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10 January, 2020

Cybersecurity in aviation: a regulator's perspective

To counter threats of cyber-attack on military systems, the MAA is equipping the Regulated Community with cybersecurity regulation to protect critical systems.
From: the UK's Ministry of Defence and Military Aviation Authority.

Modern military aircraft and their supporting ground systems have become increasingly reliant on computer systems for safe and efficient operation, making them targets for cyber-attack. The Military Aviation Authority (MAA) is implementing enhanced requirements for cybersecurity, to evaluate and counter this threat to air safety. 

The use of computers in aircraft and their supporting systems is not a new phenomenon, the ability to implement complex functions in software and improve them without changing the hardware has been an attractive attribute in aircraft design for several decades. Previous generations of computers utilised on aircraft tended to be bespoke, isolated systems with novel components. As such, attacks on these computer systems would require physical access and use of specialist equipment and knowledge.