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08 May, 2024

Budget airlines easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz air join forces to warn European Commission against limiting scope of non-CO2 MRV

easyJet has teamed up with Ryanair and Wizz air to send a letter to the Director Generals of the European Commission, urging them to maintain the full geographical scope of its Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) for non-CO2 emissions.

The airlines have appealed to the Commission that it must hold firm and ignore attempts being made by other industry actors to restrict the scope of the research to Intra-European flights only - arguing if pushed through this would be a huge missed opportunity to enhance understanding about non-CO2 effects in global regions.

In a joint statement, the three European airlines said:  “easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air today (3rd May) submitted a joint letter to the EU commission calling on them to reject the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) attempts to restrict monitoring of non-CO2 effects to intra-European flights.

Given long-haul extra-EEA flights account for c.70% of Europe’s aviation emissions, limiting the geographical scope of this research would not only undermine the EU’s proposed Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) programme but would be a huge missed opportunity to enhance understanding about non-CO2 effects in regions such as the North-Atlantic, where a high concentration of contrails are formed by long-haul flights.

We believe increased funding, data gathering, and research are necessary to build increased understanding of non-Co2 effects and how to best mitigate any negative impact they might have.”


02 August, 2023

Wizz Air orders a further 75 A321neo Family aircraft

Wizz Air, the European budget airline has signed a firm contract with Airbus for an additional 75 A321neo Family aircraft, taking its total order for the largest member of the Airbus single-aisle to 434, and for Wizz’s A320 Family overall to 565 aircraft. 

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air said; "With today's announcement, Wizz Air further reinforces its position as the largest A321neo Family operator in Europe and the Middle East. More than half our fleet has already been converted to cutting-edge neo technology. The A321neo’s unparalleled economic efficiency and remarkably low carbon footprint underpin our commitment to provide affordable and sustainable travel options for our customers. We have enjoyed a longstanding strategic partnership with Airbus and are steadfast in our commitment to this exceptional technology with one of the largest outstanding order books in the world of more than 350 neo aircraft.”

“Wizz Air has steadily grown to become a formidable airline in the European skies and a great partner to Airbus. The investment in the A321neo is a solid foundation in Wizz Air’s continued expansion strategy," said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International.

The A321neo is the largest member of Airbus’ A320neo Family, offering unparalleled range and performance. By incorporating new generation engines and Sharklets, the A321neo brings a 50 percent noise reduction and more than 20 percent fuel savings and CO2 reduction compared to previous generation single-aisle aircraft, while maximizing passenger comfort in the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky. To date, nearly 5,200 A321neos have been ordered by customers across the globe.

13 February, 2023

Wizz Air to offer new Barcelona- Tel Aviv route.

Wizz Air to offer new Barcelona- Tel Aviv route - flying four times a week with an Airbus A321 NEO aircraft seating 239 seats.

The Barcelona Air Routes Development Committee (BARDC) within its Strategic Plan 2021-2024, has as its main objective the recovery of routes/companies that operated before the pandemic, increase capacity in some existing destinations with high demand but low supply.
Israel has been among the countries with the highest demand for many years and, even with the main route, Tel Aviv, amply covered, the demand exceeds the existing capacity.
The airline, which has started its operation back in 2004 in Barcelona, in the very year when it started its operation is now flying to Tel Aviv as well, making it its 20 destination being offered from the capital of Catalunya.
Tel Aviv is the Israeli NONSTOP CITY, offering a combination of culture, history, entertainment, strong High-tech ecosystem and great beaches, young and old, tourists and locals, Jews, Muslims and Christians. In Tel Aviv you can find an excellent culinary scene, as well as cafes, bars and clubs, historical sites, and impressive museums.
It is also recommended to go to the southern part - Jaffa - and enjoy 3500 years of history on one hand, and modern entertainment places on the other. All of these of course in front of the beautiful beach where you can find young surfers and old fishermen. In Jaffa you can see the magic of combining different religions and people from different backgrounds, living side by side.
Wizz Air will offer the route Barcelona- Tel Aviv, and v.v., throughout the year, with 4 weekly frequencies on an Airbus A321 NEO aircraft, which offers a capacity of 239 seats.
The new Airbus A321neo incorporates the latest technologies in aviation and offers significant environmental benefits, with a nearly 50% reduction in noise footprint, a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to the previous model. Wizz Air is the biggest operator of the Airbus A321neo in Europe and has one of the largest standalone order book globally of over 300 aircraft of this type, which will help the airline reach its sustainability targets.

