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Thursday 2 November 2023

Air Canada and CAE celebrate 5th anniversary of the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship.....

Air Canada and CAE, two Montreal-based global aviation companies, today marked the fifth anniversary of the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship and announced that applications for the 2024 edition of the Scholarship are now open.

Up to eight young Canadian women studying to become commercial pilots or aircraft maintenance engineers will be awarded scholarships to pursue their training in 2024. Of the eight, four recipients training to be commercial pilots will join the CAE Women in Flight program as ambassadors. (CNW Group/Air Canada)

Up to eight young Canadian women studying to become commercial pilots or aircraft maintenance engineers will be awarded scholarships to pursue their training in 2024. Of the eight, four recipients training to be commercial pilots will join the CAE Women in Flight program as ambassadors.

"As this scholarship goes into its fifth year, it is incredibly gratifying to see the accomplishments of previous recipients. These young women have realized their dreams and are soaring high in all regions of Canada. From the cockpit of a 737 to a flight instructor job, these scholarship recipients are wonderful role models. I am so proud of Air Canada and CAE's support for Canadian women in aviation," said Judy Cameron, Boeing 777 Captain at Air Canada (retired), and Director, Northern Lights Aero Foundation.

"It makes me, and everyone at Air Canada, extremely proud to see the success of many of our past recipients of the Captain Judy Cameron Scholarship. Already, some have achieved their goals of becoming commercial pilots or Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and I look forward to seeing their careers progress. And the future is bright not only for them, but the next group of recipients as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of this wonderful scholarship named after Air Canada's first female pilot. Congratulations to all," said Murray Strom, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations and Maintenance at Air Canada.

Thursday 19 October 2023

The sky’s no limit for learners at new EMA Academy launched with Nottingham College

Hundreds of jobseekers will be given the chance to pursue high-flying careers through a specialist Academy being created by East Midlands Airport and Nottingham College.

Nottm College Partnership - 1
The Academy will offer tailor-made pre-employment and upskilling training to around 200 adult learners a year.

The free two-week courses will equip them with the skills they need to take up jobs ranging from ground crew, baggage handling, security, customer service, or roles within hotels, car parks or logistics.

The development of the fully-accredited training forms part of EMA's five-year Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy ‘Working Together for a Brighter Future,’ with the latest progress update for 2022/23 published today.

The report shows how EMA is progressing on a number of CSR commitments, including increasing its use of energy from renewable sources, granting funds for local community projects, continuing to take action to reduce noise impacts, improving service for customers with reduced mobility and increasing the number of passengers reaching the airport by sustainable transport. EMA’s parent company Manchester Airports Group also released its group-wide CSR Report today, which set out progress made against five Jet Zero Pledges.

The innovative new training partnership with Nottingham College will provide local people with the skills they need to access the varying careers available within the aviation, tourism and logistics industries. In time further opportunities for training will be opened up, helping to ensure that local people and existing staff can easily access the full range of jobs and careers on offer at EMA.

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Independent Pilot Development program launched by Mesa Airlines

Mesa Air Group, announced this week the launch of its Independent Pilot Development program (IPD), which will offer pilots “pay as you go” opportunity to build required flight time quickly, economically, and efficiently in brand-new Pipistrel Alpha 2 aircraft.

Unlike traditional time-building programs, IPD offers airline training materials, advanced computerized-based training, and pilot mentors, giving pilots a competitive advantage in the commercial aviation job market. IPD is designed to accelerate the time needed to achieve the required hours under the FAA’s mandated “1,500-hour rule”. IPD gives pilots a preferred interview with Mesa, or the ability to choose to work for any airline once they have reached 1,500 hours.

The program is available to any pilot who has obtained their commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating. Pilots are required to purchase a minimum of 50-hour blocks at $60 hour. Rates include fuel and are based on two-pilot flight deck occupancy.

