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20 May, 2023

Egypt: a family-friendly exotic destination?

The latest campaign from The Egyptian Tourism Authority is designed at promoting the country as a family-friendly exotic destination.  But,  what makes a family-friendly holiday destination?  

I suppose holidays and vacations are meant to be free from stress, a time to relax, a place to chill, and to enjoy lots of activities with the family without the day-to-day worries that surround us back at home. If you're travelling with kids,  then this can be a bit of a challenge in itself,  however, Egypt's all-inclusive hotels and resorts can help to remove many of the difficulties of keeping the little ones happy and entertained. Many resorts offer animation/entertainment/activity programmes for children of various ages and tastes that can give parents a much-needed break and a chance to relax worry-free for a while.

There are different pools, waterslides and all that kind of fun stuff that can make a day by the pool a wonderful adventure for those big eyes and little feet. In addition, multilingual caretakers are available to look after children when parents want to pursue their own plans undisturbed for an afternoon or evening. This allows parents to relax and enjoy their holiday with peace of mind, the Egyptian Tourism Authority says. 

The clubs and resorts offer a range of outdoor activities, like mini golf, and beach ball games like football and volleyball, some are also equipped with tennis, badminton and basketball courts. Then of course, there are the watersports such as diving, snorkelling, boat rides, jetskies, or kite surfing, there are beginner courses as well as special children's courses available.

Egypt also has something else that many destinations just don't have....a deep and rich history that stretched back millennia. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has guided tours specifically designed for kids. elsewhere the history that is ever present can really engage and mystify young curious minds. The pyramids and camel rides along with desert tours, buggy rides and those kinds of adventures offer fun for all the family - although they can be a bit pricey, the memories they make will last years. But having said that, many of those adventures, tours and experiences compare favourably to European prices, so maybe it won't break the bank.

So, maybe Egypt really is a family-friendly exotic destination that you've not thought about when planning the summer holiday. There are loads of all-inclusive hotels and resorts that cater to the needs of families with children. Plus there are all the museums and cultural sights that feed the mind and soul of each member of the family making a vacation educational as well as entertaining.  In addition to this, there is the weather,  it is warm and dry throughout the year which means Egypt can be a winter, spring and summer destination.....

Places to go and things to do.........