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27 March, 2024

Bombardier’s Global 7500 jet sets over 30 speed records

Record-setting flights include Farnborough to Muharraq and Phoenix to Paris which took place on Feb 28 and March 6
Records set as Global 7500 aircraft are actively flying worldwide on customer and demonstrations missions, showcasing this immaculate jet to the public
The Global 7500 business jet fleet has surpassed more than 100,000 flying hours and has celebrated more than 165 deliveries 
With an impressive top speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of 7,700 nautical miles (14,260 km), the Global 7500 business aircraft continues to push the boundaries of business travel

Bombardier has celebrated more impressive speed records on the Global 7500 aircraft, this week,  bringing the total to more than 30 and counting. The most recent records, including travelling from Farnborough to Muharraq and Phoenix to Paris, mark the latest accomplishment for the Global 7500 business jet, the undisputed leader in the ultra-long-range class – the most luxurious, reliable and productive business jet in the skies today. 

These records – pending approval by the FAI, the World Air Sport Federation – build on earlier speed and distance records already bestowed on this truly remarkable business jet, including an 8,225 nautical mile flight in October 2019 from Sydney, Australia to Detroit, Michigan – the longest-range flight ever in business aviation. The Global 7500 also set more than 20 new flight records (1) in the fall of 2023, including routes from Singapore to Anchorage, Alaska and Montreal to Geneva.

The Global 7500 business jet fleet has surpassed more than 100,000 flying hours and has celebrated more than 165 deliveries

“The Global 7500 aircraft is in a class by itself when it comes to performance – an immaculate business jet that was made to set and shatter records,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. “With its impeccable design attributes and technological advancements, the Global 7500 aircraft offers customers precisely what they need to enhance their operations – unmatched reliability, productivity and style.”

With a top speed of Mach 0.925 and an industry leading range of 7,700 nautical miles (14,260 km), the Global 7500 aircraft features outstanding performance capabilities. Its Smooth Flĕx Wing is designed with a sophisticated slats and flap system that generates exceptional lift on takeoff and approach, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and boosting performance while improving safety and offering a smoother, more restful ride. It also reduces fuel burn and lowers emissions and produces excellent short-field and high-speed performance.

18 March, 2024

Phenix Jet adds Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft to its fleet

Phenix Jet Cayman (Hong Kong), a leader in luxury private aviation, has added a new jet to its Asia-based charter fleet: a brand-new Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft. This state-of-the-art, ultra-long-range jet is now ready to provide unparalleled luxury travel experiences to meet clients.

The Global 7500 is the pinnacle of private aviation, offering the ultimate in comfort, speed, and range. It is capable of non-stop flights between distant continents, ensuring that Phenix Jet's clients can reach their global destinations with ease and efficiency. The aircraft boasts a spacious and opulent cabin, configured to provide an environment of productivity and relaxation.

"We are very excited to add another top-of-the-line, brand new, offering to our ultra-long haul fleet. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to providing the best lineup of luxury aircraft to our beloved clients." said Andrew Svoboda, CEO at Phenix Jet Cayman (Hong Kong)
As Phenix Jet continues to enhance its offerings, the addition of another Global 7500 reinforces its commitment to providing an elite selection of ultra-long-range aircraft for its clients. The fleet expansion is a testament to its commitment to meeting the growing demand and travel needs of its customers, providing them with the most exclusive and bespoke charter services available.

The Global 7500 is immediately available for charter. We invite you to experience the epitome of luxury air travel, with the reliability and service excellence that is synonymous with Phenix Jet Cayman (Hong Kong).

21 June, 2021

Bombardier Delivers First Global 7500 Aircraft in Indonesia

Photo Matthias Geiger

Bombardier has announced it has delivered the first Global 7500 business jet to a client in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

There is now a fleet of more than 50 Global 7500 aircraft flying in the world today in multiple countries including Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Malaysia.

“Global aircraft are designed to deliver the ultimate in luxury, performance and smooth ride over
long-distance flights, making them ideally suited to customers in the Asia-Pacific region who are looking to connect far-flung city pairs,” said Nilesh Pattanayak, Regional Vice President, Sales, Asia Pacific, Bombardier. “The ultra-long-range Global 7500 aircraft opens up a world of possibilities for convenient and productive travel.”