To join the program, the following are required:

FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate
Multi-instrument rating with a minimum of 25 hours
Maintain 25 hours of flying time a month, and pilots may choose to fly up to 8 hours a day, based on availability

Saturday 22 July 2023

British Airways launches new "British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy" to train the aviators of tomorrow.....

Private training costs for aspiring pilots can cost around £100,000

The UK's leading carrier, British Airways this week confirmed it was launching a brand-new pilot cadet programme that will fund training for up to 60 aspiring pilots each year.

The British Airways Speedbird Pilot Academy will see the incredible cost barrier of training to become an airline pilot, which can be as much as £100,000, removed, making the profession much more accessible. Successful candidates will be offered a place at an approved flight training school and, upon passing the course, a position as a British Airways pilot, helping the airline to ensure it has the right levels of future flying talent for years to come.

British Airways’ new Speedbird Pilot Academy will fund up to 60 places per year at an approved flight training school, with those who pass the course offered a job as a British Airways pilot

With initial training that can cost tens of thousands of pounds, the price of becoming a pilot has made the profession prohibitive for many. This cost will now be funded by British Airways – with a multi-million-pound investment from the airline into its next generation of pilots – making it a genuine career path for all aspiring pilots.

The airline remains committed to further increasing diversity in the aviation industry and is determined to increase awareness, visibility, and applications to this new cadet programme to people from all backgrounds – not just those who can afford the initial training costs.

Sean Doyle, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “The Speedbird Pilot Academy will make the ambition of becoming a British Airways pilot a reality for people who’d previously written the option off because of the cost barrier.

“Our aim is to attract the very best talent out there for our future generation of pilots. Whether someone is just leaving school or embarking on a second career they never thought possible, we’re levelling the playing field by removing the initial training cost barrier to make a flying career more accessible to a wider range of people and giving everyone an equal chance.

“We fly to more than 200 destinations around the world on a range of aircraft types, providing pilots with an abundance of opportunities and making a career as a British Airways pilot extremely rewarding. This first-in-a-generation initiative will allow anyone to make it a reality.”

Monday 26 June 2023

Paladin AI and Avion join forces to revolutionise pilot training

Paladin AI, a frontrunner in implementing Artificial Intelligence in flight simulators, has partnered with Avion to accelerate the enhancement of pilot training. 

This collaboration will see the integration of Paladin AI’s groundbreaking machine-learning training platform, InstructIQ®, into all Avion Full Flight Simulators.

Personalised training has become crucial for airlines and pilots in today’s aviation industry. Recognising this, Paladin AI has developed the most advanced competency inference engine for aviation training. InstructIQ seamlessly connects to existing training devices and leverages training media such as lesson plans and grading sheets to provide invaluable insights into proficiency and competency levels.

InstructIQ is a web and mobile platform for adaptive pilot training. Flight instructors install the application on iPads, while Paladin AI supplies the training centre with a data collector. Using the platform, flight instructors can access training analytics, electronic grading sheets, briefing and debriefing tools, and training recommendations. InstructIQ enables airlines and training centres to implement competency-based training at their organisation, saving money through more efficient training based on the individual pilot’s needs.

The integration of InstructIQ into Avion Full Flight Simulators will result in safer pilots and enhanced airline operations. This cutting-edge technology optimises training efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging data-driven pilot competency analytics while minimising costs and resources.

“We are thrilled to partner with Avion to transform pilot training and bring a new era of excellence to the aviation industry,” said Adolfo Klassen, CEO of Paladin AI. “By combining Paladin AI’s expertise in AI implementation with Avion’s state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators, we will empower airlines to deliver personalised and data-driven training that ensures safer skies and more competent pilots.”

Manoj Pandey, CEO of Avion, added, “Our partnership with Paladin AI marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of pilot training. By integrating InstructIQ into our Full Flight Simulators, we can provide our customers with unparalleled training capabilities, enabling them to achieve higher proficiency levels and operational efficiency. This collaboration will redefine the future of pilot training.”

The Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator, located at the Luton-based Avion Flight Training Centre UK, will be the first device fully equipped with Paladin AI’s InstructIQ module. Paladin AI and Avion invite industry professionals to witness the module in action at London Luton Airport.

Paladin Ai is a pioneering company with state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology. It is a leader in applying the power of artificial intelligence to the complex learning environments present in aerospace. Paladin AI has built the first independent, device-agnostic training tool – InstructIQ – that integrates with flight simulators to provide insights to pilots and instructors about the skill and readiness demonstrated in each flight.

Avion is a renowned Full Flight Simulator manufacturer that provides realistic and immersive training experiences for pilots. With a commitment to excellence, Avion delivers industry-leading solutions that enable airlines and flight training centres to achieve the highest pilot training standards. Avion’s solutions 

Friday 23 June 2023

Airbus and AURA AERO partner to decarbonise pilot training

Airbus Flight Academy Europe, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus that supplies training services for the French Armed Forces pilots and civilian cadets, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AURA AERO, an aircraft manufacturer specialised in fully-electric designs, to jointly approach decarbonisation for pilot training by introducing electric-powered aircraft for commercial and military pilot formation.

Under this agreement, Airbus Flight Academy Europe will collaborate on the initial development of INTEGRAL E, a fully-electric, two-seater trainer aircraft, ideally suited for initial stages of pilot training. While operating from an airfield equipped with superchargers, the INTEGRAL E aircraft can be charged in 20 to 30 minutes, granting the aircraft an hour of flight endurance.

“Our target at Airbus Flight Academy is to operate a low-carbon aircraft fleet by 2030,” said Airbus Flight Academy Europe CEO, Jean Longobardi. “We are excited to collaborate with AURA AERO in this field and are convinced that, by combining our expertise, we can meet the ambition of decarbonising to the current pilot-training approach. INTEGRAL E could become the first step to a broader partnership.”

Monday 22 May 2023

CAE selects Vienna for its new business aviation training centre.

The six-simulator centre is set to open in 2024

One of the globes leading aviation training specialists, CAE has announced that its new business aviation training centre will be in Vienna, Austria, with scheduled operations set to start in the second half of 2024. 

In addition, CAE will deploy the first Bombardier Global 7500 full-flight simulator (FFS) in Europe, making pilot training on this popular aircraft type more accessible and convenient for operators in the region.

"Vienna is the ideal location for CAE's new business aviation training centre in Central Europe. This new centre will be a game-changer for business aviation training in the region, offering programs on the region's most sought-after aircraft platforms in an immersive learning environment," said Nick Leontidis, CAE's Group President, Civil Aviation. "CAE Vienna is another example of the significant investments we are making to bring business aviation training closer to where our customers operate their aircraft."

CAE will initially operate six state-of the-art FFSs in Vienna, including the Global 7500, a Global 6000 Vision, and four yet-to-be-announced FFSs for business jets from leading manufacturers. The new 8,000-square-metre facility will have space for expansion with a capacity for up to nine FFSs and will be purpose-built to deliver the most advanced pilot training experience in Central Europe.

In addition to the Vienna training centre, CAE is expanding and optimizing its business aviation network around the world. In November 2022, the company launched business aviation training at CAE Singapore on a newly installed Gulfstream G650 FFS. In April 2023, it inaugurated its first West Coast business aviation training centre in Las Vegas, Nevada. Looking ahead, CAE will continue to expand its network with new training centres in Lake Nona, Florida and Savannah, Georgia set to begin operations in the second half of 2023. 

Tuesday 16 May 2023

13 students begin studies at the airBaltic Pilot Academy

On May 15, 2023 already the 18th group of 13 students began their professional pilot studies at the Latvian national airline’s airBaltic Pilot Academy, aiming to receive a commercial pilot license upon completion of the full-time airline transport pilot program.