30 January, 2023

Luxembourg to Bucharest - new route for Wizz Air

Wizz Air is set to operate a new route from Luxembourg to Bucharest, Romania in addition to previously announced flights to Rome Fiumicino. Wizz Air will operate both routes year-round, offering affordable travel options on board its most sustainable Airbus A321neo aircraft. 

Nicknamed “Little Paris” for the abundance of monuments, wide tree-lined boulevards, and glorious Belle Époque buildings, the Romanian capital is today a bustling metropolis in the heart of Central Europe. Strolling around the historical centre by day and exploring bar culture by night with a sneak peak of vast scenic parks within an hour drive from the city looks like a perfect getaway. Wizz Air flights from Luxembourg to Bucharest are scheduled on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting from 13 June.

Tamara Nikiforova, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: “Wizz Air is proud to launch a new route from Luxembourg to the capital of Romania, in addition to the previously announced flights to Rome. With two new direct flights to stunning European capitals, we now offer almost 38 000 seats on sale for the summer travellers from Luxembourg, be it for business, holidays or to visit friends and family. We can’t wait to see passengers from Luxembourg on board our new sustainable aircraft”.

Alexander Flassak, CEO of lux-Airport: “The arrival of Wizz Air at Luxembourg Airport shows that we are a convenient airport for passengers and airlines. Being a quality airport, our passengers have a vast choice to find the product that fits their needs. We wish Wizz Air a good start in Luxembourg.”

*According to the CAPA – Centre for Aviation Awards for Excellence 2022

Luxembourg may be relatively small, but it certainly packs a lot in for the tourist, you can experience a lot here in a country where the distances are short and the impressions are great. There is plenty of history to immerse yourself in, enjoy incredible unspoilt natural landscapes, fairy-tale castles, sports in action, culinary highlights, wellness, relaxation and cultural delights. 

Just a few of the local treasures to explore include:

The Philharmonie Luxembourg is one of Europe's most renowned concert halls, situated on the Place de l’Europe (on the Kirchberg) in the capital – close to the city centre and to the institutions of the European Union.  Every year it is visited by more than 150,000 music lovers and since it opened in the summer of 2005, more than 1.5 million visitors have attended some 3,600 events!  It is wonderfully stylish and architecturally outstanding which will please the eyes as well as the music lifts the soul. 

In Luxembourg, multicultural origins blend with the latest food trends which mean you can taste different flavours and styles around almost every corner, from Italian pasta to fine French cuisine, plus you'll be able to taste traditional dishes from Luxembourg. There is a range from the low price meal to Michelin-starred chefs and Bib Gourmand Award winners charging a small fortune. (There are 8 of each by the way!)

Some worth a look  - 
Restaurant Les Jardins d’Anaïs - 2, Place St. Cunégonde, L-1367 Luxembourg City
Brasserie Béierhaascht - 240, Avenue de Luxembourg, L-4940 Bascharage
Bistro Lënster - 6, Iernzwee, L-6129 Junglinster
Brasserie-Restaurant Kennedy - 35F, Avenue JF Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg City
Brasserie Aubergine - 12, Rue des Bains, L-1212 Luxembourg City
Restaurant D’Braustuff - 148, Avenue de Luxembourg, L-4940 Bascharage

Another key aspect of Luxembourg's charm is the number of wonderful castles to explore,  one of the ways to enjoy this is to wander through meadows and forests along the ‘Valley of the Seven Castles’ national hiking trail. Other paths and trails also lead to magnificent buildings. Enjoy breathtaking views over the treetops and the Sûre Valley from the heights of Bourscheid Castle. Visit Larochette Castle, high upon a rocky crag above the picturesque village of the same name and the valley of the White Ernz. The world of knights in armour can be experienced at first-hand at mediaeval festivals – the best known of which is held at Vianden Castle.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi doubled its fleet size during 2022 and reports massive passenger number increase.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the ultra-low-fare airline has announced its outstanding operational results for 2022 with extra capacity, more aircraft and 13 new destinations during the year. 

The joint venture established between ADQ, and Wizz Air Holdings PLC enjoyed a record-breaking 2022 by operating more than 6,000 flights and transporting more than 1.2 million adventurous travellers. The airline carried over 600,000 point-to-point passengers to the UAE in 2022, supporting the sustainable growth of Abu Dhabi’s culture and tourism sectors and unlocking an eclectic mix of travel opportunities for travellers from all classes. 

