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03 July, 2023

New ATR42-600 planes add capacity to Loganair routes.

The UK’s largest regional carrier and Scotland's airline Loganair has introduced its first ATR aircraft to Glasgow Airport as part of a multi-million investment programme to upgrade and futureproof its fleet.

The ATR42-600 aircraft are larger, quieter, and more efficient than the Saab 340s planes they are replacing. They will operate on services linking Glasgow with Islay, Benbecula, Sumburgh and Donegal from July, followed by Kirkwall and Derry services from August.

The transition to new ATR aircraft on services at Glasgow heralds the ongoing replacement of the venerable Saab 340s. These have been the mainstay of Loganair’s island services since their introduction in 1999. Some Saab services will continue until the end of the summer before the airline formally bids farewell to the aircraft which have served its Scottish island services for more than 20 years.

Passengers will benefit from an improved cabin experience, including larger overhead luggage storage, four-abreast seating, and a quieter, more comfortable flight. Plus, hese bigger aircraft have Increased hold capacity which will all the carriage of pets and small cargo.

Jonathan Hinkles, CEO, Loganair, said: "This is a major milestone in Loganair’s investment plans to renew our fleet, and it futureproofs the essential air links to Scotland’s island communities which is Loganair’s privilege to serve. Investment in new equipment has been undertaken by Loganair on a purely commercial basis and without recourse to public subsidy."

It is expected that airline SAAB aircraft will operate scheduled flights for the carrier during late September or early October, although this may change depending on operational requirements.   

21 December, 2020

Air Saint-Pierre takes delivery of a new ATR 42-600

The airline will continue to provide essential connectivity with the most responsible regional aircraft on the market

Air Saint-Pierre took delivery of its new ATR 42-600 aircraft earlier this month following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2018. Based on one of the three main islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (around 6,300 inhabitants), Air Saint-Pierre is essential to the archipelago’s economy, as it flies both passengers and goods to Miquelon, St. John’s, the Magdalen Islands, Halifax and Montreal. The new aircraft will replace the airline’s existing ATR 42-500 which has been in operation since 2009.

In addition to benefitting from unbeatable environmental performance and economics, the ATR 600’s proven ability to operate effectively in windy conditions is vital for Air Saint-Pierre. The -600 series can take-off and land in crosswind conditions of 45 knots, a unique capability which enables the airline to offer reliable air services to its communities. Air Saint-Pierre’s passengers will also enjoy the modernity and comfort of the Armonia cabin, whilst the airline’s pilots will appreciate the state-of-the-art avionics suite, resulting in a smoother flying experience for all.

09 January, 2020

Bumpy ride for passengers on Japan Airlines Commuter ATR42......

The end of Japan Air Commuter (JAC) flight JAC/3X3830 from Kikaijima to Amami was a rather bumpy affair when the ATR42-600 left the runway upon landing for 15 metres or so and got stuck in the mud.

The incident happened at around 1000 local time on Wednesday 8th  and there were 18 passengers and three crew on board at the time and according to reports, nobody was injured and all were able to leave the aircraft unaided. 

25 November, 2019

Florida based Silver Airways puts the first ATR 72-600 in the US in the air

One of the leading independent regional US airlines, Silver Airways, has just received Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transport certification to begin operations of its new 70-seat ATR 72-600 aircraft, making history as the first airline to operate the state-of-the-art aeroplane in the U.S. 

The ATR-600 series aircraft are specifically designed for short-haul markets, but with the same look, feel and customer amenities of larger jetliners. Over the past year, Silver Airways has undergone a complete operational, fleet and customer service transformation and in doing so is reinventing the regional flying sector.

23 July, 2018

ATR at Farnborough 2018

Hokkaido Air System Company, part of the JAL Group Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ATR for the purchase of two firm ATR 42-600s with an option for a third. 

It is planned that Hokkaido Air will begin operating these aircraft from 2020 to replace the airlines fleet of aging Saab 340's.  The carriers President, Yoichiro Kuwano said, “The ATR 42-600 benefits from a wide cabin, comparable to that of medium-sized aircraft and will significantly improve cabin comfort for our passengers. Also, the aircraft has extensive experience with operations in cold winter, which will increase the reliability of the operation in cold Hokkaido. With this new aircraft and the safe operation system we’ve established, we will continue to provide reliable and comfortable travel to local businesses and communities.”

26 January, 2018

20 ATR aircraft for Silver Airways

ATR announces its first deal of 2018 which sees the introduction of the ATR -600 series in the US, to be operated by Silver Airways. The airline will introduce 20 ATR -600 aircraft into its fleet, of which 16 will be ATR 42-600s and four will be ATR 72-600s. This follows a deal between ATR and Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) for the purchase of 15 ATR -600s, of which 12 will be ATR 42-600s and three will be ATR 72-600s. These aircraft, along with five from an existing order between ATR and NAC, will be leased to Silver Airways, making them the first operator of ATR -600 series aircraft in the US.

The aircraft order is also particularly significant given that it commemorates the 100th new aircraft order that NAC has placed with the world’s leading regional aircraft manufacturer. It is further testament to the lessor’s commitment to strengthening its position as the global leader in the regional aircraft leasing space.

The delivery and subsequent entry into service of the first -600 aircraft under the livery of Silver Airways will take place in March of this year. The aircraft, an ATR 42-600, will be configured with 46 seats in a 2-2 seating configuration, with a pitch of up to 32 inches. The remaining deliveries are expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2020. Crew training will be conducted by ATR at its new training facility in Miami, which is home to a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) for the ATR -600 series aircraft.