Martin Gauss, President and CEO of airBaltic: “Highly-trained personnel is one of the key factors of successful operations at any airline. Since its establishment in 2017, the airBaltic Pilot Academy has produced skilled aviation professionals, with 100 active students currently pursuing their dreams here. Thus, we congratulate the young and determined students of the 18th group, who started their studies today to become professional pilots.”

The 18th group represents such countries as Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, France, and Spain.

There are 100 active students at the airBaltic Pilot Academy at the moment. Most of them are from Baltic countries, however, there are students also from other EU countries such as Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Italy among others. Overall, more than 10% of airBaltic Pilot Academy students are female. As for now, 78 students, after graduating, have joined airBaltic.

Since May 2022, airBaltic Pilot Academy has improved the payment structure for its commercial pilot study program. As of now, after successfully passing the company’s assessment, airBaltic will finance a significant part of the studies.

Students of the airBaltic Pilot Academy will now have to cover the costs of studies until obtaining a private pilot license level, costing approximately EUR 25 000. After passing airBaltic pilot assessment and becoming an employee of the company, the airline will provide financing for the rest of the studies.

More information about the Pilot Academy:

Thursday 27 April 2023

Building a hydrogen aeroplane.....KLM starts collaboration with AeroDelft student team.

On 1 April 2023, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines starts a collaboration with the AeroDelft student team to work on its Project Phoenix: building a hydrogen-powered aircraft. Developing and testing a hydrogen-powered aircraft will generate important insights into how hydrogen could be applied in aviation, including the design of liquid hydrogen tanks and crucial safety features. This puts KLM at the forefront of the development of new aviation technologies.

KLM and AeroDelft share the idea that air travel is essential for people and various sectors, but that innovation in aviation is vital. KLM is starting a collaboration with the AeroDelft student team in order to become part of various ecosystems around the technologies of the future, such as flying on hydrogen.

With this initiative, KLM and AeroDelft want to contribute to the development of hydrogen technology and the associated preconditions. This could include certification, regulations, and infrastructure. The technologies currently under development still face many challenges, such as the distribution and transport of liquid hydrogen.

About Project Phoenix

The aim of AeroDelft's Project Phoenix is to build a hydrogen-powered aircraft. The project involves developing a drone, the Phoenix-Prototype, which will serve as a steppingstone in the development of the first, manned, liquid hydrogen-electric aircraft, the Phoenix Full-Scale.

The Phoenix Prototype runs on an electric motor powered by liquid hydrogen and fuel cell technology. The drone has already completed its first flight, making an important contribution to AeroDelft's experience with hydrogen-powered flying. This involved testing whether the drone could fly on liquid hydrogen and if it could be controlled from the ground.

Thursday 20 April 2023

Lufthansa Technical Training joins edX partner network with launch of professional certificate programme for aviation technicians

Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT), the education arm of the top international airline and aircraft maintenance provider, today announced a new partnership with edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. (Nasdaq: TWOU), to offer a professional certificate program designed to help aviation maintenance professionals accelerate their careers.

LTT's professional certificate program, entitled Math and Physics Fundamentals for Aviation Technicians, will be available on in the coming months. The new program, designed by LTT's experienced practitioners, will meet European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and many National Aviation Authorities requirements. LTT already works with over 600 companies in the aviation industry to provide training content. These new offerings add to edX's catalog of more than 4,000 online learning experiences developed in partnership with the world's top universities and corporations, ranging from free courses to full degrees.

Wednesday 12 April 2023

Pan Am Flight Academy gets state-of-the-art Boeing 737 MAX-8 simulator

Pan Am Flight Academy, a leading aviation training provider, has acquired a new Level D B737 MAX-8 simulator to enhance its commercial pilot training programs. The state-of-the-art simulator is expected to be ready for training by July 2023 enabling Pan Am to incorporate a new aircraft sim to its extended offering.

The new simulator features the latest technology for a realistic and immersive training experience. It will be fully equipped with the latest L3 Harris RealitySeven technology. The new B737 MAX-8 sim will have all the latest features including the Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), TCAS II-7.1, weather radar, electric control loading and motion system and RSi EPIC visual system.

