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25 August, 2018

Israir cabin crew member arrested for stealing charity donations.

A senior Israir Airlines flight attendant has been arrested by Israeli police for stealing money passengers had donated to charity, local media is reporting.

The 52-year-old male crew member was arrested at Ben Gurion International Airport, on Friday 24 August after the alleged theft took place on a flight to Eilat from Tel Aviv, however, it is understood the man regularly stole charity money.

Israir Airlines had been running various charity campaigns, they asked passengers who wanted to donate to the various aid groups to put some money in little charity envelopes.  These are then passed to the crew, who in turn pass them on to a member of the ground crew at the end of each flight.  The arrested flight attended is reported to have kept the envelopes for himself and a search of his home found many of the charity envelops as well as some located in his suitcase.