The airline supports Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) vision to welcome the world to Abu Dhabi, connecting cultures and inspiring generations to embark on journeys of creativity and discovery*. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is looking forward to future growth, in line with the UAE Tourism Strategy 2031, and further strengthen the position of the UAE as one of the best destinations in the world for tourism**.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi has doubled the size of its fleet and organisation with a 100 percent growth from 4 to 8 state-of-the-art brand-new A321-neo aircraft. The average fleet age is 1 year, ensuring the airline meets its commitment to sustainability with the lowest environmental footprint in the region.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi has proudly introduced a new segment of travel in the UAE in line with the country’s socio-economic vision with recent exciting expansions into Central Asia, The Maldives and across the Gulf Region allowing for convenient, self-connecting travel across the wider Wizz Air network via the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is constantly developing the UAE network to share the love of travel with tourists and residents benefitting from hassle-free, point-to-point travel to culturally rich destinations including vibrant cities and natural paradises.

Michael Berlouis, Managing Director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi said: "We are proud of all our achievements during this record-breaking year and are delighted to carry over one million passengers."

25 January, 2023

Wiiz Air to return to Istanbul and expand Turkish route network.

Wizz Air will start direct flights to Istanbul, Antalya and Dalaman in March 2023 connecting Turkey with Hungary, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. 

Wizz Air returns to Istanbul after 7 years, and adds four point-to-point services to Budapest, London Gatwick, London Luton, and Iasi, the earliest flight departing in March already. With these services, the airline will be the first ultra-low-cost carrier flying from Istanbul airport using modern and sustainable Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Besides the new all year round routes to Istanbul, WIZZ launches seasonal point to point services to the Turkish seaside, Dalaman and Antalya, supporting the ramp up of local tourism. Over 300,000 passengers from Abu Dhabi, Bucharest, Budapest, Cluj, Debrecen and London will be able to enjoy the airline’s low fares and high quality direct connections to these amazing resorts.

24 December, 2022

Belgrade expansion for Wizz Air

Wizz Air is expanding to its base in Belgrade, with one of its Airbus A321ceo aircraft and five new routes as well as increased frequency on 5 routes from Belgrade. The new route can be already booked, with tickets available now at or on the airline's mobile app.

The allocation of one more aircraft to Wizz Air’s Belgrade base will grow the base to four aircraft. The move brings the number of routes from the base to 23, including the launch of flights to from the Serbia’s capital city. Furthermore, the additional capacity allows Wizz Air to increase frequency of its flights from the base to Barcelona, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Paris Beauvaris and Rome – Fiumicino.

"We are delighted to be expanding in Belgrade, demonstrating our commitment to the Serbian market where we are the number one ULCC carrier by both seat and passenger numbers. From July 2023 we will operate 4 aircraft from the airport and with that connect Serbia’s capital with plenty of destinations. The allocation of our latest aircraft in Belgrade allows us to further strengthen our market offer, providing our Serbian customers the opportunity to travel on a total of 23 routes in 13 countries from Belgrade and to another 5 routes from within the country.” comments Evelin Jeckel, Network Officer of Wizz Air.

14 December, 2022

Wizz Air to expand base at Kutaisi, Georgia.

Budget airline Wizz Air is expanding its base in Kutaisi, Georgia by basing one of its new Airbus A321neo aircraft there and gets ready to launch five new routes. The airline is also going to increase the frequency on 4 routes.

The allocation of one more aircraft to Wizz Air’s Kutaisi base will grow the base to three aircraft. The move brings the number of routes from the base to 27, including the launch of flights to Brussels Charleroi, Frankfurt Hahn, Hamburg, Madrid and Poznan from the Georgia’s third biggest city. Furthermore, the additional capacity allows Wizz Air to increase frequency of its flights from the base to Munich Memmingen, Milan, Paris Beauvais and Prague.

"We are delighted to be expanding in Kutaisi, demonstrating our commitment to the Georgian market where we are the number one carrier by both seat and passenger numbers, and where we allocate one additional aircraft just months after we- allocated our last one. From June 2023 we will operate 3 aircraft from the airport. The allocation of our latest aircraft in Kutaisi allows us to further strengthen our market offer, providing our Georgian customers the opportunity to travel on a total of 27 routes in 15 countries with us and increase the tourism to this beautiful country as well, connecting Georgia with so many destinations” comments Evelin Jeckel, Network Officer of Wizz Air.