Bombardier has so far refused to say who the client is that has purchased this latest business jet, which has a range of around 7,700 nautical miles, so it could take passengers non-stop from Jakarta to Seattle! 

All Bombardier Global aircraft are equipped with Pũr Air, a sophisticated air purification and circulation system with an advanced and scientifically proven HEPA filter, capturing up to 99.99% of allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Bombardier is significantly expanding its customer service footprint in the Asia-Pacific region with the creation of a state-of-the-art customer service centre at Essendon Fields Airport in Melbourne, Australia. The facility is targeted to be operational in 2022. Meanwhile, the ambitious expansion of Bombardier’s Singapore Service Centre is ongoing. 

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06 April, 2021

Increased demand sees VistaJet order 10 new Challenger 350 jets plus 2 Global 7500 aircraft are delivered

Arrival in Malta. Photo VistaJet International 

VistaJet, a global business aviation company has taken delivery of the first two of its Global 7500 aircraft, which is designed to open up longer non-stop routes for its customers.

VistaJet is the first company to provide a fleet of Global 7500 and expects to have a fleet of up to 12 aircraft arriving during the next two years.  

The firm has also ordered 10 new Challenger 350 planes, from long-standing partner Bombardier and the majority of which are expected to be delivered through 2022. These aircraft, VistaJet says, will help to meet the "growing and urgent demand from corporates and executives who are interested in the super-mid segment — VistaJet has seen a surge of nearly 50% in corporate interest globally since July 2020".  The Challenger 350 is seen as an integral part of VistaJet’s super-midsize range.

30 March, 2021

Bombardier Marks 50th Global 7500 Aircraft Delivery Milestone

Photo Matthias Geiger

 Global 7500 aircraft receiving positive market response for its unparalleled performance, innovative technology, unique cabin design and the smoothest ride
Global 7500 aircraft deliveries reaching steady run-rate as the company continues to swiftly progress through the program’s learning curve
Global 7500 in-service fleet demonstrating outstanding dispatch reliability rate of 99,7%
Global 7500 aircraft is the first business jet to have a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Bombardier announced this week that it delivered the 50th Global 7500 aircraft. The milestone delivery was achieved as production of the industry flagship continues to mature, and as the aircraft’s in-service performance continues to deliver very high levels of reliability.  

The 50th delivery of the Global 7500 business jet follows a successful 2020, where Bombardier delivered 35 of these aircraft, including a record 16 deliveries in Q4. Bombardier continues to receive strong interest for the Global 7500 business jet and order activity is robust worldwide. 

“The Global 7500 aircraft is unrivalled in the market,” said Éric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier. “It provides an unmatched combination of speed, range, comfort and reliability, making it both the industry flagship and a key driver of our growth strategy. As we mark this delivery milestone, I want to recognize and thank the many talented employees who supported the development and launch of this aircraft, as well as those currently working on the program and supporting our customers in the field. The world-class calibre of workmanship and technology found in each aircraft continues to drive strong market demand and industry-wide recognition.”      

08 October, 2019

Bombardier flies Global 7500 further

Photo Matthias Geiger
The Global 7500 aircraft connects longest non-stop city pair in business aviation history – Sydney, Australia to Detroit, Michigan

Bombardier released details that it has made a special flight in its Global 7500 business jet of over 8,000 nautical miles, successfully connecting Sydney and Detroit in one non-stop flight, the longest city-pair in business aviation in history flown by a business jet.

With low tailwinds averaging approximately 20 knots, the Global 7500 aircraft completed the journey from Sydney, Australia to Detroit, Michigan on October 6, 2019. Point-to-point distance between the two cities is 8,225 nautical miles, eclipsing the 7,990 nautical mile distance between Singapore and Tucson, which the plane previously flew.

