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29 March, 2024

Stenger Rechtsanwälte Joins BARIG as New Business Partner

From legal details regarding the recruitment of foreign skilled workers to passenger rights and the General Data Protection Regulation: The demand for legal expertise in the aviation industry is becoming more and more complex. Therefore, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), which represents the interests of the national and international airlines operating to and from Germany, offers its members the opportunity to discuss such aspects with experts from the association’s partner network. With the law firm Stenger Rechtsanwälte, which is located in Hamburg and Berlin, BARIG welcomes a new business partner in the field of “Legal / Advocate / Notary.” 

As a specialist in aviation law, Stenger Rechtsanwälte focuses, inter alia, on legal disputes concerning the rights of air passengers and assists in the settlement of conflicts with arbitration boards or the Federal Aviation Authority. Furthermore, the team of Stenger Rechtsanwälte offers legal advice on the establishment of German subsidiaries by foreign airlines, on issues relating to employment and real estate law as well as consulting services in the field of cyber security. 

22 February, 2024

Layover Solutions Becomes Part of the BARIG Network

AI-supported platform provides assistance for the coordination of services

Bad weather conditions, labour disputes, or other exceptional circumstances can lead to disruptions in air traffic or cancellations of flights in the worst case. In such situations, it is important to act professionally and flexibly, as passengers should be able to continue their journeys as quickly and easily as possible. The technology company Layover Solutions has taken up this challenge and provides an innovative as well as efficient solution. As a new business partner of the airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany), the start-up offers AI-supported measures for layover management. 

Layover Solutions has developed a B2B online platform that connects airlines, hotel operators, transportation service providers, and passengers altogether. It makes it possible to coordinate services for travellers in the shortest possible time – from accommodation to transportation. The technology creates significant added value compared to conventional methods by telephone and fax, as both passengers and airline staff can respond more flexibly and quickly. 

“This innovative approach is a good example of how services in air traffic can be further improved in the case of exceptional events,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “We are therefore delighted to welcome Layover Solutions as the newest business partner in our network.” 

“Our solution works according to the plug-and-play principle. Layover Solutions offers everyone involved a fast, transparent, and efficient answer to the previously still very complex and analog processes. We are proud that the solution has already been very well received at three German locations and are looking forward to the next milestones,” Isabell Ketteler, Director of Sales at Layover Solutions, says. “The integration into BARIG’s business partner network opens up new opportunities for us to intensively exchange knowledge, which can contribute to the further development of the aviation industry.”

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18 December, 2023

BARIG Welcomes Düsseldorf Airport as New Partner

Intensive exchange for improved processes
Jointly prepared for the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 in Germany

BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany) supports dialog and intensive exchange with system partners from the aviation sector in order to jointly meet the challenges of the industry. In this context, the association of airlines operating in Germany welcomes Düsseldorf Airport as a new partner. After Munich and Stuttgart, Düsseldorf becomes another airport in BARIG’s partner portfolio.

“Air traffic can only perform well if infrastructure and processes are constantly optimized. Airport operations in particular play an essential role in this regard,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “There are many complex interfaces between airport operators and airlines where other players are involved as well, for example in ground operations, aviation security, or sustainability. A good, constructive exchange can contribute to further improvements here, and passengers as well as air cargo customers will benefit from this.” 

At the last BARIG Full Board meeting in Frankfurt am Main on December 13, 2023, representatives of Düsseldorf Airport and the airlines discussed preparations for next year, particularly with regard to upcoming major events in 2024. 

20 July, 2023

Comprehensive Know-how for the Digital Transformation: IT Service Provider SMF Is New BARIG Business Partner

Digitization of processes offers airlines great potential in a wide range of areas

Whether in everyday life or in the economy, the digital transformation is omnipresent. Digitization stands not only for new products and services, but also for intelligent connectivity. The focus is on implementing highly efficient data infrastructures, data security, and sustainability. Like other industries, the aviation industry is facing numerous challenges, but, at the same time, new opportunities are emerging as well. The current shortage of personnel in the industry is leading to increased pressure for automated processes. By means of digitization, the intelligent exchange of information and data within process chains can become significantly more efficient. Such digitization projects are part of the core business of the IT service provider SMF which is expanding the business partner network of the airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany) from now on. 

“Airlines already manage their highly specialized processes, yet they continue to work on improving and accelerating existing workflows with the help of new technologies and digitalization. By transmitting important information, digital solutions can support in making the right decisions quickly,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, emphasizes. “As new business partner, SMF assists our BARIG community in this field with experience, profound expertise as well as great creativity.” 