“We are delighted that our strategic partner, Wizz Air is expanding at Kutaisi International Airport and is adding a third based aircraft from June 2023. This will allow us to start flights to five new European cities and add frequencies to existing destinations. Georgian travellers will have the opportunity to travel to five additional cities in four European countries, also soon we will have additional tourist coming to Georgia” – comments Tamara Archuadze, CEO of United Airports of Georgia.

Wizz Air starts flights between Rome and Riyadh

New travel opportunities, increasingly convenient for citizens and tourists in Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Wizz Air, has inaugurated its first flight from Rome to King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh last week as it seeks to strengthen its presence in Saudi Arabia and boost the Kingdom’s growing tourism sector in line with Vision 2030. The route will be served by twice-weekly flights. 

Situated on the vast Najd Plateau, surrounded by desert, in the centre of the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh is a modern metropolis whose surface holds a fascinating centuries-old history that can still be found within the atmospheric souks, engaging museums and ancient architecture. A perfect setting, then, for those seeking a staycation or for those who, instead, want a weekend escape, discovering the best the capital has to offer.

Once again, Rome Fiumicino's Leonardo da Vinci Airport proves to be a key player in Wizz Air's growth plans in Italy, from which the airline has announced the opening of 2 more new routes that will connect the Italian capital to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via Dammam (the route was inaugurated last September 29) and Jeddah airports.

The route between Rome and Riyadh is part of an array of twenty-three new routes to Saudi Arabia announced in recent months by Wizz Air, confirming the airline's commitment to supporting the country's growing tourism sector by bringing more than one million passengers to the Kingdom. Wizz Air's growing presence is in line with its Vision 2030 program, a strategic and ambitious goal to triple passenger traffic in Saudi Arabia by 2030.

Evelin Jeckel, Network Officer at Wizz Air, said: “It is a huge pleasure to finally inaugurate this new route between Rome and Riyadh. The new low-fare route will enable tourists and residents in Italy and Saudi Arabia to travel directly from one point to another at affordable prices, further strengthening global connectivity and will directly connect two capitals renowned worldwide for their immense historical and cultural heritage. We would like to once again thank our Air Connectivity Program partners, the Ministry of Investment, the Saudi Arabian Tourism Board, Riyadh International Airport, and the Government of Saudi Arabia for their continued support. The WIZZ team looks forward to welcoming passengers aboard our modern, young and sustainable aircraft”.

13 December, 2022

Uzbekistan's Samarkand International Airport welcomes Wizz Air plane.....

Air Marakanda, the operator of recently modernised Samarkand International Airport, is delighted to announce Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the ultra-low-fare UAE airline, has conducted its first flight to Samarkand.

Wizz Air’s aircraft, with a delegation from the company onboard, touched ground this afternoon at Samarkand International’s new terminal and was greeted by Air Marakanda’s leadership. The airline is the second prominent UAE carrier to launch a new route to Samarkand in Q4 2022.

Anton Khodzhajan, General Director of airport management company Air Marakanda LLC, said:  “We are pleased to welcome our new partner, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, whose direct flights between the ancient city of Samarkand and the UAE began today, marking a significant event for Uzbekistan aviation and tourism. The Air Marakanda team has worked hard to bring this about, as it opens up new travel opportunities for residents of Samarkand and the area, and will attract tourists from the Middle East to our beautiful city."

Michael Berlouis, Managing Director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, said:  “We welcome our seventh and eighth aircraft and are delighted to expand our ever-growing network in Central Asia, a key growth market for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. The new route into the unmissable and historic region will be operated by two new state-of-the-art Airbus A321neo aircraft which have been recently added to our fleet. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is committed to supporting the long-term growth of the UAE’s travel and tourism sector, providing an eclectic mix of new marvellous destinations. We are continuing to deliver travel options that are more convenient and affordable for everyone and we look forward to seeing you onboard our young and sustainable aircraft soon.”

Flights via Wizz Air from Abu Dhabi to Samarkand will start at only US$48, with two flights per week operated for the remainder of 2022. From 1 January 2023, Wizz Air will fly the route thrice weekly.

Part of ongoing and rapid development of new routes to Uzbekistan’s historic gem - the ancient city of Samarkand - welcoming WizzAir is aligned with Air Marakanda’s and state partner Uzbekistan Airports JCS’s US$80 million expansion of SKD. The new airport will serve the region’s population of 3.9 million and act as a hub for international transit flights.


