29 April, 2021

Qantas new route between Coffs Harbour and Brisbane

The Australian airline Qantas has launched a new route between Coffs Harbour and Brisbane which will operate four times a week with its turboprop Q400 aircraft.  

The new route was delayed a month due to the Brisbane lockdown and associated travel restrictions and follows the launch of flights from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour in April.

QantasLink CEO John Gissing said the new route would make the north coast of New South Wales more accessible to travellers from Queensland and reinforced the airline’s commitment to tourism.  “These direct flights to Coffs Harbour will help support the growing demand for domestic travel and have flow on benefits for local businesses looking to recover from the impact of COVID-19,” said Mr Gissing. We want to encourage travellers to holiday around Australia and with these new flights, we’re now offering more seats into Coffs Harbour than before COVID-19.

The new route to Brisbane means we now offer direct flights from Coffs Harbour to three east coast capital cities, making it easier for residents to travel for business and visit family and friends.  We’re promoting these new flights to millions of our frequent flyers across the country and think they’ll enjoy the benefits of our premium service, including complimentary food and drinks, baggage and lounge access before they fly out.”

Since the route was announced in February, Qantas has offered multiple sales with fares as low as $119 one-way.

Qantas currently operates 28 weekly return flights between Sydney and Coffs Harbour and daily flights between Melbourne and Coffs Harbour.

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08 April, 2021

A new airline will be coming to Toronto's Billy Bishop City Airport this October.......

A new airline is all set to start operating this October, from Billy Bishop City Airport in Toronto in direct competition with Porter which also operates out of the same city centre airport. And, just like Porter,  this new airline will be using Bombardier Q400 turboprop aircraft to service various destinations in the Northeast and the Midwest areas of the United States.

The new carrier will be called Connect Airlines and is the brainchild of Waltzing Matilda Aviation (WMA) which is an FAA licensed Part 135 private jet charter operator based in Bedford,  Massachusetts. The company has been going since June 2008 and has operated thousands of hours of safe and reliable flying out of the Boston area.

WMA owns and operates both its own aircraft as well as managed aircraft and believes in utilizing the latest technology to ensure the safest operations. The current aircraft are equipped with the latest avionics that allows for landings with lower visibility conditions than most aircraft.

Connect Airlines aims to offer a premium style service for day-tripping business travellers direct into Toronto's downtown island Billy Bishop airport, subject to regulatory approvals.  John Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of WMA, comments: "We are passionate about how aviation brings people, cultures and business together. Especially in these challenging times, we are committed to delivering the world's most rewarding premium travel experience with safety, service, convenience and reliability."

11 March, 2021

Alaska Airlines expands Pacific Northwest service with four new routes

Daily nonstop flights will connect Boise to Chicago and Austin; new service scheduled between Seattle and two new destinations: Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Redding, California

With an eye on recovery and growth, Alaska Airlines continues to strengthen its Pacific Northwest connections with the announcement today of four new routes, which includes linking Boise to Chicago O'Hare and Austin and two new destinations from Seattle.

On June 17, Alaska will begin daily nonstop service between Boise and Chicago, and between Boise and Austin. Both routes will be flown year-round with Horizon Air's Embraer 175 jet and its three-class cabin. With these new flights, Alaska will have 28 daily departures to 12 cities from Boise this year.

The flights between Idaho's largest city to the Windy City will allow Alaska's guests to connect to American Airlines' domestic and international network. With Alaska joining American in the oneworld alliance on March 31, guests can expect a seamless travel experience.

"Alaska has long been Boise's largest carrier and we're excited to grow our presence with new eastward connections," said Brett Catlin, Alaska Airlines vice president of network and alliances. "As Boise continues to grow its diverse and vibrant economy, we look forward to serving the needs of the community with nonstop flights, low fares and great service."

29 June, 2019

Air Canada Inaugurates service to Sydney, Nova Scotia from Montreal

On Thursday, one of Canada's biggest airlines inaugurated new, non-stop service between Montreal and Sydney, Nova Scotia. This arrival of flight AC7998 in Sydney yesterday marked the beginning of daily service between the two cities until October 26, 2019 from Air Canada. The flight will be operated on a 78-seat Q400 turboprop aircraft. This connection will allow for travel between the two cities, or travellers can connect onward to other destinations from across Air Canada's network through the hub in Montreal.

This arrival of flight AC7998 in Sydney yesterday marked the beginning of daily service between the two cities until October 26, 2019. (CNW Group/Air Canada)

"We are pleased to be able to offer this service between Sydney and Montreal, further strengthening our presence in Atlantic Canada and offering an additional travel option to and from beautiful Nova Scotia. Running through the busy summer travel season and into the fall, this flight will boost leisure travel to the area, with attractions such as the nearby Cabot Trail and the beautiful scenery of Cape Breton Island. This link will also benefit the business community as we've optimized flight times to allow for connectivity to and from Western Canada," said Mark Galardo, Vice President, Network Planning at Air Canada.

22 June, 2019

Hydraulic system failure the likely cause of Port Airlines Q400 heavy landing at Hamilton

Photo Kurt Greul
A failure in the hydraulic system is said to be the main cause of the heavy emergency landing of a Porter Airlines Bombardier Q400 which burst all main landing gear tyres on June 18th at Hamilton, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). 

The aircraft was operating Porter flight 458 from Montreal to Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto when the "flight crew experienced hydraulic issues and declared an emergency" said the TSA.  The plane, registration C-GLQB was made by Bombardier and delivered to the Canadian regional airline during 2006.

19 June, 2019

De Havilland Canada Discloses Order from TAAG Angola Airlines

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited announced today that TAAG Angola Airlines E.P. has purchased six Dash 8-400 aircraft. TAAG is the state-owned, national airline of Angola. This order was announced by Bombardier Commercial Aircraft on March 29, 2019 as an order from an unidentified customer.

The disclosure of the previously unidentified customer was done during a press conference today at the 53rd International Paris Air Show, and follows the recent completion of the transition of Bombardier's Dash 8/Q Series aircraft program from Bombardier to De Havilland Canada.

18 June, 2019

De Havilland is back in the air.....

The iconic De Havilland aviation brand is continuing its return to global prominence at the Paris Air Show. In a ceremony at the event, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited formally received the Type Certificates for the entire Dash 8 aircraft program, including the 100, 200 and 300 series and the in-production 400.

03 June, 2019

Bombardier concludes sale of the Q Series programme to Longview

The Canadian transport firm Bombardier has confirmed today the closing of the previously announced sale of the Q Series aircraft programme assets to De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (formerly Longview Aircraft Company of Canada Limited), an affiliate of Longview Aviation Capital Corp., for gross proceeds of approximately $300 million. Net proceeds are expected to be approximately $250 million after the assumption of certain liabilities, fees, and closing adjustments.

Longview will carry on the production of Q400 aircraft at the Downsview Facility in Toronto, and will continue performing aftermarket services for Q Series aircraft. Bombardier will provide transitional services and will license certain intellectual property to Longview to facilitate a seamless transition of the Q Series aircraft programme.

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