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24 August, 2018

Mandarin Airlines ATR72 damaged in runway excursion

An investigation has begun into why an ATR72-600, registration B-16852, of Mandarin Airlines was severely damaged in a collision with runway lights after a runway excursion on 22nd August.

The Taiwanese Aviation Safety Council has retrieved both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder from the aircraft and is looking into exactly what caused the excursion.

There were 74 passengers and crew on flight AE788 from Magong to Taichung, which landed at around 1929 on Wednesday evening followed by the runway excursion. Local media are reporting that none of the passengers or crew was injured during the incident. 

Local weather reports indicate there were thunderstorms in the area of the airport on Wednesday evening, which may have played a part in the accident occurring. 

(Photo Aviation Safety Council)

11 April, 2018

Mandarin Airlines adds a Global Maintenance Agreement to its partnership with ATR

ATR and Mandarin Airlines, a regional subsidiary of Taiwan’s flag carrier China Airlines, have signed a Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA). This comprehensive support package covers the repair, overhaul and pooling services of Line Replaceable Units, along with a door-to-door service through which ATR is providing transportation of spares to the airline’s facilities.  
This GMA covers the entire ATR fleet of the Taiwanese carrier, consisting of nine ATR 72-600s. World’s leading turboprop manufacturer ATR hereby reaches a key milestone of more than 300 in-service aircraft under GMAs. Through ATR’s flagship maintenance offer, Mandarin Airlines will benefit from an a la carte pay-by-the-hour maintenance package, with a high level of flexibility that makes it possible to meet a wide range of specific needs, depending on the operator’s local resources, fleet and expected operations.

25 November, 2017

Mandarin Airlines takes delivery of its first sexy sleek shiny ATR72-600

European aircraft manufacturer ATR yesterday delivered the first of the nine ATR 72-600s to Mandarin Airlines. The ATR 72-600 will bring the regional subsidiary of Taiwan’s flag carrier China Airlines the highest standards of comfort alongside unbeatable economics. With the aircraft servicing its domestic routes Mandarin Airlines will benefit from the introduction of the market leading, versatile turboprop, allowing it to offer passengers a modern cabin with affordable prices. The ATR -600 series is a proven route opener, creating on average 100 new routes every year worldwide, and the aircraft will contribute to the expansion of regional connectivity across the island.

Besides the contract for the aircraft, ATR is also willing to provide engineering and technical support to China Airlines and its subsidiaries to set-up in-house capabilities for ATR heavy maintenance, up to C-checks.