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30 December, 2020

Air Asia Group scales back investment in Air Asia India

Is the mighty AirAsia Group starting to consolidate its global holdings and operational footprint?  Could this be an indication that a sale is on the way in the not too distant future. That may be the case, as the group has just confirmed it has disposed of 32.67% of its equity shares in AirAsia
(India) Limited (AAI) held by the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, AirAsia Investment Limited (AAIL). This brings down its shareholding in AAI to 16.33%. 

Bo Lingam President of the airline's division of the AirAsia Group, said, “This transaction is in line with our initiatives towards reducing cash utilisation for the Group and will allow us to use cash to grow market share in our core markets in Asean, particularly in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as for our future expansion into Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. 

“AirAsia Group has been reviewing its forward business strategy regularly, including its investment in AAI. This transaction will ensure strict cost containment for AirAsia Group in the short term, and strengthen our presence in Asean while continuing our market dominance for travel from Asean to India and North Asia.

24 October, 2020

AirAsia India welcomes its first Airbus A320neo

AirAsia India welcomed its first Airbus A320neo (new engine option), which arrived in New Delhi on 21st October 2020 from Airbus's production facility in Toulouse, France. 

The airline celebrated the induction of its 31st aircraft registered VT-ATD at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. AirAsia India’s first A320neo departed Toulouse at 1900 local time (20th October) and landed in New Delhi, one of the airline’s hubs at 0710 IST (21st October) with a crew consisting of senior pilots, cabin crew and engineers. 

23 October, 2020

Air Asia India launches new routes connecting Mumbai with Goa, Chennai with Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Jaipur with Kolkata

Air Asia India launches new routes connecting Mumbai  with  Goa, Chennai with Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Jaipur with Kolkata

                         Building on its route network,  AirAsia India launched six new routes connecting Mumbai - Goa,  Chennai - Ahmedabad, Goa - Chennai, Mumbai- Chennai, Chennai - Visakhapatnam, and Jaipur - Kolkata. Patrons can book flights on the new routes that are now open for bookings. 

Identifying the demand forecast in the festive season and driven by its mission to enhance the air connectivity in the country,  the airline has embarked on a steady growth path as the travel industry recovers. With offerings such as ‘Flex Fares’, allowing guests the flexibility to change their travel dates an unlimited number of times at no additional cost, AirAsia India is focused on ensuring a convenient and hassle-free travel.

15 August, 2020

Air Asia India to offer 50,000 free seats to Indian Armed Forces

                                  Ahead of India’s 74th Independence Day, AirAsia India has announced the AirAsia RedPass initiative for Indian armed forces personnel in recognition of their contribution to the nation, defending democracy and security. In keeping with the long-standing commitment to nation-building, AirAsia India is offering 50,000 seats on flights across its domestic network as part of this initiative. In addition, the airline also offers Armed Forces personnel priority boarding and priority baggage service at all airport stations.

In June, at the height of the initial response to the pandemic, AirAsia India announced the AirAsia RedPass initiative offering a goodwill trip for doctors across the country, which received an overwhelming positive response. In recognition of their sacrifices and long stints away from their own homes to ensure that we all remain safe in ours, the airline now proudly extends the AirAsia RedPass to all Indian Armed Forces including the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Paramilitary Forces and Under Trainee Cadets. The AirAsia RedPass offer is also extended to dependants of serving personnel and retired Indian Armed Forces personnel in recognition of their sacrifices and invites readers, guests and followers to #PassOnTheGoodwill by sharing the AirAsia RedPass application link with friends and family in the services.

05 August, 2020

AirAsia India partners with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to improve contactless procedures for guests

                   Bangalore International Airport Limited’s (BIAL) ambitious DigiYatra project — a fully biometric-based self-boarding solution for seamless flow from registration to boarding — just got bigger and better with AirAsia India and BIAL collaborating on the digital journey.  To enhance contactless and safe procedures for guests, AirAsia India announced the adoption of BIAL’s biometric journey at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. 

DigiYatra is an industry-led initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in line with Digital India's vision to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society, wherein guests may automatically be processed based on facial biometric systems at checkpoints like Airport entry point, Security check and Boarding gates at the terminal.

The ONE-ID biometric platform technology developed and installed by Vision-Box has now been enabled for AirAsia India flights from BLR Airport.

