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30 June, 2023

Universal Hydrogen selects Air & Space Port in Mojave as a new flight test centre.

Universal Hydrogen, the company achieving true zero-emission aviation with renewable hydrogen, has selected the Mojave Air & Space Port as its new flight test centre and also announced the successful ferry flight to Mojave of its Dash-8 modified 40-passenger regional airliner, powered on one side by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. 

This move signals the next phase in its extensive flight testing regimen. Since its initial successful flight test earlier this year, Universal Hydrogen has achieved four subsequent test flights, maintaining its planned trajectory for the two-year flight test campaign expected to culminate in 2025. During its second flight, the converted aircraft achieved a 30-minute flight at 170 knots of indicated airspeed (KIAS), ascending to 5,000 feet. Further strides were made in the third and fourth flight tests completed on June 12, where the aircraft reached altitudes of 10,000 feet.

The ferry flight began in Moses Lake, Washington and travelled down the west coast with four stops across Oregon and California, covering a distance of over 800 nautical miles before reaching Mojave. “Lightning McClean,” as the aircraft is called, will reside at the Mojave Air & Space Port in California where Universal Hydrogen will conduct additional test flights gearing up to its goal of commercial entry into service in late 2025. The hydrogen powertrain was fully utilized for each take-off, and on the first three legs of the ferry it was throttled down after take-off. On the last leg, the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain was used for duration of the entire flight, accruing over 180 nautical miles, and a flight time of over one hour, which is the longest flight by a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain to date.

03 July, 2018

Final flights for Dash 8's in Piedmont Airlines fleet

Piedmont Airlines is finally letting its wonderful 8's rest as the  wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines retires the de Havilland Canada “Dash 8” fleet after 33 years of flying. 

Tomorrow, 4th July 2018, will be the final day of scheduled operations for the hard-working venrable turboprops. The carrier tells us that Flight 4927 will depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport at 6:33 p.m. and touch down at sunset at Salisbury Wicomico Ocean City Regional Airport in Salisbury, Maryland, thus completing the Dash’s final revenue flight.

 The Dash 8 fleet has been Piedmont’s pride and joy since the first Dash was delivered to company headquarters in Salisbury on April 4, 1985. The first revenue flight, from Salisbury to Baltimore, took place on May 2, 1985.