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16 November, 2023

Vmo Aircraft Leasing Completes Sale and Leaseback for One Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft with SmartLynx Airlines

Vmo Aircraft Leasing, a global full-service lessor, announced today the successful execution of a sale and leaseback transaction for one Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft with Latvia-based operator SmartLynx Airlines (“SmartLynx”). The aircraft was delivered to the airline in late October.

“This transaction establishes a new partnership with one of Europe’s leading ACMI operators,” commented Peter Watson, Chief Commercial Officer of Vmo Aircraft Leasing. “We are pleased to partner with SmartLynx on this transaction and look forward to continued growth opportunities. We thank the whole SmartLynx team for enabling us to complete the deal quickly.”

“We at SmartLynx deeply value the partnership with Vmo, as it marks a significant step in enhancing our ACMI services. This successful sale and leaseback transaction for the 737 MAX 8 is a testament to our commitment to excellence and collaboration in the aviation industry. We appreciate the efficient and professional approach of Vmo's team, and we look forward to exploring further opportunities to strengthen our fleet and service capabilities together,” said Zygimantas Surintas, Chief Executive Officer of SmartLynx Airlines.

10 November, 2022

GA Telesis confirms delivery of three A320 to SmartLynx Airlines of Latvia....

GA Telesis has confirmed the delivery of three A320 aircraft on long-term lease to SmartLynx Airlines. The aircraft are part of the GA Telesis-owned fleet and were delivered to SmartLynx throughout 2022.

GA Telesis’ Leasing, Investment, Financing & Trading (“LIFT”) Group has continued on a steep growth trajectory by purchasing quality assets, investing in maintenance, and placing on a long-term lease. These aircraft were purchased over the last 18 months and will assist SmartLynx in continuing to provide top-tier ACMI and charter services for their established customer base.

“SmartLynx has established itself as a global leader in the ACMI market over the last number of years. Their growing fleet of passenger and freighter aircraft will ensure they are well positioned to continue to serve their customers’ needs with high-quality operating assets,” commented Marc Cho, Chief Investment Officer and President of LIFT. Cho further remarked, “GA Telesis is pleased to be part of the SmartLynx success story.”

“We are very pleased to continue to execute on our growth plans with the addition of these three A320s,” commented Zygimantas Surintas, CEO, SmartLynx

06 July, 2022

SmartLynx Airlines increasing fleet to 60 aircraft to cope with growing demand.....................

SmartLynx Airlines provides Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance services to help several European airlines deal with a resource crisis caused by the rising passenger numbers, lack of spare parts, and labour shortages. The company currently operates a fleet of 44 aircraft, which is expected to increase to 60 by the end of the summer, making SmartLynx Airlines the operator of the largest aircraft fleet in the Baltic countries.

“The aviation market has experienced great fluctuations in the past three years – from the best year in history in terms of passenger turnover to 2020, when this business almost ceased to exist. Currently, airlines around the world are seeing a huge increase in passenger numbers, struggling to meet the demand. Due to disruptions in supply chains, spare parts for aircraft repairs arrive late, there are labour shortages at both airlines and airports, and fuel prices have increased significantly. At the moment, the biggest problems can be observed at the large airports in the Netherlands and Great Britain, where people have to wait in long queues as the airports are short-handed,” says SmartLynx Airlines CEO Žygimantas Surintas.

In most cases, Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance is a short- or medium-term solution so that airlines could ensure the necessary number of flights during the high season. Airlines that have large fleets also use this service when an aircraft has technical problems and a quick solution is needed, which also comes with excellent service. SmartLynx Airlines is currently one of the largest ACMI operators in Europe with a 30% market share, and the largest in Great Britain (69%). The expansion in the British market is due to the fact that, in the wake of Brexit, airlines are short of employees as crews of UK-registered aircraft must have British visas, which is why airlines prefer to lease aircraft with crews.

“Buying new aircraft means enormous investment, and for the purchase to be profitable, the plane needs to be up in the air all year round, carrying cargo or passengers. That is why airlines do not purchase additional aircraft for crisis situations, but rather lease aircraft from other airlines when necessary. ACMI operators, or Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance companies, offer airlines an alternative to the financial burden associated with long-term aircraft ownership by providing temporary access to aircraft, crews, maintenance, and insurance," explains SmartLynx Airlines CEO Žygimantas Surintas.

