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26 April, 2024

Robinson Helicopter Company acquires Ascent AeroSystems

Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), a global leader in civilian rotorcraft, has acquired Ascent AeroSystems, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Robinson Helicopter Company. This acquisition reinforces Robinson’s dedication to scaling innovation, accelerating new rotorcraft developments, and supporting diverse missions worldwide. By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, Robinson reinforces its leadership in the future of vertical flight systems and utility missions.

Ascent AeroSystems Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) to be Assembled at Robinson Helicopter’s Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Facility in Torrance.

Ascent AeroSystems, recognized for its efficient and compact coaxial helicopter drones designed for industrial, public safety, and defense applications, brings a wealth of technological synergies that align with Robinson's strategic vision for growth and expansion into new markets. Through the acquisition, Ascent can now grow and scale by building its UAVs at Robinson’s cost-effective, vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Torrance, CA.

Ascent AeroSystems' expertise in autonomous electric flight technology and modular design philosophy will enhance Robinson's offerings. The integration of emerging technologies and a diverse ecosystem of payloads, power sources, and launch methods will further enhance the company's mission-focused offerings, including crewed-uncrewed teaming and interoperability across product families.

"This strategic acquisition is in line with our vision to broaden our offerings and meet increasing global demand for enhanced mission capabilities in law enforcement, public safety, firefighting, utility, and defense,” said David Smith, president and CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company. “Ascent's advanced technologies and versatile designs complement our ability to be the preeminent choice in global rotorcraft."

19 March, 2024

Robinson Helicopter Co is celebrating 45 years of the R22.......

Generations of Pilots Learn to Fly in a Robinson R22

Robinson Helicopter Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of civil helicopters, celebrates the 45th anniversary of its iconic two-seat R22 helicopter. 

On March 16, 1979, Robinson received FAA certification for the R22, which has been enshrined in the Smithsonian Museum since September 2004.

With a legacy of accessibility, reliability, and versatility, the R22 revolutionized the personal helicopter market. Many of the world's rotorcraft pilots and flight schools begin their journeys in an R22. This versatile helicopter equips pilots with the critical skills and foundation necessary for a thriving career in aviation. (Watch Climb Higher Video – It All Starts in an R22)

From flight training to agricultural work, and wildlife management to surveying, Robinson helicopters have become synonymous with how tough missions are accomplished. With nearly 30 million hours flown globally (according to RHC estimates), the R22 has solidified its position as one of the best-selling civil rotorcrafts in the world. More than 80 R22s that are over 40 years old are still in service.

28 February, 2024

Robinson Helicopter shows off global utilization of Robinson Helicopters in diverse missions

Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC), a global leader in civilian rotorcraft, releases the first two episodes in its new video series, ‘Climb Higher,’ highlighting how customers and operators around the world utilize Robinson helicopters for their unique missions. The series features the indispensable role that Robinson helicopters play in bridging the gaps between people, places, and possibilities, enabling operators to accomplish a wide range of missions with unparalleled accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The ‘Climb Higher’ video series provides viewers with an exclusive look at how operators do more with Robinson helicopters. The first episode offers a behind-the-scenes look at Quantum Helicopters in Chandler, Arizona, where a generation of rotorcraft pilots learn to fly on Robinson R22s. The R22, renowned for providing critical skills and a universal foundation for a career in aviation, serves as a testament to Robinson Helicopter's commitment to reliability, accessibility, and longevity.

"At Robinson Helicopter, we are dedicated to designing and building helicopters that are not only reliable and accessible but also capable of meeting the diverse needs and strenuous operating tempo of our customers worldwide," said David Smith, president and CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company. "Through this new video series, we are able to share stories of the unique ways in which Robinson helicopters empower operators around the world to tackle tough jobs and accomplish their missions affordably and reliably."

The second video highlights news operations in Sao Paulo and how the traffic-congested city of 12.3 million relies on a Robinson helicopter to provide the news from the sky. While Robinson helicopters are primarily known for their use in training and agriculture, news agencies rely on Robinson for news gathering due to their cost-effectiveness, accessibility, and reliability.

From flight training to agriculture and law enforcement to news reporting, Robinson helicopters have become synonymous with reliability, accessibility, and versatility, making them the best-selling civil rotorcraft in the world. Robinson Helicopter will share additional videos from Australia and around the world later this year, sharing how operators around the world achieve more with Robinson. 

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