19 June, 2020

AirAsia India becomes the 1st domestic airline in India to launch safe door to door baggage service

A week after celebrating the 6th Anniversary of its operations in the country, AirAsia India today, became the first domestic airline to  launch safe door to door baggage service for its guests, branded AirAsia FlyPorter. The revolutionary FlyPorter service gives guests flying with AirAsia India the luxury of doorstep baggage pick up as well as the option to continue their journey to their final destination within the city on arrival with the freedom to travel without baggage. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the travel and service industries with a significant impact on safety, social distancing and other operational policies for airlines and airports. While touchless and contactless check-in and boarding has ensured that guests feel safe while opting for air travel, AirAsia India’s FlyPorter service now introduces a more safe, stringent and hassle-free way to transport your baggage as well. An industry first, the door to door baggage delivery service entails FlyPorter picking the baggage from the guests’ home and delivering it at their doorstep.  

02 June, 2020

AirAsia India to give Doctors 50,000 seats on AirAsia flights on with its new AirAsia RedPass initiative

     AirAsia India announced a special initiative, the 'AirAsia RedPass', acknowledging the contribution made by doctors in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors have been at the forefront of the nation's fight against the pandemic, working tirelessly to save lives without fearing for their own.

 As part of this initiative to pay a tribute to doctors, AirAsia India will give away 50,000 free seats on flights across its domestic sectors to doctors as a gesture of gratitude for their commendable efforts in support of the nation.

 Doctors can submit their contact details and desired sector and date of travel between 1 Jul 2020 to 30 Sep 2020 with their registration number or ID as proof on Applications are open till 12 June 2020 with up to 50,000 AirAsia RedPasses available for doctors across the country who would also be given special privileges like priority boarding at the airport. The RedPass would be valid for a one-way flight for the successful applicant doctors on the AirAsia India domestic network.

30 May, 2020

AirAsia India opens bookings for travel

AirAsia India has opened up reservations for travel to 21 destinations across its network. as domestic travel across the country starts to resume. 

All AirAsia aircraft are fitted with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresters) filtration systems which are said to filter around 99.99% of dust particles and airborne contaminants such as viruses and bacteria, ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air. The airline says these HEPA filters offer a performance level similar to those used in hospital operating theatres, although it does depend on how well they are maintained and changed to their overall effectiveness.  AirAsia India will also be introducing regular disinfection procedures, with agents using cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products approved by the Public Health Authority and aircraft manufacturer to keep the interiors clean.

Sunil Bhaskaran, MD & CEO, AirAsia India said: “We are appreciative of the government working collaboratively with all stakeholders to define the new protocols to help open up domestic flying in a calibrated manner keeping the health and safety of passengers and the airline crew in focus. The new SOPs and guidelines will pave the way for ensuring and instilling a sense of confidence amongst passengers. The precautions taken and preparedness displayed by the airlines and airport operators cohesively will reinstate air travel as the safest and fastest mode of transportation. As an airline, with its pillars standing firmly on the foundation of ‘Being Guest Obsessed’ and ‘Safety Always’, we will continue to incorporate measures on these underlying principles in all facets of our business.”

26 March, 2020

Temporary grounding of AirAsia Group's fleet

In view of the continued coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that has led to extensive and increasing border restrictions imposed by various countries, the AirAsia Group is temporarily hibernating most of its fleet across the network.

25 July, 2018

Deceased baby found in toilet of Air Asia India aircraft

Shocking news emerging from India where a dead baby has been found left abandoned in the toilet of an Air Asia India jet on Wednesday.

The flight from the eastern city of Guwahati was heading to New Delhi and the crew were getting the aircraft ready for its arrival when they made the gruesome lifeless discovery.  It is believed the deceased baby had only recently been born and according to local police, a woman who was suspected to have given birth onboard the flight has been taken into custody for questioning. 

Air Asia India confirmed the incident had taken place and said it had informed the country’s aviation authority, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, assuring “We will be assisting in the investigation and cooperating with all concerned agencies.”

30 May, 2018

Trouble ahead for Air Asia India and boss Tony Fernandes

Trouble ahead for Tony Fernandes, the CEO of AirAsia Group, as the Indian police have confirmed to media that they have filed a case against both Fernandes and AirAsia India, over allegations of corruption and breaking rules in obtaining a flying license. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has accused the airline and third parties, along with some staff of violating India’s foreign direct investment rules while obtaining the licenses. Additionally, there are accusations of bribing government officials in order to get regulations relaxed to allow AirAsia India to commence some international routes.

The CBI said the airline, Tony Fernandes and others “chose to beat the legal frameworks and policies of the aviation sector of India” and lobbied government officials “to secure mandatory approvals, some of them through non-transparent means”.

AirAsia India said it refuted any allegations of wrongdoing and was co-operating with all regulators and agencies “to present the correct facts”. However, the investigation has come at a bad time for the carrier, when expansion plans were well advanced. 

Mr Fernandes is also currently facing another investigation, in Malaysia over a dispute with the Malaysian Aviation Committee, over the cancellation of 120 flights during the general election period earlier in May.