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04 November, 2023

Horizon Air names Jason Berry as president


This week, the Horizon Air Board of Directors elected Jason Berry as president of Horizon Air. A 28-year industry veteran, Berry will lead strategy, oversee operations and engage the airline’s nearly 3,500 employees, as the airline continues to deliver exceptional regional air service on behalf of Alaska Airlines. Berry replaces Joe Sprague, who is retiring as Horizon president after four years and will shift to a senior advisor role at Alaska Airlines.    
Berry joined Horizon in early 2023 as senior vice president, operations. In this role he oversaw key aspects of the airline’s operations including employees in the regional carrier’s four largest workgroups. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know our Horizon team over the past nine months and our employees are truly remarkable,” Berry said. “Horizon is an incredibly well-run airline, and our people have a special dedication and heart. The opportunity to lead Horizon is an immense honour.”

22 July, 2022

Alaska Air orders eight new E175 aircraft for operation by Horizon Air

 Earlier this week, Alaska Air Group announced an order for eight additional new E175 aircraft to be operated by Horizon Air. The new aircraft will be flown exclusively for Alaska Airlines by Horizon.

Horizon is transitioning out of flying the Q400 and moving to a single fleet of E175s to be flown to the more than 45 cities Horizon serves throughout the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, California, the Midwest, and British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.

“The E175 is an extremely efficient aircraft,” said Nat Pieper, senior vice president of fleet, finance and alliances for Alaska Airlines. “The jet is the perfect aircraft to serve Horizon’s regional network in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our guests will enjoy a consistent, three-class cabin experience as they travel from smaller communities to catch flights across Alaska’s larger hubs or on one of our many global airline partners.

Horizon will take delivery of nine E175s over the next year as part of a previous order that also includes three deliveries in 2025. With this order by 2026, if not sooner, Horizon will have a fleet of 50 E175s.

Mark Neely, VP Americas, Embraer Commercial Aviation, said, “The E175 is the backbone of the US regional network, feeding airport hubs across the country as well as producing the connectivity all communities need to thrive, both economically and socially. While this market is currently under pressure, it is essential that carriers are able to provide these essential services to the entire United States. The Embraer E175, with 85% market share in its segment, is keeping the US on the move and in touch.”

The Alaska Airlines’ E175 experience:

Seat pitch is 31 inches in the Main Cabin, 34 inches in Premium Class and between 36 and 38 inches in First Class.
All guests flying on the E175 will enjoy a window or aisle seat.
The regional jet is equipped with large overhead bins.
Maximum cruising altitude: 41,000 feet
Typical cruising speed: 494 mph

27 June, 2022

Alaska Airlines leading the field in compassion for staff….

Alaska Airlines leading the field in compassion for staff….

Alaska Airlines and its subsidiary airline Horizon Air are leading the way in compassion shown to staff following the shock news that The Supreme Court of the United States overturned the protections previously afforded under the Roe v Wade case.

In a memo to staff, the carrier said “We will continue, just as we always have, to provide employees with extensive benefits to support your health and well-being, no matter where you live. This includes reimbursing travel for certain medical procedures and treatments if they are not available where you live. Today’s Supreme Court decision does not change that.”

The other big airlines in the U.S. have remained silent on their arrangements for staff in the wake of the ruling which previously protected abortion rights, however big names in other industries, such as Amazon and Starbucks have said they will continue to offer travel money to those seeking such medical treatment including abortions not available in their home state.

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09 March, 2022

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air launch Ascend Pilot Academy

Alaska Airlines and its regional partner Horizon Air are teaming up with Hillsboro Aero Academy, a premier flight school in the Pacific Northwest, to launch the Ascend Pilot Academy (APA). This new development programme, designed for aspiring pilots, provides a simpler, more financially accessible path to becoming a commercial pilot at Horizon and eventually then on to Alaska Air. 

In partnership with Hillsboro Aero, the two airlines will register and train up to 250 students a year. Once enrolled, cadet pilots will be eligible for low-interest financial aid, a $25,000 stipend to cover the cost of a commercial pilot license, mentorship and guidance from Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air pilots and a conditional job offer at Horizon Air.   "Launching the Ascend Pilot Academy addresses a critical need to build a larger and more diverse talent pipeline and remove historical barriers to entry for aspiring pilots," said Joe Sprague, Horizon Air president. "Our goal is to create a program that enables students to complete an intensive training and time-building program, with a clear and established path toward flying for Horizon as a first officer."

