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05 August, 2022

Jalan-Kalrock Consortium picks IBS Software for passenger service, booking, and loyalty systems for Jet Airways

The Jalan-Kalrock Consortium has selected IBS Software to power the relaunch of Jet Airways. 

This selection will provide a range of technology platforms to support Jet Airways' relaunch as a people-focused airline for the digital age. As technology partner, IBS Software will deliver cutting-edge capabilities in passenger service systems (PSS) encompassing bookings, inventory and revenue management, departure control system, loyalty management, as well as a latest generation website and mobile app, designed to optimize the entire passenger and retail experience.

Jet Airways is set to relaunch commercial operations in September 2022.

"Jet Airways is coming back determined to take technology, services, and customer experience to a new level. Technology with a human touch is at the heart of everything we want to achieve, starting with getting the basics right by addressing recurring pain-points in the customer journey, both online and at the airports, while also addressing the pain-points commonly faced by airline staff," said Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer for Jet Airways. "In IBS Software, we found an ideal partner with the experience and expertise required to deliver the technology platforms and collaboration that will help us deliver on our promise to bring back an even better Jet Airways to those eagerly awaiting its relaunch, as we enter an exciting new era for the airline."

"Jet Airways is one of India's most-loved airlines and it is an absolute privilege to play a part in its highly anticipated relaunch. Air passengers in India will not only regain a hugely popular brand, they will also benefit from Jet Airways' vision to use cutting-edge technology to become a people-focused, customer-first airline updated for the digital age," said Anand Krishnan, CEO, IBS Software. "Jet Airways is committed to putting technology at the heart of its entire operations, and we're thrilled to partner with their visionary team to continue to change the face of the airline experience in India and beyond."

For more information on IBS Software's range of cloud-based, SaaS technology platforms designed to help airlines digitally transform, visit

13 April, 2019

Is Goyal coming to rescue Jet Airways?...The debt riddled Indian airline cancels all international flights

Photo Jet Airways
Naresh Goyal the founder of the Indian carrier Jet Airways has said he has put in a bid to rescue the struggling airline.

Goyal was forced out as chairman of the carrier last month following a debt restructuring plan in which lenders took control of the airline.

There are no current indications whether Goyal's bid had the backing of any other airlines or investors, but insiders say it is fairly weak.

Otherwise, there seem to be no other parties coming to the rescue jet which has cancelled all of its international flights and most of its domestic services over the weekend.  

The Indian airline has been struggling to survive with crippling debts, poor management, aircraft being impounded or seized and oil firms cutting off the supply of jet fuel because of lack of payment. The airline is up for sale, yet there are no signs of any other interested parties coming forward. Even Etihad, which already owns nearly 25% of the firm doesn't look likely to pursue a take-over bid. The Indian state-owned banks have so far refused to supply any bridging loans to get the airline to the end of the month 

25 March, 2019

Goyal resigns from Jet Airways

Jet Airways, the troubled Indian carrier that is on the verge of bankruptcy has announced today that the board has approved and accepted the resignation of the carriers founder and chairman Naresh Goyal.

Along with Mr Goyal, Mrs Goyal and Kevin Knight have also resigned from the board as well and were accepted on Monday 25th March.  

Goyal has been seen by many in the industry as a key obstacle to various rescue and investment plans put forward to safe the troubled carrier from collapse.  

21 March, 2019

More aircraft grounded at the Jet Airways because of lack of payment

Photo Jet Airways
The crisis surrounding Indian airline Jet Airways continues to deepen as the financially haemorrhaging air carrier grounds another six aircraft, cuts schedules and seems to be spiralling out of control.

The airline has debts that go way beyond $1billion, that's around £750 million and has been forced to cut, halt or delay payments to suppliers, staff and the leasing firms that supply most of its aircraft. It is understood that more than 50 of its fleet have been grounded because of non-payment of leases and more are likely to follow if April payments are not made in just over a weeks time.

21 February, 2019

Jet's jet operations are not getting any easier...

Photo Jet Airways
The troubled and beleaguered Indian airline Jet is facing more operation difficulties as a raft of international aircraft leasing firms are all set to ground more of Jet's jet's over unpaid bills and doubts over a government rescue deal could save the carrier.

It's being reported by local media that some lessors have begun the process for moving some aircraft out of India, to prevent Jet trying to fly them. “There’s some talk that the money is going to come but lessors have heard this for too long,” one anonymous leasing source told Reuters this week.