Serving visitors to Uzbekistan’s most frequented tourist sites in, and around, the historic Silk Road city - the modern facility will be able to handle triple the number of passengers than it could previously. Independent research by market research firm, Lufthansa Consulting, forecasts an increase in annual passenger traffic from 480,000 to two million.

26 November, 2022

Wizz Air doubles capacity in Cyprus

An additional 800,000 seats are on sale from Larnaca with the total number of seats on sale rising to 1,900,000 from Cyprus 

Three new routes launching in 2022, with six routes operating with increased frequency

Wizz Air is further expanding its base in Cyprus, where it allocates two of its Airbus A321neo aircraft.

The allocation of these aircraft is enabling the launch of three new routes as well as increased frequency on six routes from Larnaca International Airport. The new routes can be already booked, with tickets available now at or on the airline's mobile app.

The allocation of two more aircraft to Wizz Air’s Larnaca base will grow the base to four aircraft. The move brings the number of routes from the base to 32, including the launch of three new routes from Cyprus’s third-largest city. Passengers will now be able to fly to Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the additional capacity allows Wizz Air to increase the frequency of its flights from the base to Athens, London Luton, Prague, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Yerevan.

"We are delighted to be expanding in Cyprus, demonstrating our commitment to growing our presence in the market by doubling the number of aircraft we will operate from the country. The allocation of these two additional aircraft in Larnaca allows us to further strengthen our market offer, providing our Cypriot customers the opportunity to travel on a total of 32 routes to 18 countries with us and increase the tourism to the island of love as well, connecting Cyprus with so many destinations” comments Robert Carey, President of Wizz Air.

Larnaca - Jeddah route starts on 08 July and operates on Saturdays until 16-Sep, then on Tuesdays, and Saturdays afterwards.

Larnaca - Dammam starts Saturdays from 04 July until 19 September on Saturdays, after that, it will be operated twice a week also on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Larnaca - Riyadh begins on 17 April to fly on Mondays until 19 June then it will operate on both Mondays and Fridays. 

17 October, 2022

Wizz Air launches new service from Abu Dhabi to the ancient city of Samarkand, plus takes delivery of its 170th aircraft......

Photo Wizz Air
Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the ultra-low-fare national airline of the UAE, has launched an exciting new route from Abu Dhabi to the ancient city of Samarkand, one of the most important sites on the Silk Road.

This exciting new destination is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan and situated at the crossroads of world cultures for over two and a half millennia. The new route will provide hassle-free, point-to-point travel for tourists and residents in both the UAE and Uzbekistan. 

The carrier now flies to more than 36 destinations within a five-hour flight time radius of Abu Dhabi, since launching in January 2021. The flight to Samarkand, a crucible of cultures and religions, will commence on 13 December 2022 and will operate on Tuesday and Saturday.

Samarkand, one of the most ancient cities in the world and among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site rich in historical heritage. Located on the ancient trade route linking China to the Mediterranean, Samarkand is an important centre of human civilisation with breathtaking culture. Its list of must-see attractions includes beautiful mausoleums and the incredible madrassas with Registan, the centrepiece of the city, arguably the most impressive site in Central Asia.

Michael Berlouis, Managing Director of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi said: “Central Asia is a key growth market for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and we are excited to continue expanding our network into an unmissable and historic region. The new route will be operated by our fifth state-of-the-art Airbus A321neo aircraft which has been recently added to our fleet. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is committed to providing affordable travel options for adventurous travellers and Samarkand is a must-see ancient city perfectly positioned on the crossroads of culture. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is supporting the long-term growth of the UAE’s travel and tourism sector, providing an eclectic mix of new marvellous destinations. We look forward to welcoming you onboard our young and sustainable fleet soon.”

Strategically located in the UAE, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi provides ultra-low fare, hassle-free and efficient travel options to Alexandria (Egypt), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Amman (Jordan), Ankara (Turkey), Aqaba (Jordan), Athens (Greece), Baku (Azerbaijan), Belgrade (Serbia), Dammam (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Kutaisi (Georgia), Manama (Bahrain), Male (Maldives), Muscat (Oman), Nur Sultan (Kazakhstan), Salalah (Oman), Santorini (Greece), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Sohag (Egypt), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Tirana (Albania) and Yerevan (Armenia) among others.

