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10 January, 2018

Secret airline has secret job to secret area, but tell no-one it is a secret

Janet aircraft at area 51

Situation vacant,  but don't tell anyone, we know the truth is out there - somewhere.

Are you looking for a cabin crew job with a difference?  Do you have a security conscious personality? Can keep things confidential?  Are you not afraid of aliens? 

If you can answer yes to all those questions, there maybe we have just the right job for you.....  it's a flight attendant position with a slight difference - it's for a pretty secretive airline!

Janet is an airline that flies from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to various airbases around the region, including the famous Area 51, in the Nevada desert, the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale CA and Tonopah Test Range, Nevada.

According to various US websites including The Aviationist, the company is now looking for cabin crew.  Apparently the job advert - which has now been removed - states:

High School graduate or equivalent. Must pass Company operated jet aircraft Emergency Training and Initial Flight Attendant Training and maintain currency as a Flight Attendant. Must be able to effectively perform all assigned physical duties without difficulty and without assistance. Must be able to push and pull heavy hinged aircraft doors weighing up to 80 lbs. Must comply with Company specified dress code and uniform guidelines. Must possess effective oral communication skills, including good public speaking abilities. Possess basic math knowledge and basic computer skills. Must qualify for and maintain a top secret government security clearance and associated work location access. Possess a current State issued driver’s license.

So maybe, if you can find it,  you can apply for the job and maybe you'll be one day working for Janet airlines, which is part of the multinational AECOM group, operates a fleet of Boeing 737 -66N aircraft and five smaller Beech aircraft.  

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