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01 July, 2023

IBS Software selected by MAS Air Cargo

MSC Air Cargo partners with IBS Software to power its global air cargo business

Through the multi-year cargo management agreement, IBS will deploy its iCargo solution to completely digitalise MSC’s air cargo operations

IBS Software, a global leader of SaaS solutions to the travel and cargo industry, has been selected by the air cargo unit of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, as a strategic partner in a bid to digitally transform its air cargo operations.

iCargo, the Software as a Service solution for air cargo management from IBS Software, will install a true digital platform that covers cargo sales, operations, cargo accounting and portal for MSC. The standard product implementation will help MSC to go-live faster and start business operations at the earliest opportunity. Once fully implemented, iCargo will enable MSC to have full visibility of its air cargo value chain, covering sales, operations and accounting, while also gaining insights for continuous business improvement. 

The partnership enables IBS Software to deploy iCargo for a company that is already the world’s largest container carrier and which is now growing its MSC Air Cargo unit, as a complementary business to its core ocean shipping solution. iCargo adheres to best practices in the air cargo industry and is fully compliant with global industry standards and initiatives – such as Cargo iQ, C-XML, OneRecord, e-AWB and e-Freight – making this latest development a remarkable moment across the logistics industry. It is an important step toward achieving seamless operations across multi-modal logistics models, increased efficiency and the productivity to power rapid global trade and growth IBS Software has long advocated for. 

22 February, 2022

Mexican cargo airline Aerotransportes Mas de Carga - MAS to operate Americas’ first Airbus A330-200P2F


The first A330-200P2F of the Americas was delivered to Aerotransportes Mas de Carga (mas) on lease from Altavair, making it the first airline from North and South America to fly the A330-200P2F. With this converted aircraft by Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) — a joint venture between Airbus and ST Engineering, the cargo airline joins the Airbus family of operators in Latin America.


The A330-200P2F (passenger-to-freighter) is a member of the proven A330 aircraft family. The freighter can carry up to 61 metric tons and a range of up to 4,200 nautical miles, which will greatly enhance the cargo carrier’s expansion plans into new markets, including China, where it obtained certification to fly last year.


“We look forward to having mas join the Airbus family of operators in Mexico and experience the benefits of operating this freighter. The A330-200P2F will provide mas with a highly-efficient operation thanks to its greater payload and range capability. Its optimized fuselage cross-section offers flexibility to carry a wide variety of pallet and container sizes. Airbus is confident that the A330-200P2F will successfully support mas’ expansion plans,” said Arturo Barreira, President of Airbus Latin America and the Caribbean.


As a modern aircraft with advanced Airbus technology that includes fly-by-wire flight controls, the A330 offers a highly capable platform for conversion into a freighter. More than 1,800 A330s have been ordered, with over 1,500 delivered to date since the A330’s service entry in 1994 – providing a large source of aircraft to support the conversion programme for many years.