Photo by JK Baseer on Unsplash

The airline has a young fleet composed of five brand new state-of-the-art Airbus A321neo aircraft, offering the lowest fuel burn, emissions and noise footprint. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi has the lowest environmental footprint among its competitors in the region, supporting the airline’s long-term commitment to sustainability.

The parent company,  Wizz Air has now taken delivery of its 170th aircraft,  further cementing its place as one of the biggest and fastest-growing budget carriers in Europe and further afield. 

Samarkand – Crossroad of Cultures - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Samarkand – Crossroad of Cultures - Gallery - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

27 September, 2022

12 new routes for Wizz Air in Italy as budget airline set to become the third largest in the country.

Photo Wizz Air

One of the biggest and fastest-growing budget airlines in Europe has launched a massive expansion programme in Italy that will see it become the third largest airline in the country.

Wizz Air is allocating three of its Airbus A321neo aircraft to its bases at Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa: two to Rome and one to Milan

The allocation of these aircraft is enabling the launch of 12 new routes as well as increased frequency on five routes from Rome Fiumicino and three routes from Milan Malpensa. The new routes launch from October 2022, with tickets available now at or on the airline's mobile app.

The allocation of two more aircraft to Wizz Air’s Rome Fiumicino base will grow the base to seven aircraft. The move brings the number of routes from the base to 65, including the launch of seven new routes from Italy’s capital city. Passengers will now be able to fly to Barcelona, Gothenburg, Malaga, Paris Orly, Porto, Seville and Valencia. Furthermore, the additional capacity allows Wizz Air to increase the frequency of its flights from the base to Eindhoven, Hurghada, Paris Orly, Tel Aviv and Yerevan.

Milan Malpensa will receive an additional aircraft, making it a six-aircraft base. As such, Wizz Air will introduce five new routes to Cardiff, Jeddah, Marsa Alam, Riyadh and Yerevan starting from October 2022. This additional capacity also means that Wizz Air can increase flight frequency on routes to Tel Aviv, Catania and Athens. With this expansion, the airline will operate routes to 43 destinations from Milan Malpensa.

"We are delighted to be expanding in Italy to be the country’s third largest airline, demonstrating our commitment to growing our presence in the market. The allocation of these three additional aircraft in Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa allows us to further strengthen our domestic market offer, giving our customers the opportunity to travel to 12 new destinations from Rome and Milan,” comments Robert Carey, President of Wizz Air.

Wizz Air's continued focus on providing its customers low-cost and varied routes across its network means that the airline has taken the difficult decision to close its base at Palermo Airport. From 3 November 2022, the aircraft that is currently based there will be redeployed to support the expansion in Rome and Milan.

Pink bikes  photo Wizz Air
The airline will continue to fly to Palermo Airport, operating daily flights between Milan Malpensa and Venice Marco Polo and Palermo, ensuring it can continue to serve loyal domestic customers. While routes between Palermo and Turin and Bologna will cease, this represents only 4% of Wizz Air's domestic Italian schedule. Wizz Air will continue to operate more than 220 domestic weekly flights and will expand its service from Turin and Bologna to its base at Catania Fontanarossa Airport, where Wizz Air has three based aircraft.

That's not all,   the bright pink branding is not just on its aircraft in Italy,  the airline now has a fleet of super colourful bikes to hire in Milan, helping locals and tourists get about the city in a more sustainable way.  There are 15 #WIZZpink bike stations all over the city of Milan until the end of October!

16 September, 2022

Wizz Air carried 12.9 million passengers between June and August and makes massive Airbus order

Mega expansion plans ahead for budget airline Wizz Air    Photo Wizz Air

The European budget airline Wizz Air has agreed to buy an additional 75 Airbus A321neo and 27 Airbus A321XLR aircraft, with options for a further 75 Airbus A321neos, with most to be delivered between 2025 and 2027.

CEO József Váradi said: “The combination of Wizz Air’s ultra-low-cost operation and the market-leading Airbus A321neo aircraft together create a strong platform for Wizz Air’s future growth in the coming decade as we further strengthen our position as one of the world’s most sustainable airlines.

We remain on track to become a 500-aircraft airline group by the end of the decade while delivering our commitment to reducing our already industry-leading CO2 emissions by 25% by 2030.”

The airline already operates an Airbus fleet of more than 150 aircraft and has just enjoyed a busy peak season carrying 12.9 million people during July and August.