It is understood that nine aircraft have so far been grounded by various lessors, with an additional four on notice of imminent lease suspension.  It is also understood that two aircraft that are currently outside of India for maintenance reasons will not be returning to the airline, unless unpaid bills are settled.

08 February, 2019

Jet Airways forced to ground at least four aeroplanes

Photo Jet Airways
More financial instability at Jet Airways has forced the Indian carrier to ground at least four aircraft in its fleet, simply because it cannot afford to pay the leases on them.

The debt riddled airline has failed to make leasing payments this year and as a result, the aircraft have had to be grounded.  It is unclear at this stage if it was the leasing firms that have forced the withdrawal from service of the jets or the carrier's decisions. 

In a statement that airline commented, “The company is making all efforts to minimise disruption to its network due to the above and is proactively informing and re-accommodating its affected guests,” Jet Airways said in a statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange late on Thursday.

No leasing firms have yet reported non-payment or advised of aircraft reclaiming action and procedures being instigated. However according to a report from news agency Reuters on Thursday, a person close to the company said "Patience is running very thin and some lessors are not convinced about a viable rescue plan for Jet,”  It could be only a matter of time before one of the many leasing firms Jet Airways has used starts pulling out its aircraft.

15 November, 2018

India's Tata group to buy Jet Airways?

During this last week, many stories appeared in the Indian newspapers and the financial press around that world that the Indian multinational conglomerate, Mumbai based Tata, was interested in taking over Jet Airways in some form or another. 

Various local media sources were reporting the deal between Tata and Jet Airways was so close to being completed that presentations were being made to each respective boards.  Such news sent the struggling airline's share prices skyrocketing to record levels.

The deal appeared to focus on the involvement of the joint venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines, Tata SIA Airlines which already operates domestic carrier Vistara, which would effectively take over control of Jet. It would have been a deal that would have a deep and far-reaching impact on the aviation industry of India.

However, the brakes on such a deal have well and truly been applied, Tata issued a statement, “Over the last few days there has been growing speculation in the print and electronic media about Tata’s interest in Jet Airways. We would like to clarify that any such discussions have been preliminary and no proposal has been made.” 

While the brakes may well have been applied, the deal is not yet at a full stop, there are still investigations going on. Tata is still interested, possibly. Although, sources in the United Arab Emirates have indicated that Etihad Airways, who owns around 24% of Jet Airways is unwilling to sell its stake in the Indian carrier, at rock bottom prices. The Abu Dhabi based Etihad Aviation Group is thought to be interested in pursuing a joint venture arrangement for Jet, however, it will not be making a significant further investment in the Indian operation.

The future for Jet Airways is looking less exciting and promising as the hours' tick by so slowly, but whilst there isn't a deal on the table right at the moment, there are a number of parties watching from the sidelines, ready to take advantage of a bad situation.  

20 September, 2018

Jet Airways 737 turns back after crew allegedly forget to presurise the cabin

A Jet Airways Boeing 737, registration VT-JGS, operating flight 9W697 from Mumbai to Jaipur was forced to return to the airport after nearly 30 passengers started having ear and nose bleeds due to a pressure deficiency in the cabin.

According to financially troubled Jet Airways the aircraft had 166 passengers and 5 crew members on board at the time of the incident on Thursday. In a brief statement issued via social media, the airline claimed the aircraft turned back due to 'a loss of cabin pressure' and that the affected aircraft 'landed normally in Mumbai. All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal. First aid was administered to few guests who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose etc.'

Jet Airways, part-owned by Etihad Airways, said the flight crew had been taken off flying duties while an investigation is ongoing.

06 September, 2018

Jet Airways in urgent talks with pilots over non paid wages.

The Indian airline, Jet Airways is in urgent talks with pilots and other team members, the airline has confirmed, following reports that many staff members had not been paid.

The pilots of the struggling carrier issued a warning to the airlines management that they would stop cooperation with the company because of the unpaid wages. 

The airline has responded, by telling media representetives that the “Management is confident of resolving these challenges and is in dialogue with the pilots and other members of its team to resolve some issues, including disbursement of salaries.”

18 August, 2018

TruJet to lease Jet Airways ATR's?

The financially troubled Jet Airways of India is conducting negotiations with local Indian regional airline, TruJet, to sublease out almost half of its ATR fleet.

The move will drastically hit Jet Airways competitive place in the domestic market but the airline is struggling to cut costs and shore up losses. In a briefing to the financial community, Jet Airways management said, it continues to “evaluate all possible alternatives to ensure optimum utilization of its fleet”. Many in the Indian aviation industry have believed that Jet Airways had been looking to curtail some of its domestic operations and either wet or dry lease out some or all of the ATR aircraft for some time. 