Combined, Alaska and Horizon estimate they will need to hire 500 pilots a year, or 2,000 by 2025. The Ascend Pilot Academy is one part of building that diverse talent pipeline.  "We're taking a number of steps to actively recruit pilots at both Alaska and Horizon, including enhancing our existing Pilot Development Program and launching a robust marketing recruiting campaign," added Sprague.

Barriers to entry

The barriers to entry for aspiring pilots can seem nearly impossible to overcome, particularly for young people who are unable to afford the estimated $70,000 to $90,000 to pay for training, schooling, and the licenses to become a commercially rated pilot. Furthermore, it can be difficult for flight school students to secure government-backed financing, which means financing terms are often prohibitive.

In response to these challenges, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have been advocating for expanded federal student loan aid to also cover costs associated with flight education.

"It should be as easy to get a federally backed, low-interest student loan to become a pilot as it is to attend medical school," Sprague said. "The Ascend Pilot Academy aims to do just that."

16 July, 2021

Horizon Air pilots pass vote to amend labor contract

Horizon Air
pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224 (IBT), have voted to ratify a new wage agreement. IBT represents Horizon's more than 800 pilots.

"Thank you to the IBT, their team and company representatives who worked diligently to reach a settlement," said Carlos Zendejas, Horizon Air vice president of flight operations. "This agreement recognizes the valuable contributions of the pilot group, while also allowing the company to react and compete in changing market conditions for pilot demand."

The agreement, which passed with 74% of the vote, includes competitive wage increases aimed to attract and retain pilots.

"The Airline Professionals Association Executive Council at Horizon Air is proud to support an agreement that provides a well-deserved mid-contract wage improvement to our more than 800 members," said Hunter Chumbley, chairman, Horizon Air Pilots Executive Council. "The wage increases from this agreement provide recognition to their great work every day."

Airline employees are covered by the Railway Labor Act, so labour agreements do not expire; they become amendable and remain in effect until a new contract is ratified.

Horizon Air is a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group and flies to 63 cities across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

To learn more about career opportunities at Horizon Air, pilots can visit the careers page at

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08 November, 2019

Alaska Air makes leadership changes

Ben Minicucci, president of Alaska AirlinesAlaska Air Group announced today three key leadership advancements to position Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air for future growth and success: Ben Minicucci, as president of Alaska, will be responsible for all commercial and operational duties including rollout and execution of the company's strategic plan; Gary Beck becomes Alaska's executive vice president and chief operating officer; and Joe Sprague returns to Air Group in the role of president of Horizon. All appointments are effective immediately.

"Together, these talented executives bring more than four decades of expertise working across a wide variety of divisions at Air Group," said Brad Tilden, chairman and CEO of Alaska Air Group. "We've doubled in size in just the past five years. Their experience and leadership abilities will be crucial as we continue to grow and navigate new opportunities and challenges."

06 June, 2019

Alaska Airlines promotes Andy Schneider to senior vice president of people; Horizon Air promotes Matt Prainito to vice president of station and inflight operations

As Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air continue to grow, two talented executives with broad and deep experience at Alaska Air Group have been promoted to key roles to continue building a company culture that puts people, both our guests and our employees, first.

The Alaska Airlines board of directors has elected Andrea "Andy" Schneider as senior vice president of people for Alaska Airlines. The Horizon Air board of directors has elected Matt Prainito as vice president of station and inflight operations for Horizon Air.

05 March, 2019

Alaska Airlines starts flights from Paine Field

                              Alaska Airlines celebrated the launch of flights from Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport in Everett this week, with the first flight heading to Portland, Oregon.

The new service is designed to give those who live north of Seattle – with an easier, more convenient option for catching a flight. By mid-March, Alaska will have its full flight schedule of 18 daily nonstop departures to eight West Coast destinations. 

Jet service offers 18 daily nonstop departures from Everett to eight West Coast destinations

"The opening of a brand-new commercial air terminal at Paine Field is history in the making. We're extremely proud to be a part of a growing, thriving Pacific Northwest and West Coast," said Andrew Harrison, Alaska Airlines' chief commercial officer. "From Everett, our guests can travel more easily and more quickly to eight terrific West Coast cities, and then continue on to nearly anywhere else they'd like to go, especially with our 15 Global Partners that fly to 900 destinations around the world."