Over the summer, Wizz Air has continued to expand its network, adding 63 new routes to 38 diverse and exciting destinations across Europe and beyond. The airline welcomed 13 brand new Airbus aircraft between June and August, taking the size of its fleet to 165. The airline’s ultra-modern and efficient fleet strengthens its position as one of the world’s most sustainable airlines, and will enable Wizz Air to further reduce its environmental footprint by 25% per passenger kilometre by the end of the decade.  

Wizz Air is committed to growing and diversifying its UK network, and now operates more than 60 routes from across the UK. Reaffirming its continued investment in the market, the airline recently announced that it is launching nine new routes from London Luton and Gatwick Airport this autumn, to destinations including Tallin, Estonia; Hurghada, Egypt; Prague, Czech Republic; Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt; Agadir, Morocco; Marrakesh, Morocco; Grenoble, France; and Verona, Italy. 

Evelin Jeckel, Network Officer at Wizz Air said: “We are proud to have flown a record number of passengers over the peak summer season, especially given the well-documented challenges facing the entire travel industry. The three months were another exciting period of expansion, with some major highlights, including the announcement of 20 new routes from across Europe to Saudi Arabia and the launch of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi flights to Kuwait and the Maldives from October. Not only this, but we have relaunched a number of routes in time for the winter season from bases across Europe, giving our customers even more choice when deciding on their next destination. We want to thank our loyal customers for continuing to choose Wizz Air for its low fares, diverse route network, great onboard service, and ultra-efficient aircraft.” 

22 August, 2022

Wizz Air backs down over Abu Dhabi - Moscow route

Wizz Air,  the rapidly growing budget carrier has back down over relaunching flights between Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and Moscow after receiving criticism in the media, from the travel industry and from passenger on social media.

The budget airline that received huge government support during the height of the coronavirus pandemic had previously said its Abu Dhabi operation would restart flights to Moscow from October this year.   

However, the company issued a statement before the weekend saying the flights were deferred until further notice. It sited “industry supply chain limitations”. 

Wizz Air in the UK holds a 49% stake in Wizz Air Abu Dhabi whose aircraft carry the European airline’s name and branding. The rest of the airline is owned by Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund ADQ.

The United Arab Emirates has not imposed sanctions on Russia and its airlines are continuing to operate services to Moscow, regardless of the invasion of Ukraine.  Emirates is still suppling cargo arrangements on its aircraft for the Russian government as well as providing it with crucial banking and foreign exchange access. 

30 July, 2022

The most sustainable low-cost airline in Europe to start more new routes

Wizz Air is to launch more new routes from various European bases...  the budget airline will start to fly from Cluj Napoca to Perugia, from Bucharest to Ancona, from Vilnius to Grenoble, from Warsaw and Budapest to Madeira, and from Venice to Amman

Europe’s fastest-growing airline has also just been named as the Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline at the World Finance Sustainability Awards 2022.

World Finance congratulated winners for helping to bring about transformative change, and in particular praised Wizz Air’s continued commitment to sustainability, specifically its ambitious fleet renewal programme and other fuel-saving initiatives. The airline is proud to have the lowest carbon emissions per passenger kilometre in Europe, and has pledged to further reduce emissions by 25% by 2030, in comparison to 2019 levels.

An integral element of Wizz Air’s sustainability strategy is its Airbus fleet, which is one of the youngest in Europe, and currently consists of 154 aircraft with an average age of 4.93 years. Incorporating the latest technologies in aviation, the Airbus A321neo aircraft offers a 50% reduction in noise footprint, a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, compared to earlier aircraft models. Wizz Air also recently signed an MoU with Airbus, to explore the potential of highly efficient, ultra-low-cost hydrogen-powered operations.

WIZZ's UK network just got a whole lot bigger! Now the airline offers flights from London Luton to Tallin, Prague, and Hurghada, or from London Gatwick to Agadir, Marrakesh, Verona, and Grenoble. The fascinating Sharm El Sheikh is available from both airports. 

25 July, 2022

Two new routes to come from Wizz Air in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi subsidiary of European budget airline Wizz Air has confirmed it will be launching two new routes in October,  one to the idyllic island paradise of the Maldives, and the other to the delight of the Gulf,  Kuwait. 

The Abu Dhabi to Male service operates four times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from October.

