23 October, 2020

Air Asia India launches new routes connecting Mumbai with Goa, Chennai with Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Jaipur with Kolkata

Air Asia India launches new routes connecting Mumbai  with  Goa, Chennai with Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Jaipur with Kolkata

                         Building on its route network,  AirAsia India launched six new routes connecting Mumbai - Goa,  Chennai - Ahmedabad, Goa - Chennai, Mumbai- Chennai, Chennai - Visakhapatnam, and Jaipur - Kolkata. Patrons can book flights on the new routes that are now open for bookings. 

Identifying the demand forecast in the festive season and driven by its mission to enhance the air connectivity in the country,  the airline has embarked on a steady growth path as the travel industry recovers. With offerings such as ‘Flex Fares’, allowing guests the flexibility to change their travel dates an unlimited number of times at no additional cost, AirAsia India is focused on ensuring a convenient and hassle-free travel.

Speaking about this development, Mr. Ankur Garg, CCO, AirAsia India said “Cognizant of the rise in passenger demand forecasted during the festive season, we continue to strengthen our network across India with these six routes. Despite the current situation worldwide, AirAsia India continues to push for robust domestic connectivity to aid the economic growth in the country with a strong emphasis on safe and secure travel by complying with the stringent guidelines from the government, regulatory bodies, and WHO.“ 

The airline recently announced an array of innovative services at affordable prices like Flyporter doorstep baggage pick-up and delivery service for guests boarding from Mumbai, Bengaluru or Hyderabad at an introductory price of ₹500 while also launching RedCarpet services offering Priority Check-In, Boarding and Baggage at ₹400. AirAsia India also announced a partnership and microsite with Avis where guests can get preferred prices and offers like complimentary upgrades on safe and secure chauffeur or self-drive vehicles while also restarting its inflight meal service for guests who pre-book from ₹200, touted as the widest range of hot meals in the Indian skies.

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