They currently have around 18 of the ATR turboprops which are used on small short routes competing with the likes of SpiceJet and IndiGo. It is hoped that by sub-leasing some of the ATR72s  out the Jet Airways will be able to focus more on lucrative international operations. 

Senthil Raja, of TruJet, confirmed the carrier was in talks with Jet Airways to take seven ATR72-500 aircraft on a  five-year “wet lease” type deal. If all goes ahead, he expects TruJet would receive the aircraft by the end of October.

03 August, 2018

Jet Airways 737-800 aborts takeoff following obstruction on runway.

The lucky 142 passengers on a Jet Airways flight to Mumbai from Riyadh had a lucky escape when the Boeing 737-800 they were on skidded off the runway in a dramatic aborted take off today.

The pilot of the modern jet spotted an object or obstruction on the tarmac of the runway and decided to abort the takeoff, breaking hardand had to run off the paved surface.The passengers and crew all evacuated the aircraft via the emergency slides and there are no reports of any casualties. “All 142 guests and seven crew members aboard the Boeing 737-800 aircraft were safely evacuated with no injuries,” a spokesperson for Jet Airways said.  

Jet Airways said it was working on alternative arrangements for passengers affected by flight 9W523's runway excursion. “A predominant number of guests from the 142 have either returned to their residences or have been accommodated in hotels. Our local team is offering complete support to 41 guests, who together with the airline’s crew members, are currently in the airport lounge, as they await recovery of their travel documents,” the spokesperson said earlier.

It is more bad news for Jet Airways which is struggling with financial difficulties and recently approached pilots and staff with proposed pay cuts and denied reports that it only had enough cash to operate for the next sixty days. 

16 July, 2018

A rush of orders for Boeing on the first day of Farnborough International Air Show - but are they new?

The US giant manufacturer Boeing proudly announced a huge rush of orders on the first day of the Farnborough International Air Show 2018, with orders coming from various customers including DHL, Jackson Square Aviation, United Airlines, GOL, Goshawk Aviation, TAROM and Qatar. Yet, new orders, they seem not to be.

The freight and package delivery experts DHL order 14 777  Freighter aircraft with an option for 7 further aircraft. Although the order was announced at FIA 2018, it had been made in previous months, Boeing listed the customer as 'Unidentified' on Boeing's Orders & Deliveries website. Once the new aircraft are delivered, they will double DHL's fleet of 777 freighter aircraft. 

Qatar Airways operates a fleet of 13 777 Freighters and two 747-8 Freighters and finalised a deal to buy a further five 777 freighters at FIA 2018, with the list price value of $1.7 billion. Again this is deal that had previously been agreed and was announced as a commitment back in April, so is not a new order. "I am delighted to be further enhancing our cargo fleet and adding five Boeing 777 Freighter aircraft," said Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker. "In the past 15 years, Qatar Airways Cargo has grown steadily and globally, becoming the third largest in the world. We could not have achieved this success without our resilient relationship with Boeing."

Boeing said that United Airlines has ordered four more 787-9 aeroplanes. The deal, valued at about $1.1 billion per current list prices, was finalized this year and was previously listed as unidentified on the manufacturer's Orders & Deliveries website again, so should not be seen as a new order.

"These new 787 aircraft are another step in our wide-body replacement strategy, and we will continue to roll out new announcements in the future as we implement our comprehensive fleet plan," said Gerry Laderman, United's senior vice president of finance and acting chief financial officer. "The 787 allows us to provide our customers with an industry-leading onboard experience and continues to be a vital part of our fleet."  With this latest purchase, United Airlines has now ordered 55 787 Dreamliners. Nearly half of all 787 customers have placed repeat orders for the aeroplane.

22 June, 2018

Jet Airways take delivery of first 737 Max

Boeing and Jet Airways celebrated the delivery of the airline's first 737 MAX aeroplane, earlier this week.  

Jet Airways will be first Indian carrier to fly the 737 Max aeroplane, "The new 737 MAX is a critical element to our future growth strategy and we are proud to become the first airline in India to introduce this brand new aeroplane to our customers," said Naresh Goyal, Chairman of Jet Airways. "The 737 has been the backbone of our dynamic fleet for many years and we are excited to leverage the superior capabilities of the new 737 MAX. The improved economics and efficiency as well as the passenger pleasing features of the MAX will enable us to strengthen our position as India's premier airline."