Flights to Kuwait will be flown on a daily basis and starts on 30th October
The new routes will see Wizz Air Abu Dhabi fly to a total of 34 destinations within a five-hour flight time radius of Abu Dhabi since the airline launched in January 2021.  The arrival of a fifth aircraft later this year means flights to Kuwait and the Maldives will be operated on a brand-new Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Owain Jones, Development Officer at Wizz Air said: “We are excited to announce two new Wizz Air Abu Dhabi routes, which reaffirm our commitment to supporting the UAE’s travel and tourism industry by connecting its capital with many popular holiday destinations regionally and globally. With the arrival of our fifth Airbus aircraft in October, we are delighted to enhance connectivity with our neighbour countries across the GCC with flights to Kuwait, as well as providing our customers with affordable flights to the Maldives. We are particularly excited about the launch of flights to the Maldives, a tropical paradise destination high up on travellers’ bucket list. The WIZZ team looks forward to welcoming customers onboard our young and green aircraft very soon.”

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is an unrivalled holiday destination, boasting white sandy beaches, spectacular sunsets and colourful reefs brimming with wildlife. With year-round tropical weather, this picturesque paradise promises ultimate escapism from everyday life. 

Kuwait City is home to some of the top tourist attractions in Kuwait, such as the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, the Grand Mosque of Kuwait and Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center. The city is also known for its Souq Al Mubarakiya, one of the country's oldest markets, which offers an exotic sensory experience.

23 July, 2022

Wizz apologises for travel delays

In a letter to its customers, the president and chief operations officer of the budget airline Wizz Air have apologised to passengers for the travel disruption that has rippled through the industry over the last few months. 
Robert Etienne Carey also advise the airline had transported 11 million passengers since April this year and explained how the airline was trying to cope with the disruption and what options were available for passengers. 

Full letter below.....

16 June, 2022

Wizz Air starting fuel hedging as boss says the airline is not responsible for any delays....

Wizz Air, the European budget carrier is reinstating its policy of fuel hedging as prices continue to soar in recent months. Chief Executive József Váradi said: "This (hedging) will allow us to focus on what we are best at - attracting consumers into our franchise at the lowest fares versus the competition, enabled by lowest cost, operated by the youngest fleet in a fast growing region,"

Varadi caused controversy in recent days after claiming the carrier was "fully staffed" and the mass disruption over the last few weeks in the UK and around Europe was purely the fault of airports not having sufficient security staff, baggage handlers and air traffic controllers.  "It's coming from the dysfunctioning of the supply chain in certain areas"

He has also caused concern and outrage among flying staff for criticising staff being tired and accused them of not doing all they could. "I understand that fatigue is a potential outcome of the issues but once we are starting stabilising the rosters, we also need to take down the fatigue rate", he told them.  "I mean, we cannot run this business when every fifth person of a base reports sickness because the person is, is fatigued. We are all fatigued but sometimes it is required to take the extra mile."

Many staff accuse him of only caring about the bottom line, profits and his own bonus payments when he told staff they were damaging the reputation of the airline “It is reputational damage of the brand and it is the other financial damage, the transactional damage, because we have to pay compensation for that."

05 June, 2022

Travel chaos continues as easyJet cancels 80 flights today.....

A number of airlines have cancelled flights from various airports, particularly at London Gatwick as the travel chaos continues into another weekend. The budget airline easyJet has cut 80 flights today and apologised to customers for the disruption, "We are very sorry and fully understand the disruption this will have caused for our customers," the airline promised, "We are doing all possible to fly them as soon as possible to their destination."

British Airways and Wizz Air are among the other airlines that have all axed flights or altered their schedules as they struggle to cope with the demand of passengers and lack of staff. 

The difficult situation was further compounded by a sudden power cut at London Luton Airport which forced scores of aircraft to divert to other airports. According to airport authorities, the power failure caused a temporary loss of a number of navigational aids. Engineers have since resolved the issues and flights were landing and departing again, but some knock-on disruption was likely.  

London mayor Sadiq Khan has blamed all of the lengthy queues and mass cancellations on Brexit, yet he didn't elaborate on how Brexit had caused similar travel chaos in Paris, Amsterdam or in the U.S. 

Transport Minister, Grant Shapps said the government provided £8 billion of support to the aviation sector during the pandemic, along with furlough support, so decisions to cut staff had been made by the industry which was the main cause of the staff shortages. "When someone has bought a ticket for a flight, they've every right to expect that flight will take off, and not find that flight has been cancelled," he said adding,  "Airlines should be cautious about not overselling those flights, [and] where there are problems they need to fix them quickly."

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