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SkyCell and Etihad Cargo - working together to transport temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals in a safe, secure, and sustainable way.

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SkyCell is one of the global leaders in the field of manufacturing data-driven temperature-controlled containers for the pharmaceutical industry. Etihad Cargo is the cargo and logistics arm of the mammoth and award-winning Etihad Aviation Group.  So it, therefore, seems such a natural fir for the two companies to work in partnership to bring customers a wide range of solutions to transport their temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals in a safe, secure, and sustainable way. 

SkyCell’s highly innovative hybrid containers will allow Etihad Cargo to optimise its supply chains by using data to predict and control risk. More than three-quarters of a billion data-points are available on factors like temperature, location, and time, the SkyCell containers also enable a failure rate of less than 0.1 per cent, while reducing CO2 emissions by almost half. 

 Both companies are committed to implementing sustainable practices across the pharma supply chain through SkyCell’s innovative hybrid containers and optimisation solutions

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Tracked with IoT (‘Internet of Things’) sensors, hybrid containers monitor the temperature conditions inside and outside the containers to ensure the full efficacy of pharmaceuticals is maintained until they reach patients. In the process, SkyCell’s containers both reduce a shipment’s carbon footprint by up to 50 per cent due to their lightweight and efficient design. The containers are also capable of charging independently without the need of human intervention, and help reduce the amount of medical waste that ends up in landfill due to throw-away solutions and product loss caused by temperature excursions. 


Key points about the partnership: 

Sustainable transportation - SkyCell’s highly innovative containers will reduce the carbon footprint of shipments by 50 per cent, due to their lightweight and efficient design. As a reusable solution, SkyCell’s containers also reduce medical waste that ends up in landfill, unlike throw-away alternatives.

Supply chain optimisation - Through the partnership, Etihad will be able to use SkyCell’s technology, and it's more than three-quarters of a billion data-points to collect information about temperature, location and time, to predict and control risks and reduce failure rates to less than 0.1%.

Being there at a critical time - The partnership will combine Etihad’s network and expertise with SkyCell’s innovative containers to guarantee extremely sensitive life-saving products reach their destination safely and ready to be used.

Chiara Venuti, Head of Airline Partners at SkyCell, comments: “We are committed to helping our partners achieve their goals by ensuring vital medicines are transported on time and safely to reach patients in perfect condition. When shipping pharmaceutical products, there should be no room for error. Our innovative containers will give pharma clients peace of mind when shipping their valuable goods. We are excited to be working with Etihad Cargo to help enhance pharmaceutical logistics and the supply chain.” 

Since it started in  2004, Etihad Cargo has rapidly grown into one of the leading air cargo carriers in the world, offering customers a range of cargo products and services to five major continents. The carrier's hub in Abu Dhabi is strategically located at the centre of the worlds’ busiest trade lanes, providing an integral link between Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.
In addition to general cargo, Etihad Cargo offers a wide range of speciality products including live animals, dangerous goods, valuables and vulnerable, personal effects, as well as our market-leading cold chain products (the latter holding IATA’s stringent Center of Excellence for Independent Validators certifications for both Pharmaceutical Logistics as well as Perishables Logistics). 

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Andre Blech, Director of Global Cargo Operations at Etihad Cargo, comments: “Etihad Cargo is pleased to have added SkyCell to the portfolio of active and hybrid cool container solutions under the PharmaLife offering. This partnership provides a wider range of solutions for customers to transport their temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products. SkyCell – which is, like Etihad Cargo, also a value partner in the HOPE Consortium – offers a variety of products, capable of meeting temperature requirements from -80°C to +25°C. In order to provide customers with a seamless service, Etihad Cargo has integrated SkyCell units into the existing Cool&Fly setup, operated by Jettainer, taking care of cool containers from the point of booking until return after the end of the lease.”

SkyCell and Etihad Cargo are both members of the HOPE Consortium – a UAE-based public-private partnership offering a unique end-to-end supply chain solution capable of delivering large quantities of vaccines, from production to patients, anywhere in the world, safely, transparently, and efficiently. With this alliance SkyCell will be offering customers increased flexibility, solutions, and peace of mind when transporting a range of pharmaceuticals across the world. 

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