"We are excited to add the B737 MAX-8 simulator to our fleet of training devices," said Jeff Portanova, President of Pan Am Flight Academy. "This new simulator is a significant investment in our training programs and will provide our students with the highest quality training experience."

Thursday 6 April 2023

airBaltic welcomed 140 students for its 2023 Shadow Day

Latvian national airline airBaltic, the largest employer in Latvia's transportation sector, for the 16th time participated in Shadow Day, this year by welcoming 140 students. They had the opportunity to explore and understand more than 20 professions in the exciting and dynamic aviation industry.

During Shadow Day 2023, students had the opportunity to get to know the work of airBaltic pilots, flight attendants, aircraft technicians, and other industry professionals. 

For airBaltic, this was a record-breaking number of shadows welcomed in the airline's history. The airline received 540 applications, of which pilots and cabin crews were the most popular. 

This year airBaltic hosted Shadow Day not only in Riga, but also in Liepāja (base of the airBaltic Pilot Academy).

Martin Gauss, President and CEO of airBaltic: “I am delighted that airBaltic participated in Shadow Day 2023, by welcoming a record-breaking number of students. It is important for us to provide opportunities for young people in Latvia to explore and learn about the aviation industry. We hope that this initiative will inspire and encourage more students to consider aviation as a potential career path.”

Friday 24 March 2023

Emirates expands flight training academy’s aircraft fleet

Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) continues to live up to its promise of offering cutting-edge tech and state-of-the-art aircraft to train pilots of the future and help close the industry’s skills gap. The Academy is now bolstering its current fleet with an order for three twin-engine DA42-VI and its corresponding flight simulator from Diamond Aircraft Industries – a leading manufacturer of aircraft in general aviation, based in Austria. The total deal is worth EUR 4 million in list prices.

The AUSTRO jet-fuel-powered DA42-VI aircraft is slated to be the flagship that ushers in multi-engine piston (MEP) training at EFTA.

Capt Abdulla Al Hammadi, Vice President Emirates Flight Training Academy, said: “Our new fleet from Diamond Aircraft is part of our larger strategic intent for our cadet programme. It helps us design a bridging MEP programme for cadets to gain more flying experience while progressing from a single engine to a light jet aircraft. It strengthens our offering and makes it more unique, rounded and robust. Our cadets will benefit hugely as they gain experience on three different types of aircraft, even before they’re licensed. The new fleet also helps us go above and beyond on complying with the new GCAA guidelines. The DA42-VI is reliable, eco-friendly and a practical platform for MEP training. We’re confident we’ve made the right choice.”

“We are thrilled that our DA42-VI is the choice for Emirates’ flight training. This, once again, solidifies the aircraft’s position as the industry-leading multi-engine piston trainer,” said Liqun (Frank) Zhang, CEO Diamond Aircraft Austria. “With Emirates we are adding another premier flight academy to our long list of renowned training operators and are looking forward to support them with the most advanced and eco-friendly aircraft available on the market today.”

Wednesday 22 March 2023

Delta launches Propel Flight Academy to train next generation of airline pilots

Delta Air Lines, through its Propel Pilot Career Path Program, is launching its fourth pathway for aspiring pilots since its inception in 2018: a dedicated pilot training academy in partnership with Skyborne Airline Academy.

Students can apply to begin training when the Propel Flight Academy opens in June at its campus in Vero Beach, Florida, with Delta providing eligible students with up to $20,000 in financial support.

Delta, through its Propel Pilot Career Path Program, is launching a pilot academy dedicated to training the airline’s next generation of aviators. The Delta Propel Flight Academy, operated in partnership with training provider Skyborne Airline Academy, will open its doors to the first class of students in June and is now accepting applications from interested candidates.

“The Propel Flight Academy is the latest chapter in our longstanding commitment to invest in and create new, equitable pathways for qualified talent to enter the pilot profession,” said Patrick Burns, Delta’s V.P. – Flight Operations and System Chief Pilot. “We look forward to watching a new generation of pilots begin their journey at the Propel Flight Academy and eventually join us in the flight deck to help show Delta customers why no one better connects the world.”