11 August, 2018

Taking a plane for a joyride.....ground worker steals a passenger aircraft.

It's believed that a suicidal airline employee, a member of the ground crew, stole an empty passenger aircraft from Seattle Tacoma Airport, for an hour joyride on Friday evening before crashing into an island in Puget Sound. 

It's believed the man stole the aircraft,  made "an unauthorised take-off" late on Friday which forced the airport to halt operations for a period of time and the air force to scramble two F15 fighter jets. The man, who has not yet been named by officials, then did a number of manoeuvres in the air including a complete loop the loop, flying inverted, doing a low pass over the water as well as appearing to climb straight up.

When I first heard this story on the radio news, I assumed it had been a small Cessna or a similarly sized aircraft, I was therefore shocked to discover it was a twin-engined turboprop Bombardier Q400 belonging to Alaska Airlines' sister carrier Horizon Air.

14 March, 2018

Horizon Air Group Rebranding as Leviate

Horizon Air Group has made remarkable strides during its foundational years, having acquired Word Class Jet (dba Starbase Jet) last summer and now rebranding itself as LEVIATE. As the company has expanded, it has developed into one of the only business aviation companies with fully dedicated air charter brokerage, aircraft sales and acquisitions, and FAA air carrier divisions all under one roof.  

Initially started as a boutique air charter brokerage, company leadership had not expected such rapid growth, nor developing into an FAA certified air carrier.  The entry into aircraft operations even garnered the direct attention of $2 billion aviation giant Alaska Airlines over their abandoned use name. 

16 February, 2018

Alaska Air Group reports January 2018 operational results

 Alaska Air Group reported its January operational results this week,  on a consolidated basis, for its mainline operations operated by subsidiaries Alaska Airlines Inc. (Alaska) and Virgin America Inc. (Virgin America), and for its regional flying operated by subsidiary Horizon Air Industries Inc. (Horizon) and third-party regional carriers SkyWest Airlines and Peninsula Airlines.

On Jan. 11, 2018, Alaska and Virgin America consolidated their operations onto a Single Operating Certificate (SOC). As a result, operational results for Alaska and Virgin America have been combined into a single mainline operation.

26 January, 2018

Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and Horizon Air employees receive $148 million in bonuses

 Employees of Alaska Air Group companies Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and Horizon Air are receiving $118 million in incentive bonuses today. For most employees, this equates to an average of more than 7 percent of their annual pay in 2017. In addition, 23,000 Air Group employees will receive a one-time $1,000 bonus on Jan. 29 from additional tax savings the company expects to receive this year.

The company's annual bonus, called Performance Based Pay (PBP), is determined by meeting or exceeding specific company-wide goals for safety, customer satisfaction, cost control, customer loyalty and profit. For the ninth year in a row, employees will enjoy a payout of about an additional month's pay.

"In light of so many important achievements in the last year, including meeting several integration milestones, I'd like to thank all 23,000 employees at Alaska, Virgin America, Horizon and McGee Air Services for their hard work and laser-like focus on safety," said Ben Minicucci, Alaska Airlines' president and COO. "It's an honor to work alongside such dedicated, committed employees who deliver outstanding service to our guests every day."

The PBP bonus is in addition to the approximately $7 million in monthly operational bonuses that employees earned over 2017 for achieving monthly on-time and customer satisfaction goals. The combined monthly, annual and one-time bonuses paid to employees total $148 million.

06 November, 2017

Horizon Air Pulling Out of Alaska

Horizon Air is packing its bags and heading out of Alaska and its Bombardier turboprop Q400 aircraft will be phased out by March of 2018 the parent company Alaska Air Group official announced.

The current Horizon Air routes will be taken over by Alaska Airlines and operated by Boeing 737 aircraft, with a much higher capacity than the Q400's could accommodate. Horizon, it's Anchorage base will also close on 10th March or shortly thereafter, leaving the futures of over 50 staff members in doubt.

Alaska Airlines Regional Vice President Marilyn Romano said last week that Horizon “has struggled to operate cost-effectively in such a remote environment with limited resources.” Horizon started flying in Alaska in 2014.  Employees have been notified of the closure, and resources are available for those employees who will be impacted by this decision,” Romano said. “Horizon’s 51 Anchorage-based employees have provided great service to our guests and have been offered opportunities to relocate to other Horizon bases in the Lower 48.”

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