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10 January, 2019

Joon's operations to be absorbed into Air France

Billed as an airline exclusively for millennials, Joon from Air France was supposed to offer a new level of service, create a fresh style in the skies and was supposed to offer more of an 'experience' than a flight.  Yet, the dream didn't last and now the end is near for the pretentious carrier according to reports in

It has lasted little over a year and according to the report by Fabrice Gliszczynski the airline is officially coming to an end with the management agreeing with unions on moving across the 600 or so Joon cabin crew into Air France main fleet operations. The rest of Joon's operations will be absorbed into Air France and the Joon brand will slowly disappear. 

Air France issued the following statement to confirm the start of a project to absorb the operations of Joon back into Air France.

20 November, 2018

Let's get cosy with Cosy Joon

The airline designed for millennials from Air France that's been in operation since December 2017, has introduced something called Cosy Joon, which is especially for families with young kids.

The airline has already carried more than three million customers in Europe and worldwide from its  Paris-Charles de Gaulle base has come up with this brand new service that uses a few rows of modular seats aboard its Airbus A340 long-haul jets that can transform into a bed or play area for small children.

In some rows of four seats on the Joon Airbus A340, two adjacent seats can now be transformed into a play area or a cosy bed for up to two children. This innovative way of making spaces involves a member of Joon's cabin crew converting the seat headrest where the child is sitting into an additional seat base which fills the space between the rows of seats.  That way, it gives the little folk an area of approximately 105 x 76 cm on two adjacent seats. An overlay mattress and a seat belt extension is also provided by the crew.

13 September, 2018

Joon to head to Quito from May 2019

Starting on 14th May next year, the Air France network is expanding thanks to its airline exclusively for millennials, Joon, will be heading to Quito Ecuador, from the group's main hub of  Paris-CDG.

Passengers will be able to travel between the two capitals by Airbus A340 in the comfort of the new long-haul travel cabins, with 30 seats in the Business cabin, 21 seats in the Premium Economy cabin and 227 seats in the Economy cabin. 3 weekly flights will be offered starting at €299 including tax one way.

Flight schedules (in local time):

AF210: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 13h10, arrives in Quito at 18:05;
AF211: leaves Quito at 19h50, arrives in Paris at 13h50 the following day.
Flights operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the summer season2.

28 May, 2018

Joon's one millionth passenger!

It seems like only last week we were talking about the launch of Joon an airline set up by Air France to be a carrier specifically designed for millennials. It was, however, a little longer than a week ago,  in fact as far back as 1st December 2017 that the airline first started in a blaze of hype and flashing lights. Now, the carrier is celebrating its one-millionth customer on board!

This lucky customer, was travelling on the flight from Rome to Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and were greeted on arrival in Paris by Jean-Michel Mathieu, Joon’s CEO, together with the crew and was presented with:

- A return flight for two people to the medium-haul destination of their choice;
- A pair of Joon “Le Coq Sportif” sneakers, the emblem of our crews’ uniform;
- As well as other surprises!

30 November, 2017

Joon Flies Tomorrow

The Air France 'youth' airline Joon designed for 'Millenials' takes to the skies for the first time tomorrow to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto.  Plus they've also released plans to start another 7 new medium-haul and long-haul destinations on departure from Paris CDG.

The low-cost airline will take the under 30's to Rome, Naples, Oslo, Istanbul, Cairo, Cape Town and Tehran. The flights start from 25th March 2018 with prices starting at €39 including tax, plus fees

Istanbul  7 weekly flights
Naples  14 weekly flights
Oslo  18 weekly flights
Rome 49 weekly flights
Cairo  7 weekly flights
Cape Town 3 weekly flights
Tehran 3 weekly flights

Joon is supposedly a new generation travel experience by Air France and is designed to meet the expectations of new generations of travellers. On the schedule: flexibility, personalized and tailor-made services. Joon is an airline for anyone under 30 who wants to enjoy a new casual kind of travel experience.  

The airline flies from Paris-CDG using former Air France Airbus A320's with 174 seats and A321's seating 212 people and A340's on the longest routes The carrier offers a Business class which gives passengers a free meal, snacks and beverages! In Economy class, customers can choose from a free selection of low-quality beverages at any time of the day. But, if you want something more substantial then you'll have to buy it from the crew at prices 24% more expensive than are available from the departure airport of Paris. However, one benefit for the passenger is the ability to get free access to YouJoon, the in-flight streaming system on their own smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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10 October, 2017

Air France joint venture with Vietnam Airlines but will it lead to price fixing

Air France and Vietnam Airlines have joined together for a new venture that builds on the codeshare deal that already exists between the two carriers. The deal, due to start from November depending on approval from authorities, will see the two airlines co-ordinating their flight schedules to offer customers better connecting flights.

This latest announcement is part of a rapid and dramatic programme of global expansion from Air France, especially in the long-haul markets. The French giant has launched a new 'youth' 'trendy' airline, Joon, based only to the so-called millennials, which will be flying some routes to the US in cooperation with Delta and Virgin Atlantic. 

27 September, 2017

Looking beyond the hype of Joon!

With much fanfare and attention Air France launches its sister airline on social media this week,  months are we broke the story.  Joon, the newest addition to the Air France family has been born!

Joon is aimed at being an airline for the millennials, which instantly puts me out of the target audience and market and therefore, I can only assume they don't want me or my generation spending our disposable incomes with them. Targeting a specific demographic may have its advantages, but excluding all others doesn't sound like a recipe for success.  However, I'll carry on and delve deeper beyond the 'Joon' hype - sorry I mean promotional literature, read on -

20 July, 2017

Joon - The Air France 'Youth' Brand Budget Airline

The Air France-KLM Group will start flights this autumn of  'Joon' its low fare budget airline, that will go all out to target millennial customers. 

Joon - previously talked about under the code-name 'Boost' plans to operate mainly medium-haul services from Paris,  Charles de Gaulle airport, then towards the end of next year it may venture into the long-haul market place.