The academy is the fourth pathway type created for aspiring pilots by the Propel Pilot Career Path Program since its inception in 2018. To date, nearly 100 participants have completed Propel’s existing Company, College and Community pathway programs and are now flying for Delta, while another 700 pilots are currently enrolled in the program and working toward that same goal.

Student pilots will be eligible to receive up to $20,000 from Delta in financial support. Delta will also cover the cost of interest on student loans from select lenders.

The Propel Pilot Academy will be based in a newly refurbished 12,000-square-foot facility situated within Skyborne’s Vero Beach, Florida, campus.

Friday 17 March 2023

Leading the way with Women in Aviation

American Airlines hired the first female graduates from the American Airlines Cadet Academy to join the mainline flight deck as first officers at the 2023 Women in Aviation International Conference. In addition to this special milestone, American extended 52 pilot job offers at the conference — the only mainline airline carrier to do so.

The American Airlines Cadet Academy, which celebrates its five-year anniversary in July, provides a structured platform to eliminate the financial barriers prospective pilots face. The Cadet Academy supports the growth of American’s pilot population while creating greater diversity amongst the future and current pilot ranks — with more than 30% of enrolled cadets being female. The Cadet Academy helps close the gap between dreams and an attainable future in aviation for those who didn’t know it was possible.

American’s commitment to encouraging a positive, inclusive and equitable culture for all team members is unwavering, and American is focused on diversifying the flight deck with the most qualified aviators while investing in the future.

Monday 20 February 2023

Eight students graduate airBaltic Pilot Academy

Eight students graduate airBaltic Pilot Academy

Eight students graduated from the Latvian national airline’s airBaltic Pilot Academy, receiving a commercial pilot license upon completion of the full-time airline transport pilot program. In addition, already the 17th group of 17 students began their professional pilot studies.

Martin Gauss, President and CEO of airBaltic: “We are proud of the most recent graduates of the Pilot Academy. In order to join the team of airBaltic very soon, some of them will start further training this month. Highly-trained personnel is one of the key factors of successful operations at any airline. Also, we congratulate the young and determined students of the 17th group, who started their studies today.”

The latest graduates represent countries such as Germany, Italy, Lithuania, and Latvia. The 17th group represents Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Emirates will soon build an advanced training facility to accommodate 6 Full Flight Simulator Bays (FFS).....

Emirates will soon build an advanced training facility to accommodate 6 Full Flight Simulator Bays (FFS) for its future Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X aircraft. The brand new, 63,318 sq. ft. facility is slated to open in March 2024.

Emirates invests US$ 135 million in new pilot training centre

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group, said: “This US$ 135 million investment to build a new pilot training centre will ensure Emirates' readiness to commence its pilot training ahead of the delivery of its new aircraft fleet starting from 2024. The building will be equipped with the latest, technologically advanced simulators to provide the best training for pilots, while using solar power to reduce energy consumption.”

The new building will be adjacent to the existing Emirates Training Facilities in Dubai, which will provide a great integration and close proximity to all the other pilot training centres. 

Pilot trainees will also benefit from being able to set-up and configure the cockpit environment using bespoke devices as part of the pilot training module and upload the data to the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) prior to commencing their training session. This innovative, first-of-its-kind concept is designed to shorten the trainee’s preparatory time inside the simulator, help them maintain focus and take full advantage of the training duration.

With the addition of the new building to Emirates’ existing training colleges in Dubai, the airline will have the potential to expand its pilot training capacity by 54% per year. Across the airline’s training buildings, Emirates' pilots will have increased flexibility and facilities to hone their flying skills with 17 full flight simulator bays offering a capacity of more than 130,000 training hours a year.

In line with the scheduled delivery of Emirates’ first Airbus A350 aircraft, the airline’s newest training college will commence training its first batch of A350 pilots by June 2024.