Using the crisis as an opportunity

17 February, 2022

SmartLynx hiring cabin crew team!

Dreaming to become a Cabin Crew or fancy a change in your career?

SmartLynx is looking for Experienced & Inexperienced Cabin Crew to join its growing team.

"As a member of our cabin crew, you will enjoy all the benefits of supported accommodation, the exciting and ever-changing life of being a crew member, having multinational and multicultural colleagues. You will grow professionally and personally!

For newcomers to the industry, we provide all the necessary training and open doors to an amazing and rewarding new world. Grow with us! Call out to Senior Cabin Crew ready to take the leadership roles in cabins of our A320/A330 Family and Boeing 737 MAX aircraft!

This is an exciting opportunity to join the #smartteam and the leading ACMI operator in the world. You have excellent personality and people management skills, and you are eager to work in a multicultural team? We want you!"

SmartLynx Cabin Crew Team | SmartLynx Airlines

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07 February, 2022

SmartLynx Airlines adding Boeing 737 MAX 8 to the fleet

SmartLynx Airlines has just signed an agreement with SMBC Aviation Capital to lease first two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, to meet growing demand from European and overseas markets.

This strategic expansion secures our leading position in the EU-based ACMI, charter and cargo operator league and making our fleet the largest in the region. 

The most exciting part for our customers will certainly be the new destinations that are now in range. However, cutting fuel consumption and lowering noise and CO2 emissions is no less important. Besides, this addition of the latest generation aircraft means significant service improvements and unmatched technical reliability across all markets.

Zygimantas Surintas, SmartLynx Airlines CEO comments: "As SmartLynx Airlines continues to modernize its fleet, there's no doubt that the Boeing 737 MAX 8 is the right aircraft for us, and we were pleased to work with SMBC to make it happen," "Not only will these aircraft allow us to expand our services and the markets we can cover, it will also allow us to ensure even better-quality service and unmatched technical reliability."

We are delighted to work with SMBC Aviation Capital, one of the biggest global lessors, to make this fleet modernization happen, and partner with Boeing to make the delivery of all new units as smooth as possible.

A recruitment campaign has already been launched to source suitably qualified crews for the newly leased aircraft.

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28 December, 2021

SmartLynx is looking for cabin crew members.......

.SmartLynx Cabin Crew Training Instructor Courses are comprehensive training courses aligned with EASA and ICAO requirements. After the training, students are equipped with in-depth knowledge of educational subjects and all training requirements, enabling them to transfer the learning to future trainees on all the matters regarding operations in the aircraft cabin.

Our Instructor team are flying professionals actively operating for SmartLynx Airlines. With extensive experience in ACMI services, they know what it takes to be outstanding and what airlines want.  

07 July, 2021

SmartLynx shows off Airbus A321 Freighter

The SmartLynx Airbus A321F has broken new ground in air cargo transportation.

The carrier was happy to share footage of the most technologically advanced and environmentally efficient aircraft in its class now based in Leipzig/Halle Airport and operating on behalf of DHL.

A320/A321P2F are the only Single Aisle freighters that accommodate containers or pallets on both decks, allowing for more useable volume, increased payload capability, better interlining capability and turnaround times, as well as more flexibility. The A321 aircraft allows the cargo mover to carry live animals, cars, aircraft engines, etc. – cargo that was previously transported only via wide-body aircraft.

The A321F, with the registration 9H-CGA, is the first aircraft of its type to be registered in Malta and is also the first of its type to be introduced to the SmartLynx line-up of A320 and A321 aircraft.

SmartLynx – a family member of the Avia Solutions Group, the largest aviation and aerospace business group operating in Central and Eastern Europe – is also proud of the aircraft’s new livery, specially commissioned to feature both SmartLynx and DHL branding. The new freighter will fly to Leipzig where it will commence operations in support of the Express Division of Deutsche Post’s DHL group. The partnership will further enhance DHL’s unit Co2 emissions by introducing the most fuel-efficient narrow-body aircraft in its class.