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16 June, 2017

Site Info

Privacy Policy & Site Information is part of Seafront Media and we take seriously the private nature of your information and anything you share with us.  This privacy policy aims to give you the information in an open and transparent way about how we store, use or otherwise deal with your information.

Firstly, we don’t actively seek your personal details, such as, but not limited to, your email address, telephone number or other contact details or personal identifiable information. We do not operate a direct sales email/post mailing lists. We do not operate, or allow, any information harvesting or scarping or sharing programmes, software or devices and never will.

You have the option to subscribe to receive our news stories/posts via email, which you have to expressly consent to and volunteer your email.  This email addressed is stored securely by the automated mailing list provider, which in this case is Google and cannot be used for any other purpose than news story or post delivery.  We will not sell, share, disclose or otherwise transmit that email and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of that email.

On occasion, if you are helping with a story, requesting information, have a request, sharing a tip for a future story or programme or other such communication with us, then we will obviously require your email. Name and possibly other contact details to facilitate that communication.  All details will be strictly controlled and handled and will not be sold, shared, disclosed, transmitted or otherwise disseminated unless you have expressly given permission for us to do so, or we are compelled, under court order by law enforcement to do so.

Please note, this Privacy Policy only applies to us, it does not apply to the practices of third parties that we do not own, control, or manage, including but not limited to any third-party websites, services, applications, or businesses that are linked from here or advertised on some of our pages.  While we try to work only with those Third Party Services that share our respect for your privacy, we don't take responsibility for the content or privacy policies of those Third Party Services. We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies of all Third Party Services you access, through or via our site.

We do carry advertisements upon this site, which help to recuperate some of the costs associated with producing, publishing, broadcasting our content, we feel these are clearly differentiated upon our site. We may on occasion publish a story, article, post or programme that has either in part or in full been sponsored by a third party. These will always be clearly labelled and indicated as a sponsored piece of content, however, please be assured that the opinions contained within that content are those of the author and not those of any third party. Please also note that we have a policy of not accepting payment or sponsorship for any reviews that we provide or are produced by our team – such reviews are the honest opinion of the author.

We aim to be a user-friendly site and as such we do not use such things as cookies to store information about you or track your movements or otherwise monitor your use of the site. However, our site hosts, in this case, Google, may do so, to ensure the safe optimal operation and display of the site and some Third-party Services or advertisements that you might visit via our site, may use cookies and you should carefully review the privacy policies of all Third Party Services you access, through or via our site.

Social responsibility is a key area for us and we operate a proactive social responsibility programme called ‘We Care’.  Through this programme we will often produce content, stories, articles, programmes and posts for and on behalf of various charities, appeals and non-profit organisations for the greater good of humanity, we do not and will never charge for any such content. Moreover, we also freely broadcast at least one free ‘charity’ or ‘appeal’ spot per hour on our audio productions as part of the ‘We Care’ programme – again no payment is required, sought or accepted for inclusion on those broadcast spots.  We are also welcoming of any nominations for possible inclusion for any charities, appeals or non-profit organisations in the ‘We Care’ programme and any such nominations should be emailed to us, allowing as much time as possible. Recent donations as a result of the ‘We Care’ programme total £140 this year.
This version issued  1 April 2020