Cathay Pacific Group to work with Vocational Training Council to nurture aviation talent in Hong Kong

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed to support the development of the aviation industry and Hong Kong as an international hub

The Cathay Pacific Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) of Hong Kong to jointly nurture a new generation of talent as the aviation industry’s growth picks up in the lead up to the completion of the Three-Runway System in Hong Kong.

The MoU Signing Ceremony was held at the Tsing Yi campus of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), a member institution of the VTC. Witnessed by Under Secretary for Transport and Logistics Liu Chun-san, Cathay Pacific Group Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam and VTC Executive Director Donald Tong, the MoU was signed by Cathay Pacific Director People Patricia Hwang and VTC Deputy Executive Director Alaina Shum.

The Group’s participating companies include: Cathay Pacific, HK Express, Air Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Services Limited – which operates the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal – Cathay Pacific Catering Services (H.K.) Limited, Hong Kong Airport Services Limited and Vogue Laundry Service Limited.

Liu Chun-san, Under Secretary for Transport and Logistics remarked that the pandemic has put the aviation industry on a bumpy flight over the past few years. But like planes flying out of an air turbulence, Hong Kong International Airport has been filling up again, and airlines have been flying to new destinations daily as the pandemic receded. Numerous exciting developments in our aviation scene have been also unfolding, including the Three-Runway System which would significantly increase our airport’s handling capacity.

Friday 3 February 2023

48 graduates of airBaltic's Pilot Academy joined the Latvian airline in 2022

48 graduates of the Pilot Academy joined airBaltic in 2022

The Latvian airline airBaltic announces that 48 airBaltic Pilot Academy students have joined the company as First Officers after graduating in 2022. Overall, there are 67 active students for now, and four new study groups will be formed in 2023 – in February, May, September and November.

Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic: “The previous year has been rich for the Pilot Academy and I am delighted to see that it becomes more and more noticed and respected internationally. Specifically, this achievement of the recent graduates, who have joined airBaltic, absolutely highlights the Pilot Academy's quality of training and the students' dedication in pursuing their careers as commercial airline pilots. They will play a crucial role in the growth and success of our company, and we wish them all the best in their new positions.”

Altogether 48 airBaltic Pilot Academy graduates started their career at airBaltic in 2022. They represent such countries as Latvia (24), France (7), Germany (5), Lithuania (4), Spain (3), Finland (2), Estonia (1), Sweden (1) and the Netherlands (1). Six of the graduates, joining airBaltic, are female.

During previous 12 months, students have flown 4 202.3 hours, but the most time spent in the air was in March, August and September.

In total, 49 people began their studies in the Pilot Academy in 2022. However, there are 67 active students for now. Most of them are from the Baltics, while also other EU member states, such as Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Italy, are represented. More than 10% of students are female.

Thursday 2 February 2023

German airline Condor launches its Ab-Initio Program (CAP) for 7th time with TFC Käufer flight school in Essen

In two years to the Multi Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) including a type rating: To make this possible for prospective pilots, Germany's most popular leisure airline is offering pilot training in cooperation with the TFC Käufer flight school in Essen for the seventh time as part of the Condor Ab-Initio Program (CAP).

In recent months, a total of 12 applicants have been offered a training position. During the two-year training, which started yesterday, a theoretical and practical phase awaits them. In addition, the training includes type rating, i.e., type training, in this case for the Airbus A320 aircraft type.

Condor and the flight school TFC Käufer are focusing on CO2 reduction: for the first time, an electric aircraft and a corresponding virtual reality simulator will be used as part of the training. Photovoltaic systems on the roof of the flight school building will also cover the simulator's electricity requirements. In total, 70 percent of the training will be conducted on electric aircraft. Photovoltaic systems on the roof of the flight school will also cover the simulator's power requirements. The Velis Electro electric aircraft from the manufacturer Pipistrel that will be used is the first electrically powered aircraft licensed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for training operations.