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11 July, 2023

Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo's Chicago warehouse undergoes a transformation.............

On June 28th, Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo - AFKLMP unveiled its newly configured, renovated warehouse based at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

To mark the occasion, let’s take a closer look at this new facility and how it plays into the Group’s larger strategy.

What’s new at the O’Hare airport warehouse?

This €5 million investment – initiated two years ago – brought three major changes to the site’s infrastructure and resources.

First, AFKLMP Cargo increased the warehouse’s capacity by 40%. This means more storage space, fluidity, and efficiency for customers. The expansion also includes 60% more plugs for ACTS containers, which makes possible to handle larger volumes of specialized cargo, including from other airlines.

Secondly, the company updated its operational and safety systems to ensure total compliance and maximum reliability.

And lastly, as part of its commitment to sustainability, AFKLMP Cargo also integrated energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting and electric forklifts. This comes on top of other sustainability measures already underway, such as incorporating sustainable aviation fuel and renewing the fleet with more efficient aircraft.

30 January, 2023

Martinair, part of KLM Group to get four new Airbus A350Fs

The Air France-KLM Group has placed a firm order for four A350Fs, the brand new Airbus widebody freighter, to be operated by Martinair Holland N.V., a Dutch cargo airline headquartered and based in Amsterdam Schiphol airport, and part of KLM Group. The A350F’s will allow the airline to retire its existing older generation freighters and replace them with a clean sheet cargo aircraft that offers a big step towards more sustainable cargo operations.

“We are delighted to make this major step forward to the A350F. It accelerates Air France KLM Martinair Cargo sustainability ambitions with significant improvement on fuel emissions and complying with most stringent ICAO Chapter 14 for noise and CAEP 8 for NOx. We are fit for the future!” said Adriaan den Heijer, Executive Vice President of Air France KLM Cargo and Managing Director of Martinair.

“Another A350F endorsement, and a great one too! We are delighted to see the A350F enter the KLM/Martinair world, confirming the relevance this most modern high capacity long range cargo aircraft brings to the airfreight segment. I am very pleased with the way our program is taking off. With 50% less noise, and 40% less fuel burn and CO2 emissions compared to the previous generation aircraft it is replacing, that is hardly a surprise! We thank Air France-KLM Group for their continued confidence.” said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International.

The A350F is based on the world's most modern long-range leader, the A350. The aircraft will feature the largest main deck cargo door and a fuselage length optimised for cargo operations. Over 70% of the airframe is made of advanced materials resulting in a minimum 30 tonnes lighter take-off weight, which together with efficient Rolls-Royce engines generate an advantage of at least 20% lower fuel burn and CO2 emission over its current closest competitor. Delivery to Martinair will be in time to comply with the latest ICAO CO2 emissions standards that will come into effect by the end of 2027. With a 109 tonnes payload capability (+3t payload / 11% more volume than its competition), the A350F serves all cargo markets (Express, general cargo, and special cargo).

Launched in 2021, the A350F recorded 35 orders from seven customers.

14 November, 2020

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo ready to transport COVID-19 vaccines

Temperature controlled aircraft transport possible up to -80°C
As of March this year, Air France KLM's cargo division is committed to maintaining its global air freight network as part of vital freight flows. During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare institutions and individuals could and can have access to medicines, medical equipment and personal protective equipment and other critical products. Now the next logistical challenge is facing: the worldwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Around 15 billion vaccines are expected to be distributed worldwide. Many of these will have to be transported at very low temperatures. For example, the Pfizer vaccine must be stored frozen (at -70°C degrees Celsius). Other vaccines should be distributed at a constant temperature between +2 and +8°C. AFKLMP Cargo has developed logistic solutions with its partners to ensure the quality of the vaccines throughout the distribution chain and is ready for it.

Pieter Elbers, CEO KLM said: "The prospect of the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine is very good news. At the same time, it brings a new challenge; a fast and safe transport of billions of vaccines worldwide. We are ready for this and that is thanks to colleagues and partners who have worked hard on this together.