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Friday 13 July 2018

Atlas Air and GoJet agreement.

The worlds largest operator of 747 cargo aircraft Atlas Air has entered into an agreement with US regional airline GoJet Airlines that will guarantee interviews for GoJet's pilots with just two years experience.

The deal will also be open for GoJet First Officers with military flying experience, who will be eligible for an interview with Atlas after just one year of service at GoJet.  "We are delighted to begin this special relationship with GoJet," said Atlas Air President and Chief Operating Officer John W. Dietrich. "Aviation is at the centre of today's modern global economy. And its continued ability to provide access to markets, serve as a catalyst for international trade, and propel economic and social development will benefit greatly from innovative partnerships like this one, which will help ensure a solid pipeline of attractive candidates dedicated to a career in aviation."

Friday 15 June 2018

The sky is the limit for new pilots at GoJet.....

GoJet Airlines has announced a new bonus package to attract the most qualified pilot candidates to its team.  Now with up to $56,000 in bonuses for new hire First Officers, total compensation for GoJet pilots is among the highest in the regional airline industry.