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03 April, 2023

Australia's Aerlink leases two ATR 72-500 aircraft from ACIA Aero Leasing

ACIA Aero Leasing, a leading provider of regional aircraft leasing and lease management services, has confirmed the delivery of the first of two ATR 72-500 aircraft to Australian charter operator Aerlink, formerly commercially known as Hevilift Australia Fixed Wing.  The second of the two is expected to arrive before the end of the first quarter.

“As Australia’s recovery in the air travel industry continues apace, notably in the rapid-growth regional segment where the ATR 72 is the optimal aircraft, it is a pivotal moment for Aerlink to optimize its fleet with the addition of these ATR 72s,” said Elze Le Roux, ACIA Aero Leasing’s SVP, Leasing & Customer Relationships. “We look forward to building upon this newly established relationship and supporting Aerlink’s continued growth journey under the new brand.”