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09 February, 2020

Utair 737 crash lands in Usinsk

A UTair Boeing 737 aircraft carrying 94 passengers has been forced to make an extremely hard landing in northwestern Russia on Sunday morning.  

“A Utair Boeing crash-landed at Usinsk airport," the local authorities said in the northern Komi region where the city of Usinsk is located.   According to local media reports, the aircraft came down fast and the tail struck the ground first. The jet then skidded across the runway, which is said to have been icy at the time of the crash. Local weather stations indicate temperatures at the airport were -20c.  

"The flight was normal but as we were landing either due to bad weather or some other reason the plane violently shook horizontally." Alexander Panin, a passenger on the downed aircraft said. "It hit the ground so that the landing gear was torn off and we felt that were skidding along the runway as if not able to brake at all.  We all realised that the landing gear was broken. We didn’t feel that the plane was stopping - we were skidding towards the end of the runway."

27 August, 2019

Utair selects GE Aviation’s Avionica for wireless quick access recorders

Utair has selected GE Aviation to supply wireless mini Quick Access Recorders (QAR) to assist Utair in meeting its flight data collection requirements from the State Civil Authority of Russia (SCAA). The miniQAR will be supplied from Avionica, a joint venture of GE Aviation. Deliveries are currently taking place across Utair’s fleet of 45 Boeing 737 and 767 aircraft, adding to the nearly 16,000 unique aircraft and assets connected to GE Aviation’s digital solutions.

01 September, 2018

Airport worker dies in Russia after aircraft overshoots runway

Photo Tass
An airport worker at the Russian airport at Sochi has been killed in during an emergency response at the airport when a Utair Boeing 737 aircraft crashed.

The aircraft was landing when it careered off the end of the runway ending in a riverbed where it caught fire. According to the Russian health ministry, the aircraft was carrying 164 passengers and 6 crew members at the time of the incident, 18 of who suffered some injuries during the event.

An official at the airport said that the fire service had extinguished the aircraft fire within 8 minutes and the transportation minister, Yevgeny Ditrikh, has confirmed that Vladimir Begiyan, a shift supervisor who was one of the first responders to the accident, died after having what appeared to be a heart attack at the scene.

At this stage, no cause of the crash has been identified.

23 June, 2018

Cabin smoke causes concern for Peru football fans in Russia

An aircraft packed with football supporters from Peru supporting the national team at the Fifa World Cup in Russia filled with smoke after an engine malfunction on Friday.

The Utair flight was taking the Peruvian from Ekaterinburg to Tyumen in Siberia before flying onwards to Moscow, on Friday when it developed a fault,  the aircraft landed safely and there are no reports of any injuries to either passengers or airline crew. 

The Russia aviation agency, Rosaviatsiya, said at the weekend,  £During the landing approach there was a failure in the second turboprop engine.  As a result of the abnormal engine activity, smoke from overheated oil got into the passenger cabin of the aircraft through the air-conditioning system.”

Rosaviatsiya advised that the smoke soon cleared from the passenger cabin and that the pilot was able to safely land the plane powered by one engine.

“The crew acted as instructed and landed the aircraft as usual. The plane taxied in independently, the passengers left via the stairs without using the emergency equipment,” a Utair spokesperson said. An investigation is now underway and that Utair was cooperating fully with that.