“Digitization is one of the big buzzwords of our time, but it encompasses many different facets, and the resulting chances and challenges are completely customized for each individual company,” Wieland Feuerstein, Managing Director of SMF, explains. “As BARIG business partner, we would like to extend our know-how in the aviation industry and exchange ideas on digitalization topics. From internal processes to customer services and loyalty management, we would be delighted to demonstrate the numerous opportunities that digital transformation offers.” 

SMF has its company headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, and maintains several locations in other European countries as well. Their international customers come from many different sectors, such as finance, industry, or retail. Recently, SMF successfully completed a comprehensive project for an airline in Germany. With the help of digital processes, SMF managed to make ground handling more efficient—from passenger boarding and disembarking to baggage loading and unloading to refueling and cleaning of the aircraft—reducing waiting times and saving costs.


26 June, 2023

Lufthansa Industry Solutions Now Expands the BARIG Business Partner Network

Comprehensive Innovations
Profound international consulting know-how with a focus on future topics

Data security, sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and a circular economy are among the most important key issues currently addressed by many companies as part of the transformations that are occurring in almost all industries right now. Airlines are facing these issues as well. In aviation, in particular, topics such as corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, and digital processes related to passenger transportation as well as air freight and logistics require a high level of expertise and innovation. In this context, the transformation offers enormous potential for successfully shaping the future and generating completely new approaches.


The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG)—the association of airlines operating in Germany—is now giving its members a wide range of possibilities including direct access to the most recent studies, projects, analyses, and information on the transformation to the future. From now on, Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND), one of the leading IT consulting companies in Germany, is supporting BARIG and its members as new business partner. LHIND is an independent company within the Lufthansa Group and focuses—besides the industry, logistics, and automotive sector—on aviation as well.


“We are very delighted to welcome Lufthansa Industry Solutions as another future-oriented business partner with great international orientation and experience. With its comprehensive, innovative, digital know-how, LHIND accompanies airlines, airports, and the industry in significant renewal and modernization projects,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “The field of AI, in particular, offers airlines a number of opportunities to improve processes and make them much more cost-efficient. In air freight, for instance, AI can be used to optimize flight routes or loading of aircraft. In passenger traffic, AI can help create forecasts, evaluate customer feedback, and improve passenger services.”


“The roots of our company lie in international aviation. Accordingly, we are still one of the few proven specialists who can offer this industry profound, customized consulting services and products such as myIDTravel, myDutyTrip, or myIDgo,” Volker Weller, Vice President Staff Travel Solutions at LHIND explains. “An international clientele with customers from Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and numerous other countries rely on LHIND’s services. The business partnership with BARIG gives us the opportunity to have a constructive and future-oriented exchange with airline representatives from all over the world, which we are very much looking forward to.

04 May, 2023

International health insurers Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus complement BARIG Business Partner Network

                          In aviation, the consequences of the Corona pandemic are still evident today. The entire industry finds itself in the midst of a profound transformation that is bringing numerous changes. Airlines together with partner companies are driving this transformation forward, thereby responding to the changing demands of customers, business partners, and employees. 

In this context, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) is further expanding its cross-industrial network in a target-oriented way. With the internationally experienced health insurers Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus, which has its regional office in Dreieich near Frankfurt am Main, the BARIG community welcomes two new business partners who provide extensive global expertise in the insurance industry and support companies which are sending employees abroad to work on a short- and long-term basis. In this way, they facilitate, among other things, the fulfilment of the employers’ duty of care as well as the adherence to international compliance regulations. The new partners’ know-how supports BARIG member companies in being able to act with more contemporary flexibility, especially with regard to personnel management.

“Rarely before have there been so many challenges in our industry simultaneously, but they can be solved efficiently while working together with partners from other industrial fields. Cooperation across different sectors is a key to common and sustainable success,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, explains. “With Globality Health and ERGO-Bezirksdirektion Haus, we welcome two renowned experts in our network that provide profound, international expertise.” 

31 January, 2023

ITA Airways Joins the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany

ITA Airways Joins the Board of 

Airline Representatives in Germany


Born at the end of 2020, ITA Airways is one of the youngest European airlines. As the new Italian national carrier, ITA Airways serves an extensive domestic and international network via its two hubs Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate. Now, the airline joins the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG).


