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Friday, 15 April 2022

Thales to increase operational efficiencies at both Milan Linate and Malpensa airports

Thales signs a contract with the airport management group SEA (Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali) to deliver an innovative digital platform solution that will support the group in increasing operational efficiency.

Thales will provide SEA with a digital platform for airport operations centres in Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa. With about 35 million passengers before the pandemic and a total of 173 international destinations, the SEA is taking steps to optimize its operations by centralizing a complete view of airport operations.

Today's international airports are complex systems that need to be monitored to meet stringent security standards and achieve the highest levels of performance to ensure the continuity of their activities under any circumstances. SEA is committed to a process of continuous improvement and Thales is assisting it in its plan for smart airport operations by providing a set of tools to integrate the necessary information and manage the airport efficiently, facilitate cooperation between all stakeholders, and last but not least, offer passengers a world-class experience.

To support SEA Airports in meeting this challenge, Thales was contracted to deliver a solution of the Airport Operations Plan that integrates sea systems and data from the main processes that impact airport management (aerodrome, terminal and accessibility).

Thales will provide SEA Airports with its AiRISE ShareView solution, a complete, scalable and innovative digital platform designed to master the complexity of centralized airport operations management.

The platform features three main airport-oriented features:

- a real-time map and easy handling, which allows a global knowledge of the situation of individual services, making any intervention easier and more immediate;
- a customizable dashboard with key performance indicators that measure specific operations, thereby monitoring objectives and, finally, performance;
- and a workflow manager to automate Standard Operating Procedures for processes relevant to measured KPIs.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Milan's Linate Airport opens up its newly redeveloped terminal

Milan Linate Airport opens newly renovated terminal

New brass covered check in desks                                       Photo SEC/ Milano Linate airport 

Milan's Linate Airport newly redesigned terminal is designed to improve the journey through the airport for travellers with many new services, facilities and amenities has officially been opened. 

Redevelopment work was started back in April 2018 with a renovation of the façade, then the internal renovations and redevelopment work started. It was officially opened on 8th June 2021, with President, Sergio Mattarella, in attendance. 

The internal areas of the airport have been designed in such a way to, according to the developers, create a sense of wellbeing whilst reducing anxiety and stress to the minimum.  For example, the check-in area has been redesigned with a double-height ceiling with plants overlooking the first floor in order to soften the ambience and offer a ‘green’ environmental touch. The ceilings were replaced with wood-effect baffle slats alternating with sails to offer the perception of space. Plus the lighting system has been completely updated with curved lines and the LED profiles alternating with the baffles. Oh, and the check-in desks themselves have been redesigned with soft edges, covered in brass. 

The whole terminal has had a facelift with a lot of modern technology installed to both make the passage of people and bags smoother, easier and more enjoyable. It has also been done with energy-saving, recycling, waste management and environmental concerns at its heart, to both minimise impact as well as be more sustainable in future.  

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