15 July, 2019

Bombardier’s Global 7500 bizjet reaches new heights in the Swiss Alps

Photo Matthias Geiger
The Canadian transport company, Bombardier has announced that its Global 7500 aircraft is the largest, most spacious, purpose-built business jet to operate out of Gstaad’s Saanen airport in Switzerland – one of the most notable airfields located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, requiring short-field performance – showcasing its true four-zone cabin during an event earlier this month before continuing its journey to the Middle-East and reaching Dubai directly from Gstaad Saanen airport.

“This demonstration strengthens the Global 7500 jet as a jet that simply has no peer in terms of combining size and real-world capabilities,” said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “Not only can it access demanding airfields in hot and/or high locations, but it also delivers uncompromising value to customers under any conditions, at any time, without the need for tailwinds and a signature smooth ride through exceptional wing flexibility.”

23 May, 2019

HK Bellawings Jet Limited of Hong Kong takes up options for two Global 7500 business jets and signs an intent for five more....

David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation and
HK Bellawings’ President, Mr YJ Zhang
Photo Bombarider
The Canadian transport company Bombardier has said that HK Bellawings Jet Limited, from Hong Kong, has signed a letter of intent for five new Global 7500 business jets and has also exercised options for two more. 

David Coleal, President, Bombardier Aviation. “HK Bellawings’ experienced and professional team is a perfect fit for the Global 7500 aircraft’s superior performance and we are thrilled that they have chosen our flagship to expand their growing fleet of business jets.”

“Today marks a step forward towards our goal of becoming the premier Asian private jet operator. We are very impressed with Bombardier’s Global 7500 aircraft since its entry into service less than six months ago,” said HK Bellawings’ President Mr YJ Zhang. “

01 April, 2019

Bombardier sell 6 Q400's and a Global 7500 biz jet......

The Canadian firm, Bombardier has signed an order for six new Q400 aircraft from an undisclosed customer, which is the list prices were used, would be worth US$ 202 million.

“The Q400 aircraft offers the perfect balance of passenger comfort and operating economics while maintaining its unmatched range and speed advantage versus other turboprops,” said Fred Cromer, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft. “The demand for turboprop aircraft worldwide is tremendous and the Q Series aircraft are ideally positioned to meet the needs of regional airlines as they offer a unique ability to serve diverse and challenging environments. The Q400 offers the lowest seat costs amongst turboprops, with an enhanced passenger experience and a proven 99.5 per cent reliability.”

Niki Lauda takes s delivery of a  Global 7500 aircraft

The company has also delivered its first European-based Global 7500 aircraft to a long-time customer, the former racing driver, pilot and airline owner, Niki Lauda last week.

05 March, 2019

Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft completes the World’s longest range business jet flight in history

Photo Bombardier
The Canadian firm Bombardier says that one of its Global 7500 aircraft, has completed the longest range business jet flight in history, successfully completing an 8,152-nautical-mile flight non-stop, pushing the boundaries of business travel. The flight was performed under certain operating conditions and saw the jet leave Singapore's Changi Airport at 0712 local time and arrived at Tucson International Airport at  0819 local time, completing the long-range speed record flight for the city-pair.

30 May, 2018

Bombardier Signs Letter of Intent with HK Bellawings Jet Limited for up to 18 Global 6500 and Global 7500 Aircraft

Bombardier announced today that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) for up to 18 Global 6500 and Global 7500 business jets with HK Bellawings Jet Limited, a leading aircraft management company based in Hong Kong. If all firm orders and options are exercised, the transaction would be valued at approximately $1.14 billion U.S. based on 2018 list prices.

28 May, 2018

Bombardier Elevates the Name of its Flagship Business Jet to the Global 7500 Aircraft

There were smiles at another division of Bombardier over the last few days, the Business Aircraft side of the Canadian company announced that its class-defining business jet, which has surpassed so many of its commitments during flight testing programme will 
  • Eagerly awaited marquis business jet will enter service as the Global 7500, to celebrate its outstanding performance and its position as the flagship of the new Global aircraft family
now be known as the Global 7500 aircraft. 

“Our Global family of aircraft is entering a new era, with the Global 7500 aircraft as its flagship,” said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. “The market’s largest and longest range business jet will soon be joined by our newest additions, the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft, reinforcing the fact that our Global family is, by far, the best large-cabin aircraft family in business aviation.”