“ITA Airways is a young and modern airline and an ambassador of ‘Made in Italy’ in the world,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “We are very delighted that ITA Airways—like more than 100 other airlines—has chosen a BARIG membership.”


26 January, 2023

Dorint Becomes New Business Partner of BARIG – Airlines and Hotels Welcome Increasing Travel Volumes

After more than two years determined by the COVID19 pandemic and extremely challenging not only for the aviation but also for the hotel industry, a significant economic recovery has been recorded at least since summer 2022 – due to the increasing number of business as well as leisure travel. In this context, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) is further expanding the hospitality section within its cross-industrial network. With Dorint GmbH as a new business partner from January 1, 2023, the exchange between the hospitality industry and the BARIG airlines will be further strengthened. 

Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director: “We are delighted to welcome Dorint, which is a renowned traditional company within the hotel industry with more than 60 years of experience, as part of our business partner network. Fortunately, travel volumes have been increasing strongly, which means that intensive networking of different players within the travel chain is also becoming more important again. With formats such as our BARIG Full Board meetings and other events, we provide the right communication and exchange platforms between our business partners from the hotel industry and our more than 100 member airlines.” 

Kirsten Stolle, Regional Director Dorint GmbH: “As one of the leading German hotel companies, the continuous exchange with various stakeholders of the travel industry is particularly important to us. We are looking forward to the cooperation with BARIG and are convinced that the partnership has great potential for both sides. Eventually, the past two years have shown how important a good cohesion within the tourism sector is in order to address topics collectively.” 

The Dorint Hotel Group, which is based in Cologne, is one of Germany’s leading hotel companies. Under the brands “Dorint Hotels & Resorts,” “Homage Luxury Hotels Collection,” and “Essential by Dorint,” the established company operates 66 hotels today – three are in Switzerland and two in Austria. All hotels are characterized not only by their modern facilities and good accessibility, but also by their special location in city centers, directly connected to trade fair and congress centers, or in the midst of nature. Their amenities are equally appreciated by business and individual travelers as well as those seeking relaxation. As a host with great conference expertise and good transport connections, Dorint offers flexible event and seminar capacities of all sizes.

10 January, 2023

Further Hospitality Expertise for Airlines: BARIG Welcomes Lindner Hotels as New Business Partner

Further Hospitality Expertise for Airlines:
BARIG Welcomes Lindner Hotels as New Business Partner

Considering the recovery of tourism and air traffic, the industry is confident and optimistic about the future despite ongoing difficult framework conditions. The reason for this is the considerable pent-up demand for business travel and trade fair participations as well as leisure travel. In this context, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) – representing more than 100 airlines operating in Germany – is expanding its hospitality expertise and entered into a business partnership with Lindner Hotels AG on January 1, 2023. The well-known hotel chain becomes part of the BARIG network, and the Lindner Congress Hotel in Frankfurt becomes a partner of the airline association.


“We are delighted at the positive developments in business travel and tourism. In 2023, we temporarily expect travel volumes comparable to the pre-pandemic period,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “There are numerous interfaces between aviation and the hotel industry that need to be further strengthened at this important juncture. With Lindner Hotels AG as a new business partner, we are expanding our hospitality section and can advance important cross-industry topics together with the BARIG member airlines.” 

Isabell Ketteler, Cluster Sales Director at Lindner Hotels & Resorts, points out: “The good, cooperative partnership with the airlines is of great importance to us. Through the forums and formats which BARIG offers us as a business partner, we will intensify the constructive exchange with airliners from all over the world.”

Lindner Hotels AG owns 31 hotels under the brands Lindner Hotels & Resorts and me and all hotels in seven European countries. The multi-award-winning company offers a great variety of vacation and business concepts, high quality standards as well as conference and event venues with digital design concepts. The range of hotels extends from business hotels with modern meeting facilities to theme hotels, luxurious spa and golf resorts as well as city spots and historic grand hotels.

22 December, 2022

Indian Carrier Vistara Joins Airline Association BARIG

On January 1, 2023, the Indian carrier Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited), a joint venture between Tata Sons Limited (51 percent) and Singapore Airlines Limited (49 percent), will become a member of the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), which is advocating the interests of national and international airlines operating to and from Germany. With a fleet of over 50 modern aircraft, Vistara operates more than 250 flights daily to more than 40 destinations within India and globally. Vistara, represented by Friends Touristik Marketing GmbH & Co. KG in the German market, serves Germany – India’s largest EU trading partner – with six flights a week between the Indian capital Delhi and Frankfurt am Main.


Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director: “With Vistara, an airline joins BARIG that has been able to grow very dynamically since its first flight in October 2013. We are looking forward to the professional exchange and the joint work in our association’s various committees.”


Jai Prakash Tiwari, Country Manager Germany at Vistara: “The work of an airline association such as BARIG at the interface with, for example, politics or the authorities and airport operators is of great value to air traffic. Important, forward-looking topics are advanced here. As a member of BARIG, we want to participate in this and look forward to working with other airline representatives and association partners.”


Since the start of operations in 2013, more than 35 million passengers have already travelled with Vistara. A fleet expansion by more than 20 narrow- and wide-body aircraft to over 70 airplanes is planned for 2023. By now, the airline is already operating one of Asia’s youngest fleets. At the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022, Vistara was named ‘Best Airline in India and South Asia’ for the second time in a row. Moreover, Vistara was also ranked first in other categories, such as ‘Best Business Class in India and South Asia’ as well as ‘Best Airline Staff Service’ and ‘Best Cabin Crew’ in the region.

02 September, 2022

Mandatory Mask-Wearing in Aircraft: Germany’s Solo Effort Lacks Factual Basis

Mandatory Mask-Wearing in Aircraft: Germany’s Solo Effort Lacks Factual Basis

The decision by the German Federal Cabinet to extend and to even tighten the current obligation to wear masks in aircraft is met with sheer incomprehension by the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), the airline association of more than 100 national and international airlines. According to the proposed regulation, passengers on board an aircraft that is either taking off or landing in Germany will have to wear solely a FFP2 mask in future.

Consequently, BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe states: “The German Federal Government’s plan is not reasonable to us. There is no epidemiological basis for such a step. We appeal to the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) and Federal Council (Bundesrat) to revise the legislative proposal.

The international comparison shows: Germany is completely on its own with this decision. In most other countries, wearing a mask is just merely recommended. In any case, a medical mask has been sufficient there, and in Germany so far as well.

03 August, 2022

BARIG Continues its Involvement within the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt

The newly elected ACCF Executive Board (from left): Michael Hoppe (BARIG), Dr. Tobias Riege (Riege Software), Susanne Klingler-Werner (UPS Supply Chain Solutions), Henning Dieter (Swissport Cargo Services Germany), Dr. Pierre-Dominique Prümm (Fraport) and Dietmar Focke (Lufthansa Cargo).
Photo: ACCF
During the most recent general assembly of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt (ACCF) on July 26, 2022, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director Michael Hoppe was re-elected for the Executive Board for the “Airlines” segment. He represents the interests of more than 100 national and international – passenger as well as cargo – airlines operating in Germany. Hoppe is a founding team member of the ACCF and has been engaged in the community since 2014. With the re-election, BARIG continues to strengthen its commitment to the air cargo industry and supports the further development of important cargo and logistics topics.

Cooperation and exchange among the different cargo stakeholders has never been more important, especially with regard to the current bottlenecks in airport operations and handling services. Air cargo and logistics have demonstrated their central, system-critical significance for the economy in the society and need to be further optimized and improved. Only through good collaboration, the contemporary challenges can be overcome.

“Active involvement in the ACCF is of great importance to us. Within the whole cargo community, we need to work together in order to address now effectively the contemporary lack of resources and disruptions in logistics processes and supply chains,” Michael Hoppe explains. “Our BARIG member airlines aim to drive forward important cargo-related topics and, as part of the Executive Board, we need to further advance and stabilize operations in Frankfurt, Germany, and the world.”

The newly elected Executive Board consists of the following groups:

18 May, 2022

BARIG calls on German Federal Government to abolish mandatory mask-wearing on flights...

The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) reiterates its call for the abolition of mandatory mask-wearing on board of aircraft. In this way, Germany would follow the example of many European countries such as France, Great Britain, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The call is based on the recent recommendation of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) stating that it is no longer necessary to wear a mask on board of aircraft.

Although other industry associations and numerous political voices are also in favor of following the recommendation of the two European authorities, the German Federal Government has still been hesitating so far. According to the current Infection Protection Act, the obligation to wear a mask in airplanes would continue until September 23, 2022.

In this context, Michael Hoppe, BARIG Secretary General, states: “It is incomprehensible why the German Federal Government does not follow the recommendation of ECDC and EASA, although it is based on clear, scientific findings. Many European countries have already abolished the obligation to wear a mask in airplanes. Therefore, we do not understand why Germany has not yet complied with these recommendations. We urgently need uniform regulations – both at European and at global level. Such an uncoordinated approach cannot be communicated properly, especially to international passengers, and accordingly leads to numerous discussions.”

