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26 March, 2024

Sirius Aviation AG and PARQ Development Join Forces, Bringing 10 Hydrogen VTOL Jets to Bali

Partnership to Transform Sustainable Air Travel and Tourism in Bali, Indonesia

Trailblazing aerospace company, Sirius Aviation AG, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with PARQ Development, providing ten cutting-edge hydrogen-powered vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) jets along with tailored support services to the picturesque landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. The agreement is estimated to be worth $50 million, reflecting a significant investment in advancing sustainable aviation initiatives.

Under the new deal, PARQ Development will receive five Sirius Millennium Jets and five Sirius Business Jets poised to revolutionize sustainable travel in Bali and the nearby islands. Additionally, Sirius Aviation AG will establish five vertiports and five hydrogen generators, facilitating VTOL operations, enhancing accessibility, stimulating eco-friendly tourism, and economic growth in Indonesia.

The Sirius Jet, the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions VTOL aircraft, will further PARQ Development's long-term commitment to sustainability in the region.

"Our partnership marks the dawn of a new era for Bali and its surrounding islands, emphasizing zero-emission tourism, sustainable development, and regional economic growth. With PARQ's tailored route planning and outstanding support services, we're setting a new standard," said Alexey Popov, the CEO of Sirius Aviation AG.

14 February, 2024

Sirius Aviation AG partners with India's MEHAIR for 100 hydrogen VTOL jet orders

Sirius Aviation AG has entered into a historic partnership with MEHAIR, India's premier seaplane operator, to secure 50 orders of the Sirius Millennium Jet. This agreement includes 50 firm orders, with an option to add 50 more, worth approximately $400 million.

The Sirius Jet, the world's first hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, features a high-speed capability, quieter ducted fan jets, and an innovative hydrogen powertrain. This state-of-the-art jet boasts an exceptional range of 1150 miles– eight times that of traditional eVTOLs, and an impressive speed of 323 mph– three times faster, set to redefine air travel.

Under this historic deal, MEHAIR will oversee the assembly of 50 Sirius Millennium Jets and 1,400 Millennium Hydrogen Fan Jets, along with integrating 50 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains and 10 Hydrogen Generation Units in India, marking a new era of zero-carbon aviation.

"This strategic alliance with MEHAIR lays the foundation for a greener future in air travel; embodying a commitment to eco-friendly aviation and technological excellence," said Alexey Popov, the CEO of Sirius Aviation AG.

"Joining forces with Sirius Jet marks a significant step for India's aviation, promising passengers luxurious yet economical travel with zero emissions," said Siddharth Verma, the Managing Director of MEHAIR.

01 February, 2024

Sirius Aviation AG debuts world's first hydrogen powertrain with Sauber F1.....

Pioneering Swiss aerospace startup Sirius Aviation AG, proudly announces the historic unveiling of its groundbreaking Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System for the Sirius Jet, alongside esteemed partners BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1. The momentous event took place on January 17, 2024, at Payerne Airport in Switzerland; marking the first public exhibition and inaugural ignition of the revolutionary propulsion system.

This historic occasion marked the inaugural firing of an aviation engine within a presentation room, releasing only water vapour and zero pollutants, an epoch-making moment in aviation technology. The event also showcased the Sirius Jet, a high-performance, zero-emission vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, propelled by a hydrogen-electric propulsion system; poised to reshape the future of global air travel.

"This marks a new chapter in sustainable aviation and we are presenting a vehicle that will completely transform the aviation industry," said Alexey Popov, CEO at Sirius Aviation AG. "We express the utmost gratitude to our partners and trailblazing team for their continued support on this historic journey."

World-renowned industry leaders and partners of the Sirius Jet project attended and spoke at the landmark event, including:

John Schoenbeck, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW Group Designworks
Tommy Forsgren, Lead Designer at BMW Group Designworks
Jonathan Herzog, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Sauber Group F1
Giuseppe Sernicola, Senior Vice President at Leonardo Aerostructures
Zigmund Bluvband, President of ALD Service

Collaboration partners expressed optimism about the hydrogen era in aviation and recognized the Sirius Jet as a pivotal player in regional hydrogen flight.

"This project is about innovation, transportation, and mobility; making it the perfect realm for Designworks," said John Schoenbeck, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW Group Designworks. "Our work spans across exterior and interior design, color material, user interface, and experience design. We are very proud to be part of the journey of this pioneering company that sets out to revolutionize air travel."