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14 October, 2023

Wiggins Airways Appoints Paul Halter as New President

Ameriflight, the nation’s largest Part 135 Cargo airline, announces the appointment of Paul Halter, Vice President of Airline Operations at Ameriflight, as new President for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wiggins Airways. This leadership change comes on the cusp of current Wiggins Airways President, Donna Nixon, announcing her retirement after 36 years with the company.

Halter will continue to report to Chief Executive Officer Alan Rusinowitz and will retain a portion of the responsibilities of his current role. As Wiggins President, he will also be responsible for planning and executing current and future business operation strategies at the airline.

“Paul knows our niche of the airline industry inside and out, and he has a proven track record of effective leadership, delivering value to both customers and employees,” said Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer and President Alan Rusinowitz. “He is a well-established leader, and I am confident that he will guide Wiggins through many successes. We are pleased to have him in this new role.”

As one of Ameriflight’s most senior employees, Paul has an extensive background in airline operations with a focus on safety culture, network planning, and customer support. He brings over 29 years of experience to the position. Paul joined the Ameriflight team in 1994 as a Dispatcher and has since held several positions within Ameriflight, including Operations Manager, Director of West Region Base Operations, Director of Airline Operations, and, most recently, Vice President of Airline Operations.

“I have worked alongside our Wiggins colleagues for nearly a decade, and I am thrilled to now be at the helm of this long-standing company that has continuously and strategically evolved to maintain success over the years,” said Halter. “I have inherited a great group of people with a familiar mission, delivering priority cargo quickly, safely, reliably, and on time. As President, my intention is to strengthen Wiggins through innovative solutions for our customers while ensuring safety stays at the top of everyone’s mind. I believe we have a great future in front of us and I’m excited to get started.”

Nixon will stay on until the end of the year, working closely with Halter to ensure a smooth transition.

Wiggins Airways is a long-time leader in regional freight operations in the Northeast US and, with Ameriflight, is the nation's largest Part 135 cargo airline. Founded in 1929, the company is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire and has 100+ employees and operates 250+ weekly departures totalling 10,000 flight hours annually with its 30+ aircraft. Wiggins provides feeder services from small airports to regional hubs for the world’s largest package delivery companies.