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12 August, 2021

Rossiya Airline Begins Flights to Egyptian Resorts from Sheremetyevo

Rossiya Airlines, part of the Aeroflot Group, in partnership with the largest tour operator Biblio-Globus, has resumed scheduled flights to popular Egyptian resorts from Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Flights from Moscow to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will operate five times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on Boeing 747 aircraft designed to carry 522 passengers: 12 in business class and 510 in economy class.

The first flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh departed on schedule from Sheremetyevo's Terminal D on August 9.

Departure time to Hurghada is 08:55 with arrival at the resort airport at 12:50 local time. Return flights will depart Hurghada at 14:50 and arrive in Moscow at 20:35. Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh will depart at 10:30 and arrive at 14:25. Return flights will depart at 16:25 and arrive in Moscow at 22:10.

"Tourism has always been one of the main areas of cooperation between Russia and Egypt. The resumption of scheduled service to the Red Sea resorts is a long-awaited event for many of our citizens who prefer hot climates for recreation or are fond of diving," said Sergey Starikov, the official representative of Rossiya Airline. "Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh will become an organic addition to the traditional cities of the Black Sea coast. All flights are performed in compliance with high standards of aviation and epidemiological safety."

31 December, 2020

Rossiya’s Superjet 100 will operate the first passenger flight on January 1

Photo Stanislav2003

The Russian airline Rossiya has now confirmed it is completely ready to operate flights on Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100, which is the latest addition to the fleet from parent airline Aeroflot.

The start of operations of Superjet SSJ100 is part of a major new strategy of The Aeroflot Group, which according to Rossiya, will see the carrier focus on the implementation of mainline and regional air transportation within Russia.  Its main function will be to provide convenient connections, both with its own flights and with Aeroflot flights at new base of  Sheremetyevo International Airport.

It is this new strategy that will see the vast bulk of Aeroflot's SSJ100s passed to Rossiya, which should see around 66 of the jets eventually fly in Rossiya's colours by the end of 2021.   

Nizhny Novgorod and Belgorod will be the first destinations in Rossiya’s route network, which will begin to operate flights on Superjet 100 from 1st January.

02 June, 2020

Rossiya Airlines introduced measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infections

Rossiya Airlines introduced measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport on non-proliferation of coronavirus infection

Rossiya has put updated measures of epidemiological protection of passengers that regulate the order of transportation in the conditions of systematic removal of restrictions on air traffic into effect. The rules developed by the airline are based on the set of guidelines from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) and are aimed at preventing the spread of the virus and promptly restoring the previous level of passenger mobility without additional health risks.

At the boarding control line, passengers will have to pass thermometry. Passengers with symptoms of infection may be excluded from transportation.

17 July, 2019

Zeal Global Group to lead Rossiya Airlines' cargo operations to Goa

 Zeal Global Group has announced its appointment by the Russian Airlines as its exclusive General Sales Agent (GSA) in Goa, as part of the joint collaboration between Zeal Global and Taprobane Aviation. This agreement will further translate into additional capacity of Cargo from India to Russia, particularly for the pharmaceuticals and industrial companies operating from Goa, which can start direct shipments to Russia.

According to the partnership, Zeal Global will be responsible for handling and managing cargo while capitalizing on the surge in Russian trade in the region and solidifying the presence of the airline through its offices in New Delhi and a commercial network extending throughout the country. The prominent categories and the nature of consignments agreed as per the partnership includes all types of general cargo and perishable cargo, namely, pharmaceuticals, spare parts, electrical items, garments, fabrics, fruits and veg etc.

05 December, 2018

Rossiya Airlines to take over some Aeroflot flights to Bangkok and Colombo

The leading Russian airline, Aeroflot has confirmed that it will transfer the following flights to its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines in December: 
From 10 December 2018 (departure date from Moscow):
Original flight number
New flight number
Flight days
*all times local
Passengers with tickets for flights SU276/277 with a departure date after 10 December will be automatically reissued with tickets for flights operated by Rossiya Airlines. 
Passengers who do not wish to travel on Rossiya Airlines flights have a choice of either: 
  • a full ticket refund at the place of purchase;
  • a reissue of ticket for another Aeroflot flight on the same route within 5 days of the original date of departure.

25 September, 2018

Aeroflots August - double digit incrases in passenger numbers for the Russian Airline

The Russian airline Aeroflot had another bumper month in August the airline has revealed in its latest figures. 

The Aeroflot Group carried an amazing 6.0 million passengers during August this year, which is an increase of 14.0% over the same period last year. Aeroflot itself,  carried 3.6 million passengers, a year-on-year increase of 11.7%.
Group and Company RPKs were up 11.8% and 9.4% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs rose by 10.2% for Aeroflot Group and by 7.8% for Aeroflot airline.
On domestic routes, Group passengers carried and RPKs grew by 16.3% and 15.8% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs grew by 12.5% year-on-year. Company passengers carried and RPKs increased by 14.4% and 12.5% year-on-year, respectively. ASKs grew by 8.7%.

11 September, 2018

Dmitry Saprykin steps down as CEO of Rossiya Airlines

Earlier this week the Board of Directors of Rossiya Airlines announced they had approved the early termination of CEO, Dmitry Saprykin's contract which would have expired in November 2018.

Dmitry Saprykin led Rossiya since November 2015, when Aeroflot Group management was tasked with integrating a number of regional carriers belonging to the Group under the Rossiya brand. The new carrier absorbed the experience and best practices of Rossiya, the largest carrier in north-west Russia, as well as Donavia and Orenair. The new mid-market airline launched nationwide in March 2016. In its first year, the new Rossiya achieved significant operational success. In 2017 it was the second biggest carrier in Russia, carrying 11 million passengers, an increase of 27% year-on-year. As of June 2018, Rossiya Airlines served more than 130 destinations in Russia and abroad.

Sergey Alexandrovsky, Deputy CEO for Sales and Property, has been named as acting CEO of Rossiya Airlines,  “The outstanding qualities of Rossiya’s management team are its youth, understanding of contemporary trends and high level of professionalism,” PJSC Aeroflot CEO Vitaly Saveliev said. “Dmitry Saprykin not only combined all of these qualities but was able to create an efficient, creative and innovative team capable of delivering against highly challenging tasks. I have no doubt that a manager of his class will find success in any area of business that he chooses to pursue.”.

(Image Rossiya Airlines)

30 August, 2018

Rossiya Airlines transfers some flights in Moscow from Vnukovo to Sheremetyevo

Rossiya Airlines will transfer some of its flights from Vnukovo International Airport to Sheremetyevo International Airport (Terminal D) at the start of the 2018/19 winter season. Starting from 28th October 2018 Russia’s largest airport will service the following flights:










The transfer of these flights is part of Aeroflot Group’s measures to create a strong transit hub (Rossiya Airlines is the second largest carrier of Aeroflot Group). Working with Sheremetyevo airport will allow the Group to streamline its route network and give passengers convenient transit opportunities on important domestic routes.