In airplanes in particular, the air is proved to be cleaner than in other areas of life. The reason for this is the use of modern ventilation and air conditioning systems, which not only renew the cabin air every two to three minutes but are also equipped with efficient HEPA filters that are scientifically confirmed and highly reliable in eliminating viruses and bacteria in the air.


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13 May, 2022

German board of airlines supports the end of mandatory mask wearing......

This week, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a clear recommendation to dispense with the mandatory wearing of masks on aircraft throughout the EU as early as May 16, 2022. This should be given if there is also no obligation to wear masks in public transport in the respective country. The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), representing more than 100 German and international airlines, supports the initiative of the two European authorities and advocates – like the German Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Volker Wissing, and other industry associations, such as the German Aviation Association (BDL) – its implementation in Germany as well. According to the current Infection Protection Act in Germany, the obligation to wear a mask would continue to apply until the law expires on September 23, 2022.

Michael Hoppe, BARIG Secretary-General, states: “Particularly during the pandemic, it has been evident time and again that is extremely important and sensible to have a uniform approach throughout Europe. This should now also be the case in the current discussion regarding the end of mask-wearing on public transport and aeroplanes. There is a clear recommendation from the EU authorities—based on scientific and pandemic insights—according to which an obligation to wear protective masks is no longer necessary. Therefore, we call on German policymakers to get active and implement the European recommendations as quickly as possible, thus, following the example of other EU countries as well. In view of the current situation, a unilateral national approach is incomprehensible and cannot be communicated clearly to the consumers.”

In this context, BARIG points to the comprehensive hygiene and protection measures taken by the airlines. These include ventilation and air conditioning systems in the aircraft using efficient HEPA filters which have proven to make the air onboard significantly cleaner than in other areas of life.


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15 March, 2022

Strikes in Germany - BARIG urges the involved parties to get engaged in talks

Verdi Strikes at German Airports

Photo AP
Another day of disruption for passengers in Germany as airport staff continues their dispute over pay and conditions that has led to mass flight cancellations and flight delays. 

Scores of flights were cancelled at Frankfurt Airport after trade union Verdi instigated strike action, starting around two in the morning. Various employees including cargo operatives and security staff stopped working with only passengers on connecting flights able to clear security.  

Frankfurt Airport operator Fraport had asked passengers not to arrive at the airport due to strike and said that over 130 of over 800 flights for Tuesday had been cancelled. 

Staff at other German airports also took action, starting on Monday and continuing into the week, including at Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Duesseldorf and Baden-Baden.

On the second day of the collective wage dispute between the German trade union Verdi and the German Association of Aviation Security Companies (BDLS), strikes continue to proceed, affecting even more airports in Germany today. BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe comments at this juncture:

“In the current situation, we—as industry association of more than 100 national and international airlines in Germany—have absolutely no understanding for the Verdi strikes at the airports. Such forms of industrial action are being taken at the expense of uninvolved third parties. Every single day of ongoing strikes has immediate consequences for tens of thousands of passengers, leading to flight cancellations and massive delays. Moreover, it causes immense damage on air traffic in Germany—especially at a time when initial signs of recovery after many months of the pandemic crisis finally had been noticed.

 We therefore urgently call on the collective bargaining parties to get engaged in constructive dialogue instead. The wage dispute can only be resolved at the negotiating table. Strikes or even unrealistic, excessive demands, on the contrary, only create unacceptable burdens on the entire air traffic industry in Germany and ultimately harm all parties involved.”

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30 November, 2021

BARIG on the New Coalition Agreement in Germany

BARIG on the New Coalition Agreement in Germany:

Opportunities for Further Development of Climate-friendly and Economically Viable Air Traffic

 “Seeking More Progress” 

The Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) welcomes a whole series of plans and projects that are presented by the so-called “traffic light” parties in the coalition agreement for the new federal government in Germany. From the international airline association’s point of view, the agreement provides a basis for the further development of air traffic in a targeted manner and with regard to economic efficiency, fair competitive conditions as well as sustainability and climate protection – nationally as well as in a European and global context.


BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe comments accordingly: “The new German government’s work will be primarily determined by the slogan ‘Seeking More Progress.’  We see this and the corresponding announcements in the coalition agreement as a positive signal for good and future-oriented support in further modernizing and stabilizing air traffic in line with the environmental and climate protection objectives.”