04 April, 2018

Boeing, Jet Airways Announce New Order for 75 737 MAX Airplanes

Boeing and Jet Airways today announced a new order for 75 737 MAX aeroplanes as India's premier international airline looks to the new and improved 737 jet to power its future growth.

"Our new order for the additional 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will allow us to deliver a differentiated and world class customer experience to our guests," said "Vinay Dube, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airway. "This additional order reemphasizes our trust and confidence in Boeing and also reaffirms our commitment to operate extremely modern, reliable and fuel-efficient aircraft as part of our fleet. Jet Airways' partnership with Boeing goes back 25 years ever since the airline was conceived and took to the skies. This order underscores Jet Airways' commitment to the growth and sustainability of the Indian aviation market"

Jet Airways will be first Indian airline
 to take delivery of the new and improved 737 jet

Jet Airways announced its first order for 75 MAX aeroplanes in 2015 as part of a strategy to refresh its fleet with the most modern and environmentally progressive aeroplanes. The newest order adds 75 more MAXs to support the airline's future expansion. Jet Airways is set to take direct delivery of its first MAX aeroplane later this year.

04 January, 2018

Two Jet Airways pilots grounded over cockpit fight

It has been reported today that two Jet Airways pilots have been withdrawn from flying operations after they had an altercation on a flight from London to Mumbai. 

The full details of the incident that took place on New Years Day have not been released, however, according to media reports in India, a male pilot slapped a female pilot around the face. The female pilot then left the cockpit for a while and only returned to the cockpit towards the end of the flight. 

Jet Airways has confirmed the incident took place and that both pilots had been taken off of their flight duties while an investigation takes place.  The airline also said it had reported this incident to the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation. 

There were 324 passengers on the flight to Mumbai at the time of the incident, Jet say it has “zero tolerance for any action of its employees that compromises safety” and “At Jet Airways, safety of guests, crew and assets is of paramount importance,” 

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13 October, 2017

Jet Airways expands services

Jet Airways, India’s growing full-service international airline, will introduce three new international services to its already extensive global network this winter, besides reinforcing six existing routes with additional frequencies to meet growing travel demand.

The carrier will introduce its first non-stop service between the capital cities of New Delhi and Riyadh. It will also deploy additional frequencies on the Mumbai-Riyadh, Mumbai-Kuwait, Delhi-Doha and Delhi-Dammam sectors as it deepens presence and connectivity between key Indo-Gulf cities.

Effective 29th October  2017, new non-stop flights will commence connecting Bengaluru and Chennai to the airline’s gateways in Amsterdam and Paris, respectively, as part of the carrier’s strategy to connect more cities, especially in the South of the country to destinations in Europe and North America. The airline is the first to operate flights on these routes which, along with a third daily flight on the increasingly popular Mumbai-London sector, will give guests a greater choice of convenient connections to other European cities and destinations in North America.

12 October, 2017

Jet orders 75 Boeing 737 Max aircraft

The Indian airline Jet Airways reported on Wednesday that it had agreed to buy 75 Boeing 737 Max aeroplanes. 

The full-service airline also advised that it could order a further 75 examples of the technologically advanced craft, to further bolster its position within the domestic Indian market. They expect the aircraft to start to be delivered from Boeing in mid-2018. The deal is thought to be valued at $9.3 billion based on list prices, however, such a large order would receive an estimated 25percent discount. 

10 October, 2017

Air France joint venture with Vietnam Airlines but will it lead to price fixing

Air France and Vietnam Airlines have joined together for a new venture that builds on the codeshare deal that already exists between the two carriers. The deal, due to start from November depending on approval from authorities, will see the two airlines co-ordinating their flight schedules to offer customers better connecting flights.

This latest announcement is part of a rapid and dramatic programme of global expansion from Air France, especially in the long-haul markets. The French giant has launched a new 'youth' 'trendy' airline, Joon, based only to the so-called millennials, which will be flying some routes to the US in cooperation with Delta and Virgin Atlantic. 

12 August, 2017

Jet Airways to end First Class service?

Jet Airways was one of the first airlines to introduce a first class suite on some of its aircraft, but a decade on things have changed. A downturn in popularity has seen the airline to consider a complete cabin reconfiguration without first class on its 777-300ER aircraft.

According to local media, Jet Airways may completely remove the eight first-class seats it has on its 10 Boeing 777 aircraft. Instead it may add more economy and business class seats to the twin engined jet hoping to boost revenues.