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05 January, 2020

The first Embraer E190-E2 jet for Air Kiribati

           At the very end of last year Air Kiribati, the flag carrier of the Republic of Kiribati, received its first Embraer E190-E2 jet form an order of two aircraft with options on a further two.

“Aviation is critical for any island nation and Kiribati is no exception. Our Government has made the conscious decision to take into our hands the opportunity to unlock economic prosperity for our people and our nation through the purchase of these two aircraft,” said Hon. Willie Tokataake, Minister for Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development of the Kiribati Government. “The arrival of our first jet is the culmination of three years of vision, strategic thought, government focus, research, evaluation, hard work, commitment, partnership and a good measure of problem-solving.”

02 January, 2019

Air Kiribati to Fly E190-E2s

Air Kiribati, the national carrier of the Republic of Kiribati, has ordered two new E190-E2s with options for two additional aeroplanes. The E2s, in dual class configuration, will be delivered in 2019 and be deployed on longer domestic and international routes as part of the airline’s growth plan.

Our E190-E2, with its striking shark livery, stopped in Kiribati’s capital, Tarawa, earlier this year as part of the E2’s world-wide demonstration tour.