BARIG welcomes, inter alia, the following plans of the traffic light coalition:

02 November, 2021

Airdog Air Purification Technology: BARIG’s New Business Partner in the Section “Health Care”

The COVID-19 pandemic management of recent months is progressively allowing for facilitation in everyday life, in many sectors of the economy, as well as in the working sphere of aviation. More and more employees are able to return to their offices and interact personally with their teams. In many travel agencies, at airports, and in the tourism industry in general, customer contact is also presenting an encouraging increase. Therefore, companies endeavor to establish safe and healthy working environments for their customers and employees. In this context, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) is further expanding its cross-industry network in the section “Health Care.” The highly efficient Airdog air filtration system—developed in the U.S. and presented by Dentdeal Product & Service—presents a patented ionization process and a certified sustainable technology for office air purification that is now available to the BARIG community.


“The pandemic has changed the working world, the travel industry, and how we interact with each other on a daily basis,” says BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe. “Mouth-nose protection, social distancing, and other active hygiene precautions have become part of our everyday lives. Such measures can be useful in the workplace as well, taking, for example, the cleaning of ambient air indoors. Here, the specific use of Airdog air purification products in offices or airport facilities can significantly improve the quality of ambient air.”


The Airdog devices are based on the still young and already patented TPA technology from Silicon Valley and represent an efficient solution for air purification. Frank Andrée, CEO of Dentdeal Produkt & Service, reports: “Even before the pandemic, many companies, hospitals, and medical practices in North America, China, and Japan, for example, have relied on Airdog products. Scientists have confirmed their efficiency. Additionally, the Airdog devices require minimal maintenance and their technology is considered particularly environmentally friendly.”


Further current BARIG topics and news on aviation are available at

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22 October, 2021

BARIG Calls for Urgent Harmonization of Travel Conditions in the Air Traffic Industry

Coordination between states needs to be improved to make travel for people seamless again

Positive trends are currently to be witnessed within the travel and air traffic business; however, a steady recovery still remains a distant goal. Even though passenger traffic has increased again during vacation time in fall, the travel process as well as the vacation experience is still severely impaired by inconsistent regulations in different countries. Crucially, this is due to the states’ continuing uncoordinated approaches in key processes within the travel chain, such as entry and exit rules or the declaration of risk areas. The consequent lack of transparency leads to considerably more complex service processes, which might require more time and higher costs for companies and travelers. Accordingly, the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG) points this out and appeals to the responsible politicians to support the urgently needed harmonization of travel conditions.


In this respect, BARIG Secretary General Michael Hoppe states: “Freedom of travel and mobility does not only belong to the most basic rights of people, but also plays an eminently important role in the recovery of national economies. Therefore, it is right to reopen borders successively given the previous good and successful efforts in fighting the pandemic. However, the lack of coordination among the different countries and states is slowing down the upswing in travel, with corresponding consequences for people and the economy. Thus, we call on politicians to push forward harmonization and coordination matters, which is in the interest of every country and their citizens.”


For that reason, BARIG strongly advocates:

coordinated entry and exit rules
harmonized recognition of vaccination, recovery, and testing certificates
uniform declaration of risk areas
coordinated, uniform rules for travel between the EU and other potentially opening third countries such as China, India, and others

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08 June, 2021

Aviation Industry as a Partner for Climate Protection and a Sustainable Future

BARIG at the Air Cargo Industry Meeting 2021

Constructive collaboration between the industry, economy, and politics is in demand
Bans or higher taxes on air transport are leading to distortions of competition that do more harm than good to the environment
Innovations in the aviation industry support climate protection

“Climate protection in aviation can only be achieved sustainably and efficiently if the industry, economy, and politics work together constructively. In addition, measures must be coordinated and implemented at an international level.” This was emphasized by Michael Hoppe, Secretary General of the Board of Airline Representatives in Germany (BARIG), at this year's air cargo industry meeting, which was held as a virtual event at Cologne Bonn Airport at the invitation of the German Air Transport Association (BDL), the Federation of German Industries (BDI), and the German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV).


The reason therefore is that, only recently, several politicians called for unilateral measures that would, however, lead to massive distortions of competition. Accordingly, the German economy, and the environment as well, were to suffer.


Hence, instead of working with bans or fiscal adjustments, BARIG and the aviation industry rather advocate constructive, goal-oriented solutions to protect the climate. These include emissions trading, among other things. In addition, technical innovations and further developments in the field of alternative fuels are also required.